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How To Zoom In On TikTok Videos?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published May 25, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
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TikTok is one of the most common and grossing social media platforms that is utilized by millions of users in the world. Social media platforms, as a whole, have made a significant impact across their users with their impressive features. With the ability to perform multiple functions across your TikTok recording, it makes it a great choice for many users.

This article comes up with the idea of providing users with a guide on how to zoom in on TikTok videos without putting themselves in a mess. We have put up the best methods that can be performed across the easiest of levels.

Part 1: Zoom In On TikTok After Recording

The Zoom In feature across any mobile platform has some specific uses and highlights a particular set of characteristics for its users. While using TikTok, you may find the need to highlight a certain section of the video that you've recorded to make it visible to users. It may be something that needs to be shown out of curiosity. To understand how to zoom in on TikTok after recording, go through the detailed steps presented as follows:

Step 1: You need to start the process of downloading and installing TikTok on your device. Launch it on your phone and proceed by clicking the "+" icon on the bottom of the screen to record or create a new video across TikTok.

tap on plus icon

Step 2: Hold the red button of the recording and effectively create a video of your liking. Leave the button once you are done recording the video. As you've recorded the video, click on the "Tick" icon to proceed to the edit page of TikTok.

record the video

Step 3: Find yourselves on the editing page of TikTok with a list of multiple editing options across the screen. Click on the "Effects" button and find the "Zoom" effect across the available list. To find the effect, let the editor cursor of the video reach the point where you want to add the Zoom in effect. Once it reaches the point of the video, hold the "Zoom" effect button for the specific time that you want to add the effect to your video. You can then conclude editing your video on TikTok and proceed to save it.

apply the zoom effect

Advantages of Zooming Videos After Recording

  • This puts you in more control of the video rather than improvising the need to zoom in on a video during recording.
  • Zoom into the specific part or portion of the video that you find necessary for covering the purpose. You cannot perform such actions while recording a video since the recording is quite restricted across a device.
  • Adding zoom in effect across the video gives it a proper effect that enhances the quality rather than depreciating it.

Disadvantages of Zooming Videos After Recording

  • If you put in a zoom in effect on your video, this cannot be reverted back or zoomed out.
  • The frame rate of the video is heavily damaged by using such effects across your recorded video. As this is done through the software, there is a guaranteed decrease in the quality output of the video.

Part 2: Zoom In TikTok Videos Using Wondershare Filmora

The default TikTok platform does provide you with the option of zooming in on your videos after recording. This, however, had its disadvantages which have been featured above. As you are aware of these drawbacks, it is necessary for you to go through other options that are proficient and better for users on a similar scale.

Wondershare Filmora has made its name as a video editor in the market. With simple tools like adding zoom in effects across videos, it makes it software accessible for all users. Find out how to zoom in on TikTok using Wondershare Filmora with the steps exclaimed as follows:

Step 1: Download and Install Wondershare Filmora

For starters, you need to download and install the latest version of Wondershare Filmora across your computer. Once installed, launch the platform and click on “New Project” to start working on a project from scratch.

create a new filmora project

Step 2: Upload Video

As a new canvas opens on your front, you need to click on the “Arrow Head” icon under the “Media” tab to import the video file from TikTok that needs to be zoomed in.

import tiktok video

Step 3: Cut Video Part to Slow Zoom

Dissect the specific part of the video that you want to put in the slow zoom feature from Filmora. Take the red indicator across the timeline to the point where you want to start the specific part. Click the split icon on the red line to divide the video. Drag the indicator to the point where you want to end the specific part of the video for the slow zoom feature.

split the tiktok video

Step 4: Set the Speed of the Clip

Select the split part of the video and find the "Speed" icon on the edit menu at the top of the timeline. Select an appropriate speed that you want to work according to. You can find speeds as low as 0.5x in the 'Slow' section and speeds as high as 2x in the 'Fast' section.

set your tiktok video speed

Step 5: Add Animation Keyframes

To add animation keyframes, right-click on a certain clip of the TikTok video and select the "Add Animation" button from the option of “Animation” in the drop-down menu. Go across the “Customize” section in the “Animation” tab across the menu that opens up and move the indicator where you want to create a keyframe. Click on "Add' and find a keyframe added to the video. Move the indicator further along the clip to add another animation, as two keyframes create an animation keyframe.

add animation keyframe to video

Step 6: Scale Clip Edge

Once you are done adjusting your TikTok video, it is time to scale the clip according to your required settings. Double-click on the video to open a new set of settings on your front. Proceed by opening the menu of “Transform” across the menu. Find the “Scale” option in the provided list and adjust the scale settings as required. Once you are done, click on the “Export” button to conclude the process.

scale tiktok video clip edges


Have you gone through the reasons that provide you the ability to zoom in on a TikTok video with ease? We are hopeful that you've learned the process of how to zoom in on TikTok videos with different tools and features. Go through the provided details to know more about the process and make yourselves perfect in executing the process.

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