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AI in video editing
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The Ultimate Transformation of Video Editing With and AI

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 01, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Over time, technology has experienced significant advancements. The advancement in tech has changed various aspects of our lives. It has brought many benefits, providing us with sources of information and entertainment and the ability to add sound waves to video. As a result, developments in films and videos have been observed as a source of entertainment. These popular mediums keep us engaged and entertained in our day.

However, creating a compelling and entertaining video is no small feat. That is why video editing plays an important role in creating quality videos. You can also create and edit your videos in some exceptional ways by choosing the right tool.

Out of the many that can be used, this Wave video review covers this particular tool. In this article, we will explore Wave video editor, and its AI features that you can explore and use.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Do You Know About
  2. Part 2: How Has AI Been Embedded into
  3. Part 3: How To Utilize The AI Functionality of
  4. Bonus Part: Want to Use Better AI Tools? Try Wondershare Filmora!
  5. Conclusion
AI in video editing
The best editor makes the complexity of video editing easy for users.
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Part 1: What Do You Know About

In this Wave video review, you will learn about this tool in depth. It is an impressive online video maker that is packed with some amazing tools and features. is a tool that enables you to create videos for all purposes. You can edit your video from scratch or choose from over 1000 video templates. These templates will provide you with a starting point for your editing process.

Another standout feature of this powerful tool is its extensive library of 10 million+ stock media assets. You can use this vast collection for your video project to make it look even better. Moreover, you can select the perfect clips from the library to complement your content. These stock media assets will help you to make your videos more informative and engaging.

Furthermore, this tool allows you to add GIFs, stickers, and animated graphics. These add-ons can make your videos even more creative and interactive. These elements add an extra layer of interest and enable you to express your imagination. This feature also adds a touch of humor and entertainment to your content.

wave video interface

Pricing and Packages

If you want to learn about Wave Video pricing and different subscriptions, you're at the right place. Here you will learn about what each package offers and the pricing details.



Video Length

Stock Library

Other Add-Ons


$0 per month

15 min (with watermark)

Over 2 million assets & templates



$20 per month

Up to 5 min

Over 200 million assets & templates



$30 per month

Up to 30 min

Over 200 million assets & templates

Captions/Subtitles, Background Removal, Text to Speech


$60 per month

Up to 2 hrs and 60fps

Over 200 million assets & templates

Captions/Subtitles, Background Removal, Text to Speech, Shared Login

Part 2: How Has AI Been Embedded into

With's AI-powered solution, you can convert text into customizable videos. This feature is perfect if you're looking to transform your blog posts into video content. Not only can it transform your blogs into videos, but you can use any text or article too. But how is AI technology used in this process?

The AI technology used by analyzes your text and automatically generates visuals. It understands your text's context and key points, allowing it to select suitable media. Following this, it automatically selects images, videos, and transitions to create a video according to your text. Furthermore, the AI-powered conversion saves you time and effort. It also eliminates the need to search for relevant media assets from scratch manually.

The result is a professionally designed video that captures the essence of your text.'s AI tech allows you to customize the video. You can also add your branding and even choose background music according to your taste. This way, you have full control over the look and feel of your video while still benefiting from the AI.

Part 3: How To Convert Text to Video Using The AI Functionality of

If you feel like adding sound waves to videos, then you can use As discussed previously, it is evident that only offers the ability to convert textual content into a formal video. Seeing this, you might need to learn the right way to perform the process of converting text into a video.

For that, we’ve highlighted the AI functionality of this video editor in the following steps that will also guide you to adjust and make changes as per the user requirement:

Step 1 Go to the official website of and press "Create video," and choose the desired option. In the next window, adjust the settings according to your requirements.

open ai tool wave video

Step 2 After that, click "Next" to proceed to the next step and select the style and format for your video from the options provided. Once you've selected the desired formatting and style, click the "Create video" button.

provide prompt and set parameters

Step 3's AI will analyze your text and generate a video based on your content. Now, you have the option to edit and customize the look and feel of the video. Make any necessary changes, and once satisfied, save the file by pressing the "Publish."

select format and style

Bonus Part: Want to Use Better AI Tools? Try Wondershare Filmora!

You might have learned a lot about the progressing functionality of Artificial Intelligence in video editors. Wave video does offer a touch of AI in video editing; however, it is not as extensive as other video editors can be. When talking about good video editing tools that make the complexity of video editing easy for its users, Wondershare Filmora is always there to top the list.

It represents a complete video editor that potentially embeds AI into video editing, providing a diversity of features to work with. Instead of offering a mere number of one or two functions, Filmora combines video editing, audio, and other functions as well. From creating simple presets to setting your own presets, Filmora has changed the basic concepts of video editing and the difficulty it associates with.

Free Download
Free Download

Prominent AI Key Features of Wondershare Filmora

There are many AI functions offered by Wondershare Filmora that makes video editing simpler. Without any further ado, we will focus on some of the most important AI features offered by this unique platform. This will help you understand its unique functionality in making video editing easier:

1. Instant Mode

If you don't have any skill or prior video editing experience, then it's not a problem. Wondershare Filmora, other than simple editing options, also offers Instant Mode. In this mode, you don't have to edit your videos at all. The intelligent AI of this tool will detect your media and apply all the necessary adjustments accordingly. You will only get the best out of your media files once your video is edited.

instant mode filmora

2. Audio Ducking

You won't even have a problem with adding multiple audio layers to your video content now. Wondershare Filmora can easily solve this problem with its AI-powered feature. This tool offers an Audio Ducking feature, which decreases the volume of your music when someone is talking. It means all your videos or podcasts will sound amazing, even with multiple audio layers.

audio ducking filmora

3. Silence Detection

Creating a great podcast that gets the engagement you're expecting takes a lot of work. This process also requires quality and crisp audio without any hiss. Moreover, viewers get frustrated due to long pauses and awkward silence. With this AI feature, you can remove all these unwanted pauses and silent moments from your video. This feature can detect such moments so you can remove them from your content.

silence detection filmora


Entertainment plays a crucial role in our lives, offering relaxation and enjoyment. With AI technology, video editors like Wave and Wondershare Filmora can create engaging videos. As you've discovered in this Wave video review, AI features in video editors are important. With such tools, you can bring convenience and efficiency to the editing process.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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