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Best Song Identifiers Online You Can Find in 2024

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Most of us have playlists made up of songs that have been either chart-toppers or have gone viral or are immensely popular. But now and then, we come across some obscure and underrated song that suits our music taste. The song might be in a different language or from a foreign country. 

We want to find those songs to put on our playlist, but we do not have enough information about them. What do you do? Just use a song identifier online service to look up the song name so that you can listen to your new favorite music again – whenever you want!

There are many song identifier online apps or music recognition online websites that will help you identify those songs. Let us know about them and learn how to use them.  

Song Identifier Online You Should Try In 2024

Depending on your preferences, and features on offer, you may want to try out one of these online song identifiers.

1. AudioTag

AudioTag song identifier

AudioTag is an easy-to-use song identifier online service. You upload an audio fragment, the duration of which can be as short as 10 seconds or as long as the entire song, and then let the website's audio recognition engine do its job. After it analyses your uploaded audio file, every available information regarding that audio file, like the title of the song, artist's name, album title, etc., are extracted and put at your disposal.

The audio file you upload can be in any format, ADPCM, .WAV, .FLV, .MP3,.MP4, or other commonly used audio file formats. It can be a digitized recording from an old tape recording or a downloaded file from the internet. AudioTag can identify audio in video files too.


  • The service is free
  • Can work with a wide range of audio file formats
  • It has got a robust database that contains songs from the 1940s to present times
  • The algorithm can differentiate between separate songs in a single recording
  • Can identify songs in low- quality recording


  • There is a possibility of inaccuracy in recognizing the song
  • The algorithm cannot match uploaded files with songs that are melodically similar

2. AHA Music - Song Finder for Browser

AHA Music - Song Finder for Browser

AHA Music is a mashup of two song identifier online services. You can use it to identify songs playing in your environment and find songs by humming a tune. You can add this service to your browser as an extension, and after that, it is just a matter of clicking a button on the page the song is playing to start the identification process. 

AHA Music will display every detail regarding the title, artists, album etc., of the song. It will even stream links from YouTube, Deezer and Spotify.


  • It can be used as a browser extension
  • It is highly accurate in identifying songs
  • It is a free service


  • Requires a quiet environment to function properly

3. Midomi


Midomi is a song finder online service that does a great job identifying your favorite songs and music. Using this website is pretty simple. Click on the microphone option on the website's home page and hum or sing or whistle a tune, and the service will provide you all available information about the song.

You will need a microphone for the audio input, and that microphone can be peripheral or inbuilt in your computer. You can also play a song from another device instead of singing, and this song identifier online service will give the same results. 


  • A 10-second audio sample is enough for the service to return results
  • The website is community driven so users can connect on the platform


  • There is not much depth in the database
  • Requires a quiet place for you to sing the tune with as less background noise as possible

4. Lyrster

Lyrster  Song Finder

Lyrster is a good song identifier online service when you do not know how a song sounds but know a few lines of its lyrics. This website will look for a match of the lyrics that you input in a database containing more than 450 lyric websites and return with results.


  • A huge database of lyrics
  • Requires only a few words of the song


  • Ad heavy site 
  • The news feature is not up to date

5. WatZatSong

watzatsong music recognition tool

WatZatSong is a music recognition online service that works like a social media platform. The so-called database of this website is the people and their knowledge about music and songs. You have to post a sample or upload an audio file, and others will listen to it and tell you about it. 

WatZatSong is your go-to website when all other song identifier online websites and their methods like uploading an audio file or humming a tune have failed. 


  • It is community-driven and doesn't have a digital database drawback, which is limited data.
  • The website community is highly active, meaning you will get your answers in minutes


  • Dependent on other people of the community
  • You might not get authentic results

Being the Smarter Person – Using a Song Identifier Online

Yes, it can be exasperating when you want to listen to a song but cannot find it online because you don't know the proper title or who sang that song. All you know is how the tune goes or some other indefinite details of the song.

You might have heard a song in an old recording and liked it, but you do not know any detail of it other than what you heard.

These are times when song identifiers online will help ensure you don’t have to worry about not hearing the music you like again. Just hum the song or upload an audio file of it to the websites and every detail of it becomes available to you at the expense of a few clicks.

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Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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