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Dead Simple Guide to Create New and Exciting Blackboard Animation

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 24, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
Dead Simple Guide to Create New and Exciting Blackboard Animation

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Yes, it is definitely possible In fact, it couldn't be easier. A lot of the 'whiteboard animation' generators also work as blackboard animation generators.

In this guide, we hope to shed some light on the subject so that everyone can have an easier time approaching the matter of creating a blackboard project on their own.

Part 1 Is Blackboard Animation Outdated?

Blackboard animation some may say is as outdated as the concept of 'blackboards' themselves. After all, nowadays, whiteboards are the standard for presenting information in a school setting — with many preferring the ease of using dry-erase markers over the more unwieldy chalk.

However, unlike the inconveniences of using an actual chalkboard, chalkboard animation is not so different from whiteboard animation In fact, it's just given a different look. One that may be exactly what you're looking for — especially if you're looking to get in touch with the older generation (who would no doubt be more familiar with the concept.)

Traditional Blackboard with Chalk

Part 2 How to Combine Modern Needs with Blackboard Animation?

But alright, so how do you make it so that your blackboard animation is just as suited for the modern generation as it is for the older generation?? Well, that's easy really. You'll need images Or, rather, you'll need visuals outside of just the plain text that is usually associated with chalkboard animation.

With the right kind of visuals to go along with your informational text, you can boost the effectiveness of your chalkboard animation video and make it more palatable. Perfectly in line with the modern needs of the era.

Black Blackboard and Drawing Pencils

Part 3 How to Create a Blackboard Animation in ONE DAY?

Alright, so onto actually talking about how you can go about creating a chalkboard animation video Take note, this is going to be an 'overview' kind of tutorial. We've also decided to choose a more 'custom' method, rather than using one of the premium blackboard animation generators (which usually require you to pay a steep price in order to gain access to a media library.)

01Step 1. Pick Your Software

The first step in creating chalkboard animation is to pick the software that you want to use This can be something more 'animation-specific', like After Effects. Or something more 'video-editing-specific' like Filmora.

Again, because this is meant to be more of a 'general' tutorial, we won't be showing you exactly how to use whatever editing software you decide to use in order to create your blackboard animation videos. But, as a general kind of advice, it would be best that you pick a video editor like Wondershare Filmora Video Editor that offers a Timeline feature that will allow you to quickly put together a project

Filmora - Video Editor

02Step 2. Create a Storyboard

Next, to make the actual blackboard animation creation process go smoother, it's important that you create a storyboard that will outline the video that you want to create

The more detailed this storyboard is, the better Although, of course, you don't necessarily have to draw every single frame of your chalkboard animation beforehand. Just sketch out the general idea. It will help make sure that you won't have to rush about making all sorts of corrections in the future

Blackboard Animation - Storyboard

03Step 3. Draw Characters

For this step, we say 'characters' and use the word 'draw.' But really, this is a very open kind of step where we encourage you to put together all media that you will need to make your project into a reality This is where the storyboard really helps. After all, with that, you have an idea of exactly what kind of characters, settings, music, audio, etc. you'll need for each scene (if not each frame)

If you're not the 'drawing' type, by the way, there are both FREE and premium media libraries that you can take advantage of to use for your project It might be difficult to find matching art styles at first. But, if you're really particular about that, then you can always find a freelance digital artist to design with a specific style in mind

Prepare Characters for Project

04Step 4. Put Together Project

Last of all, of course, is the process of putting everything together. Do you have your software? Great Launch it and create a new project Do you have your storyboard? That's also great Now you have an idea where each character and setting will go

In the image below, we're only showing the start of a potential project. We've only added one image to the timeline But, as you can see, with the use of Filmora, even this one image can be turned into a video

Use Software to Create Blackboard Animation Project

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Blackboards are naturally associated with learning This makes blackboard animation videos a great method of sharing information with an audience. Whether you're doing it to promote your services/goods or just genuinely looking to impart knowledge to another

Some may think that blackboards are outdated — for the mere fact that blackboards themselves are considered outdated when compared to whiteboards — but that doesn't make them any less effective at getting a message across so long as you include the right kind of visuals

In our brief 'overview' tutorial, we expand on the subject of blackboard animation some more. Be warned, it's not the kind of project you should go into if you're not prepared for the work Longer projects, especially, will require quite a bit of elbow grease to get done.

Still, there's something satisfying about a well-done chalkboard animation video that will not only be a joy to create but also, hopefully, catch the attention of your audience as well.

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