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20 Free After Effects Logo Reveal Templates You Will Want to Know

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 27, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
20 Free After Effects Logo Reveal Templates You Will Want to Know

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

The free After Effects logo reveals templates is a creative and clean animation that is very easy to use and customizable in just a few clicks. This template allows you to change the color, edit the text, add your logo, and click on render and contains two different logo animations for you to choose from. It does not require any plugin, and you can use it for your following modern and professional logo animation.

logo reveal after effect template 01

By incorporating a logo animation into your video, you can make your brand memorable and choose a suitable template for your brand personality. So, get ready for all the free logo reveal templates in this article.

Part 1 Best Logo Reveal Templates for After Effects 2022

You can use an animated logo reveal if you need to add spice to your marketing campaigns and branded videos. An animated logo reveal is explained as a Great way to capture your audience's attention as they screw through their newsfeed and stand you out from the competition. This section of the article will give you After Effects logo reveal templates for free that you can choose from this 2022:

logo reveal after effect template 02

01Fast Flip Logo Reveal Template

Fast Flip logo reveal template free to download is perfect for those on a budget and uses stock photography which can be replaced with photos of a company or team to review and an elegant logo at the end. All that is required is to customize the color, replace the images, and add your logo.

02Logo Web Search

Logo Web Search is an easy-to-use, stylish and simple animation for a company website. It allows you to change colors quickly and free sound effects, and all you need to do is change the logo text and click on render.

03Search Logo Reveal

Search Logo Reveal After Effect template for free allows you to customize the text and easily drag and drop in your logo. It provides a unique way to review your logo by using an animated search bar with a sample question and bringing up your logo as the answer. It can be a great add on to websites with search options.

04Colors Logo Reveal

Colors Logo Reveal is a super clean and straightforward After Effects logo reveal template that is very easy to use for designers and creators. It contains two different logos animations that you can choose from and requires no plugin. Add your logo, change the color, edit the text, and click on render. 

05Logo Reveal

Logo Reveal is perfect for small business companies and startups with an easy-to-use template that comes with detailed instruction on how to customize and render your logo reveal Project.

06Unlock Phone Logo Reveal

Unlock Phone Logo Reveal is one of the dynamic logo reveal After Effects templates for free with a modern design, smooth transition effects, and simple text animation that is super easy to use. All that is required is to edit the text, drag and drop in your media, and click on render. It comprises a cool intro or opener to presentations, slideshows, promotions, and event videos to impress your audience.

07Orbital Free HUD Logo Reveal

Orbital Free HUD Logo Reveal is perfect for any tech company, and it's done up in futuristic style and includes the complete. AEP project file with background texture and elements.

08Corporate logo reveal

Corporate Logo Reveal template is a stylish and contemporary template that features a simple shape that is elegantly animated and combined with reviewing your logo. It has one logo placeholder, editable text layers, and an easy-to-use color controller. An excellent logo reveals the Premiere Pro template free to download for companies like stockbrokers.

09White Scroll Logo Reveals

White Scroll Logo Reveals perfect for a more classic logo opener and comes with three background versions and three different logo placement options.

10Shape Logo Reveal

Shape Logo Reveal is a stylish logo reveal template with colorful shape layers and lines that beautifully form a clean-looking logo reveal. It is a short intro for a business slideshow, promotions, events, TV shows, videos, commercials, corporate presentations, etc.

11Free Animated Logo Reveals

Free Animated Logo Reveals is packed with three different logos reveal, which a suitable for corporates and an excellent option for one who wants a modern and professional logo show.

12Clean Titles And Logo Reveal

Clean Titles and Logo Reveal offers stylish templates which an eye-catching design and contains two text placeholders and one logo placeholder. It is effortless to use and a short introduction to TV shows, commercials, slideshows, promotions, Facebook and YouTube videos, etc.

13Hi-Tech Logo Reveal 02

Hi-Tech Logo Reveal is a premium animated logo reveal that features a dark blue background joint with light blue HUD elements and a perfect logo reveal template for a company that wants to stand out online.

14Testimonials Logo Reveal

Testimonials logo Reveal is a stylish and clean project that is perfect for displaying the company's testimonials and reviews. This After Effects logo reveal template for free features six title placeholders, one logo holder, and six photo placeholders, requiring no plugin.

15Elegant Logo Reveal

Elegant logo Reveals perfect for a feminine background. It features chrome logo pens with a silky dark background, enabling you to easily add your text, insert your logo, and change the colors.

16Logo Web Search II

Logo Web Search II is a stylish and straightforward animation mainly for company websites. It is elementary to use.

17Battle Logo Reveal

Blue Action Logo Reveal is for those looking for a minimalist logo opener and features a dynamic animation style, including an editable text layer and a logo placeholder. It also allows you to adjust the colors easily.

18Blue Action Logo Reveal

Blue Action Logo Reveal is majorly for those looking for a minimalist logo opener and features a dynamic animation style including an editable text layer and a logo placeholder. It also allows you to easily adjust the colors.

19Logo Introduction Template

Logo Introduction Template is a free logo reveal from Premiere Pro. It is perfect for the ones looking for a Tudor style logo reveal and allows you to easily customize the colors and insert your logo with a detailed help file.

20Minimal Logo Klick

Minimal Logo Klick comes in a sleek and modern design with playful animation. It encompasses a logo placeholder, an editable text layer, and an intelligent color controller. If you are searching for an unfussy and free logo reveal online, this one is for you.

Part 2 Learn How to Use After Effects Logo Reveal Templates

This section provides you with a basic tutorial on using the logo reveal After Effects template for free. However, this is a professional video editing software, but if video editing is new to you, you can try out Filmora, which is powerful, easy to use for new users. In Filmora, you will use the logo reveal template as a professional even if you are a beginner. 

Below is how to use the After Effects logo reveals template:

01Open After Effects and Begin

Open your After Effect software and set up your Project ready. To begin face, create a composition using composition>New. You can also search the web resolution to 3x 2for this Project.

after effects logo reveal templates 01

02Start Creating Logo

Next is to create a solid layer for your logo by using layers>new>solid, and select an appropriate color to match your composition.

after effects logo reveal templates 02

Next is the creator logo by adding the pre-prepared logo artwork. Go to layer>new>text to create a text layer and adjust the text size and color to see.

after effects logo reveal templates 03

03Add Animation to Logo

Manipulate your logo to create an animation and ensure that everything is right where you want it.

after effects logo reveal templates 04

04Add Effects and Keyframe

Add Effect by going to Effect>Simulation>CC Particle World or click on Effects and Presets panel on the right to drag the CC Particle World effect onto your solid layer.

after effects logo reveal templates 05

Set off your animation by adding a keyframe and controlling the animation of the particles effect through the birth rate setting, which is found by expanding the settings in the timeline panel for the solid layer.

after effects logo reveal templates 06

05Import Vector Graphics and Finish

Finally, import your vector graphics into the After Effects by dragging and dropping the file into the Project panel, which brings up an import dialogue.

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That’s it! You successfully made use of the logo reveal maker.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

The top 20 logo reveal Premiere Pro templates free to download.

THow to make logo with After Effects – the logo reveal maker.

TLastly, the logo reveal, free online tool, Filmora.

TI hope I've gave you a few ideas on the After Effects logo reveal template for your Project and provided a breakdown of other software you can use for free logo reveal, such as Filmora. The article also lists the best logo reveal templates for after-effects that you can choose from this 202You can also use other software for your free logo reveal, but we all need to start somewhere.

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