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How To Boost Headphone Volume in Windows 10?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 01, 22, updated May 20, 24

If you are an avid PC user, you are very likely to use headphones over speakers. The immersive sound experience along with noise cancellation technology enhances the listening experience to the next level. However, nothing could be more annoying when the volume of the headphones becomes low. Even when the volume on your computer is at its maximum level, headphones sound is not up to the mark. That is when volume booster for headphones can be useful.

There are basically two reasons why the volume of your headphones is low. Firstly, different headphones produce different levels of sound and your headphones fall in the low to medium category of sound producing ability with no volume booster. Secondly, the audio you are playing on your computer has low recorded sound which is why your headphones sound is also low. Here are the solutions on how to boost headphone volume Windows 10.

1. Chrome Volume Booster

If you are playing any audio online and the sound on your headphones is low, Chrome Volume Booster is the best solution. Chrome volume booster is a Google Chrome extension that you need to install on your Chrome web browser. The extension has great rating and review and enough downloads to be completely satisfied.

The extension amplifies the audio playing on any Google Chrome tab in real-time. Therefore, it acts as an instant headphone sound booster and you can listen to the audio playing at a higher volume than usual. Here are the steps on how to use this headphones loud volume booster.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome web browser on your computer.

Step 2: Visit “”.

Step 3: Click on Add To Chrome button. On the pop-up confirmation, click on Add Extension button.

chrome volume booster

Step 4: Play anything on Chrome browser and click on Volume Booster Extension at the top left corner of Chrome browser.

Step 5: You will see a slider that you have to increase and you can get instant volume boost on your headphones.


You will find that even when the volume of the headphones is at its maximum, there is scope of huge increment on Volume Booster slider.

2. Boom 3D

Boom 3d is the most complete headphone volume booster PC. Owing to its popularity among Mac users, Boom 3D has finally come up with Boom 3d headphone volume booster Windows 10. It is a premium software but you can try out its trial version before purchasing any plan. You can download the software directly from its official website as well as from Microsoft Store. Not only can you boost the headphone volume for any system audio, you can use it as a sound equalizer as it has hundreds of equalizers and presents to choose from.

Therefore, starting from basic headphones to premium headphones, Boom 3D can do wonders to sound quality and listening experience. It can create 3d Surround sound that you get to hear in movie theatres. You can customize base, add audio effects, intensify sound channels, create custom equalizers, and much more. Besides, you can tweak different audio aspects such as pitch, speed, ambience, fidelity, spatial and much more. Here are the steps on how to boost headphones volume with this headphone booster PC.

Step 1: Download and install Boom 3D. Open the application and sign up to get started.

Step 2: Select your headphone type by clicking on the headphone icon for better results.

boom 3d

Step 3: Make sure that volume is to the maximum limit at the top of the bar.

the bar

Step 4: Go to Advanced tab on the Equalizer section and increase the volume from the left-side slider.

left side slider

If you have an audio playing in the background, you will notice the gradual increase in the volume of your headphones as you increase the slider value. In fact, you can increase the slider beforehand and play any music, watch video and play games to get the amplified sound on your headphones.

3. Wondershare Filmora

We have already stated that the volume of your headphones could be low due to the quality of the headphone as well as due to low sound of the audio file you are playing. If the audio file has low volume and you want to boost its volume and thereby, boost the volume you are getting on your headphones, we recommend Wondershare Filmora.

Did you ever think of recording the voice to the video and making some voiceover demo to share and upload on the social network website or creating a documentary for crucial stuff? You can even do this with nice video software such as Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. However, in most cases, it is recommended for you to record a voiceover first, and then the sound will get more natural. So let's start with how to record voice with Filmora.

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It is a professional video editor with inbuilt audio editor where you can tweak various audio parameters of the audio or video file you have. Apart from increasing volume and listening to the changes immediately, you can change pitch, add audio effects like fade in and fade out as well as experiment with equalizer settings. Here are the steps to boost audio file volume so that the sound becomes louder on your headphones.

Step 1: Download and install Wondershare Filmora on your PC. It is available for Windows as well as Mac.

Step 2: Open Filmora and go to File menu. From Import Media, click on Import Media Files option.

import media files

Step 3: Select the audio or the video file whose volume you want to boost so that you can do away with low volume issue.

Step 4: Drag the audio file from Project Media to the timeline and right-click on it to select Adjust Audio option.

adjust audio

Step 5: On the left side, you will find a slider to increase the volume of the audio part. Do the changes and click on Ok button.

left side

Step 6: Click on Export button and save the modified file.


If you are looking for the best headphone volume booster Windows 10, we have provided you with all the different options. If you want an instant booster, we have Chrome Volume Booster extension that works on computers as well as smartphones. If you are looking for a dedicated software for boosting volume of your headphones as wen as enhancing sound experience, Boom 3D has no alternative. If you want to boost the sound of the audio file so that the resultant file sounds high on your headphones, you can opt for Wondershare Filmora.