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Viewing The Dimension of Top-Rated Text to Audio AI Tools [2024]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

In the current era, AI technology has made enormous progress. Due to this progress, we are now introduced to different AI tools to help you automate your daily task. Text-to-audio AI is a creative AI functionality that allows users to convert their written text into human-like speech. This tool uses different algorithms and is very helpful in reducing human efforts.

Using such AI text-to-voice generator tools, you can generate audio and customize it to sound of different ages, genders, and accents. Moreover, you can help people with disabilities and those who struggle with reading with this tool. Therefore, here in this article, we will help you to identify the top-rated AI audio-to-text tools and their features.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Are The Benefits of Using Text-to-Audio AI Tools?
  2. Part 2: Reviewing The Top Text To Audio AI Tools in the Market
  3. Part 3: Desktop Solution: Wondershare Filmora Providing Dedicated Text to Audio AI Tools and Much More!
  4. Conclusion
Text-To-Audio AI Tools
The best editor helps you convert written text into human-like speech.
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Part 1: What Are The Benefits of Using Text-to-Audio AI Tools?

Several benefits of AI tools can help you improve your daily tasks more quickly. Tools that provide text to the audio AI feature can help you to create podcasts, educational material, and much more. In addition, these tools can help you to improve productivity by reading documents, emails, and other text-based content aloud.  

As these tools are under continuous development, you can now expect a lot of other innovations. For example, these tools can help create virtual assistants that can help people in many ways. AI tools can be precious for people who cannot hear or see properly. Here are some more benefits of using AI text-to-audio tools:


In the continuously evolving world, the accessibility to new technology is very critical. For businesses, their information must be accessible to their target audience, regardless of their reading abilities. For this, they can use Text-to-speech AI technology to help them become accessible to people with disabilities.

Productivity and Learning

Using these AI tools, you can improve your productivity and efficiency of your work. You can now listen to written content while performing other activities and improve your learning curve. You can use it to listen to textual files while driving. This helps you to utilize your time more effectively by consuming audio formats.

Language Learning and Pronunciation

If you want to improve your pronunciation and accent, this text-to-audio AI-free feature can greatly benefit you. This is because you can use it to listen to the text in your native speech. You can enhance your language skills and can learn multiple languages using this. It enables you to understand complex and lengthy content more easily.


Personalization is everything in today's digital age because your customers expect a personalized experience. You can use the text to speech technology to provide them with these experiences per your requirements. With the help of natural language processing, you can generate a human-like experience for your customers.

You can also enhance the voice assistants and chatbots, making them more user-friendly and efficient. Customer experience can be enhanced to elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty, offering better profits and reputation.

Voiceover and Media Production

We all know that in media production, there is a need for a lot of voiceover artists. With the help of AI tools, you can now generate voice recordings for multiple uses. You can use this to generate voiceovers for advertisements, podcasts, videos, and more. One of the benefits of this tool is that it helps you to reduce the need for human efforts to do the voiceover.

Part 2: Reviewing The Top Text To Audio AI Tools in the Market

We know that the influence of AI tools is increasing a lot, but we don't know which one of the tools is the best in the market. Here we will understand and review some of the top audio-to-text converter AI tools in the market. This lets you understand which has the best and most reliable features:

1. PlayHT

PlayHT is an AI-based tool that can help you to generate audio using AI technology. With this tool, you can convert your text into human-like speech audio with an AI voice generator. You can choose over 800 natural AI generate voices in your content per your requirements.

playht text to audio ai

Key Features

  • You can select more than 130 languages and accents for your business.
  • Using the unique AI voice cloning feature, you can clone the human voices into 99% accurate clone voices. For this, you don't need any expensive tools.
  • Here you can use different widgets for your website, which can help you increase your content's reach and user engagement.

2. is an AI voice generator that can help you to convert your text to speech in a quick way. Following this, you can add this speech to any video you like from your browser. You have to simply paste your text and select the voice you want to use in your audio file using this tool. After this, you can hear it by reading it aloud with this AI.

veed io text to audio ai

Important Features

  • This tool reads text straight from your browser without needing to download complicated apps for this.
  • You can also download the project as MP3 if you only need the audio.
  • In this tool, you can also access the speech recognition option to auto-generate subtitles.

3. NaturalReader

NaturalReader is a text-to-speech AI tool that can help you convert text to speech per your requirements. Text-to-speech solutions can be used for personal, commercial, and even educational purposes. This tool allows you to convert text, PDF, and more than 20 formats into spoken audio so you can listen to your books and school material anywhere.

naturalreader text to audio ai

Interesting Features

  • This tool is available on different devices. You can access it online, on your mobile devices, and even use the Chrome extension.
  • Chrome extension can help you listen to emails, news, and articles from the webpage.
  • You can use this tool to add emotion to your content to make it more exciting and human-friendly.


LOVO is a go-to AI voice generator tool that can help you to generate different AI voices for your business. Using this tool, you can save a lot of your time and resources, which can help you become more productive. This tool is very easy to use and has various features to help its users.

lovo text to audio ai

Unique Features

  • Using the AI tool, you can generate emotional voices to add more emotional touch to your content.
  • This tool can express more than 25 emotions to add creativity to your content. It can include crying, shouting, and much more which will make your content alive with it.
  • You can also use an AI art generator to generate beautiful art images for your videos and different uses.

5. Typecast

If you are looking for a unique AI tool to help you put emotions in your content, you can try the Typecast AI tool. This tool can help you to put emotions in your AI-generated voices. You can also add unique avatars to your content to make it more realistic.

typecast text to audio ai

Key Features

  • This tool is straightforward to use, and a person without heavy skills can also use it.
  • Using this tool, you can dub your content with the best AI text reader.
  • You can choose multiple templates for your content, including audiobooks and education.


If you want more extensive features in your AI tool, you can try This tool can help you generate realistic speech for your videos rapidly. Using the tool, you can also choose from male and female voices.

synthesia text to audio ai

Important Features

  • With the help of this tool, you can add AI presenters to your voiceover to look more realistic. These presenters will narrate your text in seconds.
  • You can add custom avatars to your video content to make it more engaging.
  • There is no need for mics to turn text into professional voiceovers. All you need is a script to choose between male and female voices.

7. Speechify

Speechify is an application that can help you to convert text into high-quality speech. This tool has more than 3- natural sounding AI voices that you can use. It supports over 15 languages in which you can generate your AI speech. It has many features that can help you improve your content, including video cloning, AI dubbing, and much more.

speechify text to audio ai

Impressive Features

  • Even a layman can make a professional 5-minute video without requiring any high-level skill.
  • The AI voices of these tools feel more like human voices and are better to understand.
  • You can instantly access the data stored in Speechify library across other devices anytime, anywhere.

8. Murf AI

If you want to add real people's voices to your videos, you can surely take help from Murf AI. This AI audio-to-text free tool enables you to generate versatile ai voices. Using this, you can generate a voice as per your need; you can get creative, corporate, and different voice styles.

murf text to audio ai

Unique Features

  • You can use Murf AI voices in different ways, such as videos, professional presentations, podcasts, and much more.
  • You can get access to diverse AI voices at your fingertips. You can choose from over 120+ text-to-speech voices and 20+ languages.
  • A voice maker that allows you to upload your creatives and sync them with the voice of your choice.

Part 3: Desktop Solution: Wondershare Filmora Providing Dedicated Text to Audio AI Tools and Much More!

The provided data has covered a diverse range of AI sound generators, from text tools to work with. Although they are pretty intuitive, they are not directed to helping users create complete files for sharing. This is where you need to have an option that offers features for improving and creating media content.

If you want to edit your video professionally, there is no need to worry because Wondershare Filmora got you converted here. This amazing video editing tool can help you save a lot of time and effort. This tool also has AI technology used in it, which makes it more valuable.

It has unique AI features, like Silence Detection, Speech-to-Text, and much more. Furthermore, you can also use its AI tools to generate automated results in your videos. Here you can use its text-to-audio AI feature to convert your text into life.

Free Download
Free Download

Understanding The Text to Speech Function

Wondershare Filmora has many interesting AI features, of which text-to-speech is among the most interesting. This is because, with the help of this feature, you can easily convert your written script into an audio file. This way, you can generate AI voices and use them in your content per your requirements. With the help of this, you can boost your video editing efficiency, and it is easy to add voice to your video. 

Step 1Open Filmora on your Device

You can start by opening the Wondershare Filmora on your device to convert your written ideas into audio. Click on the “New Project” button to access the main editing window for applying the text-to-speech function.

create project on filmora
Step 2mporting Media Files

You can import the media file on which you want to add the text-to-speech audio. Drop down the media on the timeline that does not have the audio. After this, you can add a title to the video by accessing the "Titles" tab from the top toolbar. Following this, select the desired title and drag and drop it on the timeline.

add title on timeline
Step 3Accessing Text-to-Speech Feature

You can add the desired text to convert it into audio format. Once you have entered the text, double-click on the added title and select the "Tool" button from the top toolbar. There you will find the "Text to Speech" option from the drop-down menu, which you can select to proceed.

open text to speech tool
Step 4Making Required Adjustments

After selecting it, a small new window will appear. You can adjust settings like speech-language, "Voice Name," and parameters like "Speed." After the required adjustment, click the "OK" button to proceed.

set parameters of text to speech
Step 5Finalizing Settings and Exporting File

A small new window will appear from where you can see the “Status” of your text in the audio AI file. After converting your text successfully, it will automatically be added to your timeline. You can click on it to adjust further settings per your requirements. Once all settings are done, continue to the "Export" button to save your edited video.

export final video

Other AI Features

Here are some more useful AI features that can help you to make your content more professional:

1. Remove Video Background

Once you are done adding audio to your video with the help of text to the audio feature, you can also focus on your video background. With the help of this AI tool, you can add a virtual background to your video to make it look more attractive. This way, you can show your professional work to your audience in a better way.

2. AI Image

If you find something missing in your video, like an image, you can add that as well with the help of AI. Here you can use an AI image generator to convert your text to an AI-generated image. You can choose 3 resolutions to generate images and implement different art styles.

ai image filmora

3. Speech To Text

You don’t have to worry if you are a YouTuber and want to add subtitles to his video. Using this AI tool of Filmora, you can transcript your video speech to text in just one click. This way, you can save a lot of time and can boost your editing skills. This feature also supports more than 26 languages for transcription. 

speech-to-text filmora


In the end, you can see how many AI tools and options are available to convert your text to audio AI files. You can also perform many other tasks to improve your video content using these tools. However, by using Wondershare Filmora, you can professionally edit your video. This tool also enables users to perform various AI features on your videos to improve their quality.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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