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Adobe Animate Rigging's PROPER Tutorial for You

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 11, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Adobe Animate Rigging's PROPER Tutorial for You

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Character rigging involves some easy steps. And the best way for it is Adobe animate rigging. We have laid down the following discussion to help you learn the easiest method of character rigging. And along with it, we will also help you understand both 2D and 3D character designing most effortlessly.

Lastly, and most importantly, it is vital to opt for the simplest yet feature-loaded tool for any animation work. Thus, we will also mention the best tool for animation and video editing. So, without any further wait, let us start our discussion.

Part 1 How to Rig a Simple Character | Adobe Animate Tutorial

Character rigging in Adobe is effortless and straightforward. There are a few steps for rigging in adobe animate, and we will be discussing and explaining the different steps that will help you learn rigging characters for your animation works.

The following are the steps to help you create a rig in Adobe animate.

Step 1: The first step involves selecting the shape for rigging. Otherwise, you can also use bitmap on stage for it.

Step 2:Look for the "Asset warp tool" present in the tool panel. This tool will help you in the process of rigging.

asset warp tool adobe animate

Step 3: Create the first joint using the "Asset warp tool" by clicking on the image or the bitmap with the tool. You will see that a triangular mesh-like structure has been formed on your image or bitmap. And the part where you clicked on the image or the bitmap with the "Asset warp tool" forms the first joint.

create joint adobe animate

Step 4: The next step involves making more joints on the image and instilling bones between the joints. For that, go to the "Warp Options" and choose the "Tools" tab. There you will see the option of "Create bones". Ensure to enable the "Create bones" option; otherwise, you will not create bones between the different joints.

add more joints adobe animate

Step 5: Complete the rig formation by joining all the joints correctly with each other with the help of the bones.

Complete the rig formation

The above steps would help you create the rig for the image or bitmap you want to animate. And now, the following steps will help you learn the steps for modifying the rig as well as tweening.

The first process for it is deformation. So, the following are the steps that help you perform the process of deformation in animation.

Step 6: You need to deform the mesh, and you can do so by holding and dragging the joint with the help of the "Asset warp tool".

hold and drag joint adobe animate

Step 7:You can also rotate a bone by clicking and dragging the bone you want to rotate when you drag a joint, the size of the joint changes, which is not the case when you drag a bone. Its size remains constant.

hold and drag joint adobe animate 2

Now, we will help you learn to work with the different keyframes. The keyframes enable the image or the bitmap to acquire different poses, vital for animation. The "Edit Multiple Frames" mode helps you work with different keyframes.

You can readily create new keyframes and deform the image through joints or bones. Each keyframe retains its own set, and you can integrate different transforms after setting one pose for the image in the keyframe.

work with keyframes adobe animate

Part 2 Step by Step to Help You Understand 2D/Character Design

Animation is immensely enjoyable and takes the best of our creativity. And as we know, there are two major and most renowned types of it. One is the 2-dimensional animation, which we know as the animation. And the other one is 3-dimensional, better known as animation.

Now, there are different aspects that are essential for anyone aspiring to animate, whether in or 3D, to know. One of the aspects is designing characters for animation. And we have ideally put forth a discussion about the different factors you need to know about character designing in and animation.

01Animate Character Design

There are some steps involved in the designing a character for animation. And those steps are pretty diverse. So, we have enlisted all the required steps and factors to help you learn and understand character designing for animation. The list is as follows.

02Understanding your audience

To create the best character design, it is essential that you understand your target audience. If your target audience includes the kids and the children, your character design will primarily be based on cartoons.

Ensure which genre of animation does your audience prefer? If it is funny or mythological or any other genre, you design your characters accordingly.

design character as per audience

03Understand the type of characters or animation you are going to create

There are different types of animation or characters in animation. Different types serve different purposes and genres. So, let us know about the different types of animations, and this will help you understand which one would suit your requirements.

Pop-style Characters

The characters you see in the comics and superhero animation movies are pop-style characters. They are highly expressive, become the centre of attraction and always are dominant on the screen. They tend to deliver an energy that reaches the audience impeccably.

pop style character

Iconic design

These characters are less fancy but highly expressive. They usually have a block face yet connect to an audience of all types. They are generally best for the corporate videos and those with some messages to be delivered.

iconic design

Editorial Style Characters

These characters are highly elegant and bold. These are characters that we see in different publications. They consist of great style, realisticity and cleanliness. They are mainly used to express the quality of presence.

editorial design

Sketch and experiment

Now that you know about the different character types, it will help you understand which one would match the genre of animation you prefer to work on. So, start sketching your imagination in a draft.

Decide on the different poses your character might have. Track them down in a draft. It helps you become organised and put down your plan and creativity collectively.

Trial and error are one of the best ways to achieve perfection. So, it is crucial to sketch and then take feedback. If they do not appear praiseworthy, continue sketching and then get feedback again.

Animate and execute

Lastly, it would be best to execute all your drafts and imaginations. Try using the animation tools that suit your skill capacity and genre of animation the best.

04Animate Character Design

There are five simple steps that will help you animate a character design in 3D. The steps are as follows.

Contrivance the ideas

Try to include such characters that include several layers. It helps in better animation and also makes your creativity sphere widen.

add character with several layers

Designing the character

Your main character has a large to play. So, use all the necessary tools, starting from photoshop to all the other significant factors, to make your character attain all the features necessary for standing out. It also ensures that you can readily apply all the animation techniques and give your creativity shape.

design character appropriately

Modelling the environment

Adding props to the background is an option. You may choose not to include any props as well. You can add the required props and accessories to your main characters. It includes clothes, scars and the like.

add environment to the character


It is the main step. Use the best tool for animation and instill all the necessary animation processes. Use the different layers in your main character. Set up the primary constraints and animate the background and the props. Ensure proper light settings and set the handheld camera movements as well.

add animation

Playblast settings

Here you choose the appropriate size of your animation video. It is also an important step, which completes your animation of the character in animation.

playblast settings

Now that we know about the different essential aspects of and animation and character design knowing which tool can help us in the most effortless yet best quality video editing. So, as promised before, we will now discuss the best video editing tool, Wondershare Filmora Video Editor!

Here are the best features of Filmora that can ideally help you in video editing.

Professional quality video editing tools include video stabilization, noise removal, colour tuning, audio mixer, advanced text editor, editing support, scene detection, and an audio equalizer.

Although it is ideal for professional use, the tool is simple and effortless ot use. You face no difficulties in understating the features of the tool.

There are over 8effects available that you can use in your videos.

You can download it for free!

You can readily opt for its free trial that enables you to be sure of what you are using before buying it!

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

A piece of general information about character rigging in animation and how it is beneficial.

A simple tutorial for character designing in and animation

The features of the best video editing tool- Filmora.

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