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How to Change Your Voice?

Are you bored with your normal voice and accent? If you are, then read the article below to learn about tips and practices that can uniquely change your voice.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 09, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Some people prefer to hide their identity by changing their voices. The fact that every person has a unique and distinct voice makes it hard for anyone to find out if you are the same or a different person. The question here is that how can you change your voice?

Various ways could be used to get this done. The article understudy will talk about different practices to change your voice, and we will also discuss voice changers with effects to change your voice. If you want to learn about changing your voice, then let's get started!

Part 1. What Factors Make Your Sound Unique and Special?

Naturally, a person’s voice changes with time. Although time is not only the reason, the environment also plays an essential role in changing voice. The environment has a significant effect on the way someone walks, talks, or even how someone acts on something. There are various factors upon which your voice sounds unique and special; some of these factors are briefly discussed below:

factors making sound unique

1. Gender

Females have small vocal cords as compared to males since birth. Then at puberty, the rise in the testosterone level causes the larynx to enlarge, and that changes your voice. Over time, the vocal cords thicken and tighten, which creates a vibration in sound along with deeper resonance. For females, the cords do not get tight, which results in a high pitch in the female voice.

2. Structure of Anomalies

The structure of anomalies is referred to as cleft palates deviated spectrum. Anomalies affect the clearness that is in a person's voice. The structure of one's voice can be altered by the age, overall health, cleanliness, and emotional state of a person. Alongside the texture of sound, pitch and timbre can also change your voice.

3. Body Structure

Bodyweight plays a vital role in changing voice. Obese men produce excessive estrogen that causes a rise in their voices. On the contrary, obese women have excessive testosterone that makes their voice deeper than others. Being obese makes the breath control better that results in generating a raspy sound.

4. Height

Underweight people have less endurance which increases the chance of injury to vocal cords. In comparison, heightened people have comparatively bigger lungs and larger lower airways, causing them to produce deeper voices compared to short people.

5. Heredity

Heredity and genetics play an important role in shaping your voice as it is a part of your anatomy too. Genetics is why you might find people from the same family have similar voices. Sound is made by the vocal cords that are in the larynx. The larynx is given a genetic code, which alters itself over time. These alterations, as a reaction, change your voice.

Part 2. How to Change Your Voice in Practice?

There are multiple reasons why someone wants to change their voice. Someone might not be satisfied with their low pitch voice or want to have a deeper voice. At the same time, you might also want to change your voice to any frictional character. Or you might want to change your voice to Morgan freeman too.

The real question is ‘Can you change your voice?’. Yes, it is possible. There are a lot of ways to do it, but they differ in complexity and effectiveness. You can either use any voice changer, or else you can also choose the natural way, which is a long-term approach. A few ways to change your voice in practice are discussed below:

Change the Way you Talk

Expressions change the emotions that affect the voice. Nasal and non-nasal voices differ as the nasal voices have a higher pitch as compared to non-nasal sounds. Changing the accent also affects the voice. The voice apparently stays the same, but the hearings of words change to make others feel the change of voice—for example, American and British accents.

Taking Care of Vocal Cords

Taking care of vocal cords can help change your voice. Smoking causes loss of voice and lowers the range of voice. Screaming can damage the vocal cords that automatically affects the voice. Breathing in polluted air not only changes the voice but also damages the vocal cords.

Vocal Exercises

There are some exercises that relax the vocal cords. These exercises include massaging the throat to loosen tense muscles, humming, taking deep breaths. Another exercise is loosening the jaw by opening it wide and closing it gently. Lip buzzing, yawning, and tongue trills are also considered exercises for vocal cords that can change your voice.

Part 3. How to Change Your Voice with Voice Changer Apps?

As we mentioned earlier that there are various ways to change your voice. Now that we have talked about some factors to sound unique and some practices to change your voice, it’s time to learn about voice changer apps. So, are you ready to learn about voice changers with effects to change your voice?

voice changer apps

Windows & Mac Voice Changer Apps

When we talk about voice changer apps, different apps are available for Windows, and Mac. These applications provide different and unique features, making it fun to use the voice changer. Using a voice changer with effects can add different sound effects to your voice and modify it.

Moreover, voice changer apps allow you to change your voice on various gaming platforms. Not just this, but you can also have fun because some voice changers work perfectly with Zoom Meetings, Google Meet, etc. Let us share some great voice changers with you.

Android & iOS Voice Changer Apps

For mobile users, there is a wide range of amazing voice changers. Both Android and iOS users can enjoy the services and benefit from the voice-changing apps. You can record your voice and then add cool effects to it. Or else, you can listen and choose your favorite sound effect and then record your voice.

Do you want to know an exciting thing? Well, with these voice changers, you can prank you’re your friends and family by adding different voice effects and having fun. Let us share a few Android voice changers:

What about iOS users? Don't worry; given below are the voice changers that are best for iOS devices:

The Bottom Line

After reading this article, pranking your friends and speaking with a unique voice will never be a problem for you. We have discussed in detail various factors that aid in making you sound unique. Moreover, we also shared some practices that can completely change your voice.

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