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Best Claymation Shows That Make Your Memories Unforgettable

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 26, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Best Claymation Shows That Make Your Memories Unforgettable

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There are plenty of things that the 90s have given us. And when we revisit them now, it gives us an inimitable feeling of nostalgia which we would like to store forever with us. And one of the things that can bring back tons of cherished memories from the 90s is the claymation tv shows.

The claymation shows were called the clay animation shows. The reason for such a name was because the characters in the shows were made from malleable or deformable materials, especially out of clay. They have been one of the most revolutionary and entertaining components of that time.

These shows were one of the forms among the numerous forms of stop-motion animations. We will cover what these shows were about, their cast, and where you can watch them today. And in the following discussion, we will be discussing the ten best 90s claymation shows to bring back wonderful nostalgic memories.

claymation shows

Here is the list of the top claymation tv shows and all the information, including the sites and apps you can watch even today!


Plasmo was an Australian science fiction TV series about a two and a half-year-old space orphan. The show first premiered in 199starring Abbe Holmes, Phillip Houghton and Pia Morley. You can watch this show on YouTube.



The Plonsters was a show that premiered in 19which showed the characters Plif, Plops and Plummy, babble and morph, and their wonderful adventures. The show starred Ralph Thiekötter, and you can watch this show on Netflix and Tubi.


04Rex the Runt

Rex the Runt was a comedy show that premiered in 199The show was about the adventures of intrepid Rex and his plasticine companions. It starred about nine celebrities. Steve Box, Elisabeth Hadley, Andrew Jeffers, and Kevin Wrench were among them. You can watch this show even today on Amazon Prime.

rex the runt

05Mio Mao

Mia Mao first premiered in 197starring Derek Griffiths as cast. The show was about two plasticine kittens, Mia and Mao, exploring and finding different objects and animals who hide in their garden. You can watch this show on Amazon Prime.

mio mao

06Celebrity Death

The Celebrity Deathmatch featured numerous celebrities who were shown as clay-animated characters. Their characters would have quite an intense fight in a boxing ring, and the match would be pretty different from the ordinary boxing matches.

celebrty deathmatch

Most of the boxing matches ended with the death of the celebrities, which was the reason for the show to get its name "Celebrity Deathmatch". It was one of the most favourite and popular 9claymation shows on MTV, an absolute treat and entertainment to watch.

The show premiered on January 2199and it continued to air till the year 2007., with its final episode on March 3200Its cast included a series of celebrities, including Maurice Schlafer, Lean Maxwell, Mills Lane, David Wills, Steve Austin, Masasa Moyo and several other celebrities.

You can readily watch this show today on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Paramount+ or Amazon Prime Video.

07The Gumby Show

The Gumby Show was yet another popular tv show of the 9that premiered first on March 1195It featured a green-titular character, a humanoid that was a creation and the model of Art Clokey.

gumby show

This character has been the reason behind two tv series, another feature-length movie and several other media. The ones to star in this tv show are Dal McKennon and Dick Beals. The show is about Gumby experiencing different adventures through various times and environments in history. The show also features his constant companion, a titular, red coloured talking pony named Pokey.

You can watch the show on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

08Pat & Mat

Pat & Mat was an entertaining and fun-to-watch television show of the 90s. The show first premiered in 19and starred David Nykl and Peter Alton, who played the role of Pat and Mat, respectively.

pat & mat

The show was about two neighbours, Pat and Mat, who faced self-created problems. And then, they solved these problems through any possible and impossible remedy.

You can watch this show now on Zee5 and Mx Player for free.


Pingu was a television show about a clumsy yet sweet penguin who lived with his family in the polar ice cap of Antarctica. Pingu, along with his seal friend Robby and sister, Punga, go on different adventures.


This show first premiered on May 2198with Carlo Bonomi, David Sant and Marcello Magni starring in it. You can watch the episodes of this unforgettable and entertaining tv show on ITV Hub and Amazon Prime.

10The Red and the Blue

The Red and the Blue was an Italian television series for children that first premiered in 197The show was about two antagonist clay shape-shifting characters who detected against an undifferentiated background, white.

red and blue

The cast of this tv show included Carlo Bonomi, and you can see this show today on YouTube.

11The PJs

The PJs was a popular and loved tv show that premiered on 10th January 199About twenty celebrities were starring in this show, and naming a few among them were Eddie Murphy, Ja'Net DuBois, Loretta Devine, Shawn Michael Howard, Snoop Dog and many more.

the pjs

The show was about Thurgood Stubbs, the superintendent of Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs housing project and lived with his wife, Muriel. This comedy show satirically featured the difficulties one faces in a big-city housing project, which the protagonist Thurgood Stubbs and his friends faced.

You can watch this show on Peacock Tv.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

These are the best ten claymation tv shows and series that you can watch even today to bring back all the memories and revisit your early days of the 90s. So, to wrap up our discussion, we would conclude by retracing the aspects and factors that we covered in our discussion. We had enveloped the following topics effectively.

We discussed the claymation picture through a little interdiction.

Then, we discussed the ten best claymation TV shows popular in the 90s. We discussed their stories, their casts, their premieres and also the sites and apps where you can watch them even today.

Lastly, we introduced you to the best editing tool, Filmora, that will help you edit any video of your choice and explore your video editing skills with the finest professional features and infinite effects.

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