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How to Create Photo Collage Frame for Free in Minutes?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 18, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
How to Create Photo Collage Frame for Free in Minutes?

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Decoration of pictures and collages can be done by making beautiful and stylish frames. A family picture or collage can be beautified by adding an attractive frame to it. Know about Best App for Photo Frames Online so you can create photo collages easily in minutes.

Part 1 How Do You Make a Collage Picture Frame?

A beautiful collage without a stylish frame will not be attractive. When a family collage is accompanied by an artistic frame, it adds beauty to it and will be an attraction point for the visitors in the home. Wondering where to get it from? You can do it easily through some most popular apps. Yes, you can get your photo collage framed by yourself.

How Do You Make a Collage Picture Frame

A wall can be decorated with collage picture frames by following just a few simple steps. Let's begin with!!!

Selection of the place where the collage frame is required to be hung: The place should be selected based on certain factors such as being easily approachable, proper lighting, and matching with the theme of the home. The place should be sufficient to add on some more picture frames in the future. The wall picture collage frames shall be created based on the room themes like kid's room, living room, or bedroom. The position of the frames should be marked with tape so that the exact dimension can be known.

2. Select the online application to create frames: There are many applications available online that offer pictures collage frames. Choose one application as per the interest and explore it over the phone or desktop. There are various collage picture frame templates available at the application.

3. Uploading the pictures: Select the frame that is best for the picture. The frames shall be selected as per the size of the collage. Several pictures can be selected to make a collage and fix the frame. The frame style can be changed that suits best to the picture or collage. A family picture can be uploaded to create a beautiful and perfect size family photo frame collage.

4. Customization: The Photo Collage Frame can be even made better with customization over online applications. Text and style can be included in the frames to give it a better look. Grid frame for picture collage is also available which can be created that fits perfectly to the pictures.

5. A collage photo frame is ready to hang on the wall & share: The photo collage with frame can be downloaded from the application. A beautiful picture frame collage wall can be hung in the living room or can be shared online with family and friends to print the same. More frames can be added in the future by choosing the same theme and customization.

Part 2 Part2 what is the Best App for Photo Frames?

Selecting the best App for a photo frame enhances the appearance of any ordinary picture. Some of the top Applications used for frame collage wall are as mentioned:

Best App for Photo Frames

02 PhotoDirector

This app is popular due to its great AI tools, attractive picture effects, and advanced color control. It has a massive collection of frames that fits perfectly for a single picture as well as a collage. The style options of frames available on the app are classic, modern, and whimsical. Animation and glitch effects add an extra feature to this app.


1. Wide range of frames is available.

2. It is easy to use as it can work on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.

3. Free version is available and photo frames can be shared over social media platforms.


1. a Large number of editing options makes it confusing.

2. Fewer features are available.

3. Difficulty in finding plug-in features.


03PicsArt-Our Choice

PicsArt-Our Choice app is having a good combination best photo frames and multi-functional photo editing tools. Clip art, text option, frame editing, and making attractive collages make this app a masterpiece. This app can be used over smartphones and the pictures can be easily shared over social media platforms.


1. Availability of tools to make clipart and collages.

2. Option to edit frames and objects.

3. Fully packed with a lot of stickers, frames, and filter options.


1. The processing of images is slower.

2. Frequent ads disturb the process of editing and frame creation.

3. The application requires more space on downloading over the phone


04 PicFrame

This application has features to combine multiple pictures in one frame and the created frames can be easily shared over social media platforms. A great artwork can be done by using advanced tools such as filters, attractive frames, and drawing tools. The adjustable photo effects, background patterns and fully customized frames allow creating some attractive pictures and collage frame design.


1. Option to save pictures in different resolutions.

2. Great tools for reshaping pictures and wide frame patterns

3. Work also on iPhone and iPad.


1. With more new and advanced apps, it has become slightly outdated.

2. It closes very frequently, so sometimes work done on the application is lost.

3. Time to create frames is longer.


05Photo Grid

Photo Grid is an App that offers great photo editing features with more than three hundred layouts to give an attractive look to a picture. The users can transform their various pictures into beautiful collages. Filters, stickers, makeup tools, animated emoticons, and customized background features have made this app a bit popular. Extra pages can be added and the Lightbox feature makes it good for presentation.


1. Massive collection of photo frames with customized features

2. Easy to use.

3. Various photo editing option


1. It comes with various ads that trouble making frames and collages.

2. Lot of flexibility is not there regarding making videos with pictures.

3. Own frames cannot be created.

Photo Grid


ImgLabs is one of the best applications to decorate photos and add creativity to them. Easy editing, beautify and stickers can be done over pictures and can be easily shared over Instagram and Facebook. More than twenty images can be added along with beautiful frames through this app. Cool photo filters, drawing tools, collage photo frame design tools, and texture effects make it a great photo frame application.


1. The Android and iOS versions of the app are easy to use.

2. Attractive blurring and background effects give an attractive look to the images and picture frames.

3. Well-developed photo editing tools are available.


1. The frames available are less as compared to other photo & frame editing applications.

2. Difference in functions is noticed in iOS and Android apps.

3. Installation issues in photo edit and stickers


So, these were some of the applications that offer to make some creative photo edits, collages, and frames. Turning to high definition of pictures and frames, most of the applications are coming up with new and advanced features to give the best picture experience to people. One of the applications which any creative person loves to use is Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor that creates attractive and professional quality videos for both business and personal purposes. It transforms the video by adding various stylish effects. One can edit the clips, add watermarks, and can adjust the brightness of the videos in simple steps. A wide range of stickers, animated texts, sound effects, filters, and inserting colorful borders over videos make it a great app.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

The videos can be made in different file formats such as mp4, wmv, avi, gif, and mp3 and can be easily shared over social media platforms. This app has great importance for business as it offers various facilities such as Multi-channel marketing, social advertising, and social promotion. It is good for user and brand management also.

So, making any video from pictures or movies through Filmora app will be an amazing idea. With advanced texting, color tuning, and 3D effects, one can be so creative. Even Filmora can be used to create video projects.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Simple pictures or collages can be taken to next level by adding alluring frames to them. With advanced drawing tools, pictures, and light effects, a stylish collage photo frame design can be created online. It allows bringing so many memories of people in one beautiful frame.

Photo frame collage wall can be created over many applications. There are Android applications that offer many advanced features required to give a fine touch to the pictures, collages, and frames. They can be used and frames for family pictures can be made easily by following simple steps.

he selection of the application should be made based on the several options available with the app. For example, an app that has easy to use, is good for all devices, has great editing features, eye-catching eye work and mesmerizing effect shall be preferred.

So, try some amazing and advanced online Apps to create beautiful picture frames for you and your family now!!!

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