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Top 20 YouTube Music Channels You Could Subscribe in 2024

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 30, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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YouTube is a fantastic platform due to continuous development and modification throughout its years. It's come pretty far from the first video at the zoo after having begun in 2005. The quality of videos has also transformed drastically, with professionals and technology moving onto the network.

With 1.5 billion-plus monthly active users & over a billion hours of videos watched every day, YouTube is still growing and expanding at an unbelievable rate of 20% per year!

youtube music channels

From streamers to cooking shows, YouTube has videos on every conceivable topic. Below, we've briefly described a list of the 20 best YouTube music channels with the most subscribers. It’s a pretty varied list as well as addictive! So, be alert.

Part 1: Top 20 YouTube Music Channels You Could Follow

Even though the list keeps shifting according to the increase in the number of subscribers and various other factors, we’d like to offer you a general overview of what the craze of most subscribed music YouTube channels looks like.

So, let's begin without any further ado!

Most Subscribed Music YouTube Channels


Total Subscribers: 20M

Vevo is a popular YouTube music channel with tons of music videos. It is a premium branded channel with higher earning potential for artists and offers them a chance to get more exposure.

2. NoCopyrightSounds

Total Subscribers: 31.7M

NoCopyrightSounds is a copyright-free / stream-safe record label that offers lots of tracks for creators. This company works directly with the artists to ensure that their music can be securely used. The best feature about this channel is that they have been around for years, and the content shows.

3. Armada Music

Total Subscribers: 4.99M

Armada Music was launched in June 2003 by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron, and David Lewis, whose names stand for 'ArMaDa.' This record brand has brought countless quality releases to the world within the broad spectrum of electronic dance music throughout the years.

4. Ultra Music

Total Subscribers: 27.7M

It is a dance-music powerhouse that boasts over 2 billion views in total. And, the channel found its success through aggressive promotion since day 1.

5. T-Series

Total Subscribers: 201M

T-Series is the most subscribed music YouTube channel, shattering all records and raising the bar higher, India's largest music label.

Background Music YouTube Channels/Café Music BGM Channels

1. MorningLightMusic

Total Subscribers: 625K

It is the official YouTube BGM channel worth considering in 2022 for your similar needs.

2. FesliyanStudios Background Music

Total Subscribers: 112K

FesliyanStudios Background Music is another addictive BGM channel that provides videos with all kinds of background music.

3. Audio Library

Total Subscribers: 4.29M

Audio Library is a Website dedicated to searching, cataloging, and publishing royalty-free music for content creators.

4. Vlog No Copyright Music

Total Subscribers: 2.17M

Vlog No Copyright Music is probably the best source to find non-copyrighted music, especially when you're tired of getting copyright claims.

5. CandyStock Background Music

Total Subscribers: 8K

CandyStock Background Music is excellent for school or business-related projects, tutorials, advertisements, and more.

Pop Music YouTube Channels

1. Ariana Grande YouTube Channel

Total Subscribers: 50.4M

Ariana Grande hits so many big, raunchy climaxes it all starts to feel a bit flat, despite her undoubted gifts.

2. EminemMusic YouTube Channel

Total Subscribers: 50.1M

Eminem doesn't care about the critics. He cares so little, and that's why he spends the first track on his surprise album telling us how little he cares. He doesn't care. Honest.

3. PopCrush

PopCrush is the destination for fun and irreverent pop music, entertainment, and celebrity news served with a fresh and positive perspective.

4. Pixl Networks

Total Subscribers: 4.11M

Athaphon Michael "Mykull" Denk (December 29, 2000 [age 20]), better known online as Pixl Network, is a Thai-German YouTube music distributor and promoter who also uploads lyric videos to popular songs.

5. The Pop Song Professor

Total Subscribers: 186K

The Pop Song Professor channel is about helping music lovers like you understand the deeper meanings of popular songs to know what your artists are saying and enjoy your music more.

YouTube Music Reaction Channels

1. theneedledrop

Total Subscribers: 2.52M

"theneedledrop," a.k.a Anthony Fantano, is one of the most outstanding music reviewers of all time.


Total Subscribers: 146K

ARTV is one of my favorites because it covers a lot of great rock and alternative music. In addition, he is smart and genuinely loves the music he talks about, which makes watching his videos a great time!

3. Todd in the Shadows

Total Subscribers: 444K

Todd In The Shadows has been reviewing pop music since 2009. His page features in-depth reviews of Billboard smashes, discussions about one-hit-wonders, and, pretty remarkable, rankings of both the worst and best of a particular year's hit songs.

4. Ajayll

Total Subscribers: 809K

AJay’s approach to music criticism, the reaction video, started gaining popularity on the internet in the latter half of the 2010s. The idea is simple: a person sits in front of a camera and reviews music as it plays in real-time.

5. Dead End Hip Hop

Total Subscribers: 257K

Dead End Hip Hop is pure, unfiltered hip-hop conversations and album reviews.

Part 2: How to Start Your Own Music Channel on YouTube?

Getting inspiration from all of this, let's now understand whether you can make your own YouTube music channel.

It needs following simple steps though you need to be focused and dived into the intricacy of each step. So, the steps can be divided into three main categories roughly as follows. But remember to get deep within them to get desirable outputs.

Before you begin creating awesome videos, you got to set up your YouTube account. Activating YouTube is relatively straightforward if you already own a Google account. The odds are you have already set one up to subscribe to all your favorite YouTube music channels. If not, here are the steps:

1 – Preparation

Prepare, prepare, and prepare! Yes, there’s nothing more required than being prepared beforehand. We know that you’d like to be one of the best music channels on YouTube, but you have to step ahead by being niche down.

Take instances from different categories mentioned above. Select your preferences and set your YouTube channel to 'Musician' type before anything else. Try mixing things up than making those traditional music channels.

To add variety, you can also interview your fans and bandmates. And, this step also includes picking memorable names to stick in the brains of people.

2 – Make music videos

Now, it's time to ramp up your step and make actual music videos. This is also when you're looking for the best equipment out there. And, these could be the best audio mixers, best editing program, best mikes, and more for your music channel creation.

Well, you can quickly figure out this equipment based on your selection. For example, let's suppose you're going to make a pop YouTube music channel, and then you'll be looking for editors to shoot your head against those time-consuming timestamps.

Although you'll find them excellent as it's your interest, you know, what's that another important thing that is almost common in creating any of the YouTube music channels?

It's a video editor or editing program to compile your music and make it presentable to show on YouTube.

Over time, you will set up your editing style. However, it is best to initially consider the fundamentals and improve on the basics.

Selecting the software

Some video editing software programs are free, while others cost a lot. Sign up for free trials, do your research, and understand the limitations of the requirements and the applications you need. You might want to stick with affordable options such as Filmora if money is a factor.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmorax boxpng

The ideal professional video editor for YouTubers - Wondershare Filmora, assists you in the crop, cut, rotate, reverse videos and provides various advanced features like Green Screen, PIP, or audio mixing.

What's more, you can look for lots of effects on gaming, fashion, education, tutorial, sports, etc.

3 – Promote your YouTube channel

Once done with making your first YouTube music channel, the most common promotion platforms are social media handles. And, you can apply various marketing strategies to get the desired number of subscribers and likes on your videos, provided you must put in the entire effort on making the video as interactive as possible.

Part 3: Which Name is best for Music Channel?

1- Music Maniacs

2- Lullabies For Your Lil Munchkins

3- Lullaby Land

4- Retro Hits

5- Listen It Out

6- Hey You, Are You Listening

7- Melodious Melodies

8- Melodies to Drool Over

9- The Melodious Land

10- The Melodious World

YouTube Music Channel Name Generators

1. Chosic

Within Chosic, you can create a music channel name in seconds by entering inputs within the Moods and Genres tab.

2. Social Video Plaza

It is a free YouTube name generator where you can select niche accordingly among games, travel, couples, music, and more.

Part 4: FAQs about YouTube Music Channels

1 - Who has the most subscribers on YouTube music?

Blackpink lists as the top one having 70 million-plus subscribers on YouTube Music.

2 - How do I put music on YouTube without copyright?

You can look for music or audio on a website providing copyright-free content. We've also mentioned a few of the above.

3 - Can I earn money by uploading songs on YouTube?

You will get paid royalties depending upon your views and clicks. The money you get paid is produced or calculated by ad revenue.

Here, advertisers pay YouTube to run ads during your videos, and in turn, you'll get paid royalties.


So, we'd now like to wrap up our music-oriented session on 20 top YouTube music channels worth watching in 2022. These are never-to-be-missed channels if you're a huge music fandom. Along, we've also described the steps, in brief, to make your music channel with ease and an attractive FAQs section. Hopefully, you haven't missed any of them!

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