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How to Download Facebook Status Videos?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jul 22, 24
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Facebook has around 2.9 billion users monthly as of 2021. The users are motivated to share their life stories with their followers and friends. The Facebook status video helps create a more innovative way to communicate with our loved ones. However, the Facebook status video disappears in 24 hours. The Facebook addict needs to download the video to save it in memory or for other reasons.

The article targets the same concern. We shall consider Android and iPhone to introduce Facebook status downloaders with their workability. Wondershare Filmora would also be the crux of this write-up.

Bonus Tip: Recommended Video Editor for Editing Facebook Videos - Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Facebook Status Video Download App for Android

While scrolling through Facebook, we often run into interesting and amazing Facebook status videos. Having one glance at them compels us to download them and save them in our system. The videos could be a meme, motivational videos, or comedy videos. Most people put their own stories where they talk about how their day went.

Facebook doesn't allow users to download Facebook video status. It is the very reason; most social media fanatics jump into Facebook status downloaders to enhance their video access. This sub-section has been designed for you if you are an Android user.

Save Story for Facebook Stories is a similar app that understands your concerns. You can easily download and save the Facebook status on your phone and view it offline. The application needs around 51MB of memory space in your Android phone to work properly. Also, ensure that your Android version is 5.0 or up.

save story for facebook stories

Following are some features of the Save Story for Facebook Stories application. It is important to study them in detail to know what we are getting ourselves into.

  • Save Story for Facebook Stories application can be used as a Facebook and Messenger, all in one.
  • You can also see the messages without getting labeled as "seen." It solves most of our anonymous problems, don't you agree?
  • While that being said, you can also view stories anonymously.
  • The story photos and videos can be downloaded privately at a good speed.
  • The multiple accounts support is another workable feature of this tool. You do not have to download more than one application if you have more than one Facebook account.
  • The wallpaper backgrounds can be set as per the user's needs.
  • With this app, you can block user activity tracking and Facebook ads.
  • The data usage and battery can be preserved by using this renowned application.
  • The interactive interface makes the whole process effortless.
  • The app's security look enhances the privacy of the user.

Part 2: Facebook Status Video Download App for iPhone

The hot video status Facebook compels us to download the video in seconds. Now that we have covered the app that downloads Facebook status videos on Android phones, it is time to switch our focus to iPhone. The sub-section shall revolve around the Facebook status downloader app in iPhone.

Any Video Saver allows you to download the videos uploaded by your friends in Facebook stories. The video can be downloaded and used for different purposes. Before getting into the features offered by this phenomenal app, how about we discuss some system requirements?

any video saver for ios

Any Video Saver expects the stakeholder to have around 29.3MB and is only compatible with iOS 13.0 or later. Following are some additional features of Any Video Saver bringing a revolution in the market.

  • This Facebook status downloaderapplication enables users to rename or delete necessary files.
  • The Share Sheet can be used to export the media files without facing any complications.
  • You are offered the feature of "Favorite Collection," where important videos and images are kept safe and accessible.
  • The multiple items can be added to the Collection, and the favorite websites are also bookmarked effectively.
  • Two authentication measures enhance the user experience and privacy. It includes face ID and passcode.
  • The videos are played on Facebook via the Picture in Picture mode. It permits you to continue playing the video after the app is sent to the background.
  • Private web browsing is ensured as Any Video Saver works on the embedded browser. It leaves no trace behind.
  • The importing and exporting process is as effortless as it can get.

Part 3: How to Download Facebook Status Videos?

Up till now, we discussed two individual Android and iPhone apps to download Facebook status videos with their key features. However, the following section is a little different.

The section revolves around Snaptube, an Android and iPhone app. The video resolution output of Snaptube is in the range of 144p, 720p, 1080p, 2K HD, and 4K HD. The app performs a remarkable role in supporting more than 50 sites. It includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, WhatsApp, and Vimeo. It means you are pretty covered once you install this app.

Moreover, you can effortlessly shift the interface between day and night mode to work as you find important. You can search the video or paste the URL to play and download the video in seconds.

Follow the guidelines below to download hot video status Facebook by using Snaptube.

Step 1: Preliminary Installation Process

For starters, download the Snaptube app on your targeted device. As the installation process is in progress, the user is suggested to allow the installation of third-party apps. Allowing Snaptube wouldn't affect the security of your system primarily because it is verified by CM security. Wait a couple of minutes until the application has been installed.

allow unknown source

Step 2: Launching the Targeted Video

As soon as you launch Snaptube, an extensive range of videos appear on the homepage. Use the search bar to type in the keyword "FB Status Video." It will only show the videos that are set as status. The filtration of results saves time. To download the right video, you can also copy the URL and paste the link in Snaptube's search bar.

search for facebook story

Step 3: Downloading the Video

After the targeted video is found, click on it to play it. After that, the user will find a download arrow at the bottom. Tap on it, and an extensive range of audio and video formats would pop up. Choose the resolution that you need and click on "Download." The process is concluded. The video file can be saved and shared to multiple social media websites.

initiate the facebook status download

Bonus Tip: Recommended Video Editor for Editing Facebook Videos - Wondershare Filmora

Video editing has become a treat with Wondershare Filmora, and no one can deny this fact. The advanced editing tools have shocked everyone to the core. Now that you have downloaded the Facebook status video, it's about time we learn how to make edits to it in the most effortless fashion.

filmora interface

Wondershare Filmora is a versatile audio and video editor. However, video editing would be the crux of this sub-section and impeccable characteristics followed by its usage. Filmora is your last resort to discover the power of storytelling in the real sense. Following are some features related to video editing for Facebook videos:

  • The Keyframing feature helps create custom animations that play a vital role in enhancing visual engagement and attraction.
  • The intuitive object tracking makes sure that the movement of the main subject of the video is cohesive and synchronized.
  • Moreover, you can insert video effects, transitions, filters, and motion elements into your video to give it an innovative outlook.
  • You can also use the Green Screen feature to change the background and create a magical world.
  • The speed can be controlled to give your Facebook video both suspense and thrill.
  • The color grading can be featured to give the videos a Hollywood style. It also helps in letting your imagination go wild.
  • You can layer media to develop a blending mode for your videos.
  • The user is also free to change the playback quality, enhance video clips, access sample colors, and create freezing frames.
  • Get ready to trim, split, and resize videos. Furthermore, you can also add a watermark, perform group editing, and flip video clips.
  • Like an expert, you can add text and titles to the video opening and end.

Closing Words

We are pretty much chained with Facebook and other platforms that elevate our entertainment. As we scroll through our Facebook timeline, we often find Facebook status videos that need to be downloaded in our system by all means.

The article discussed three applications that would act as Facebook status downloaders effectively. The video editing tools and tactics of Wondershare Filmora were also discussed in detail. We expect that the reader makes the right choice by reviewing the key features in detail every time a Facebook video is under consideration.