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Best Facebook Video Downloader And Addons for Firefox

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 04, 22, updated Jul 17, 24
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Are you looking for the best Facebook video downloader for Firefox? Well, look no further than the following article. In this article, we will cover an extensive list of software goodies to help you download your favorite videos from your Facebook feed.

You have probably seen videos that are inspirational or innovative. Maybe they have ideas you can use, or they have a message you agree with. What better way to save them than with the help of a Facebook video downloader using Firefox?

Let's look at the following list to find the list of options to save your videos.

Part 1: Top 10 Facebook Private Video Downloaders for Firefox

Facebook has emerged as a popular platform for sharing video content by people. As one of the most populous social media platforms, Facebook often hosts a slew of fun and creative videos. Whether it's a fun exercise routine or a private video of a lovely family celebration, a video downloader for Facebook is essential.

Let's look at the top 10 Facebook private video downloaders for Firefox. is one of the easiest and swiftest tools for downloading videos from Facebook. With a wide selection of video formats and features that you can download. This website presents the greatest opportunity to create your video database offline.

download private facebook videos with

You can download private videos thanks to a separate button available on the website's homepage. Use the button to download private videos using the copied URL of your preferred Facebook video.

Enter the text in the text box. Tap on download. Dealers' choice of formats and quality are available. is a website that lets you download private videos online. It boasts easy functionality and a wide selection of video formats for you to save. Another consideration for using this website is that you can download videos from Facebook and a wide array of social media platforms.

You can easily download a private Facebook video in Firefox using the Browse facebook until you happen upon the video you want to download. Then simply press Control (Ctrl) and the letter' U'. This selects the source code for the video.

For Mac users, remember to opt for 'Command' and Key' U.'

The next step is finding the page source by right-clicking the webpage. Once you do, remember to highlight all text with the 'Control (Ctrl) and A' combination. Command and A for Mac users.

Follow this with a 'Control (Ctrl) and C combination. Command and C options for Mac users.

Find the private Facebook video button on the homepage. You can easily paste the link in the provided space and save the video to your device. is a one-stop resource for obtaining videos from Facebook. This video downloader you're setting down to use can be used from the run-of-the-mill Facebook videos to private Facebook videos.

These video downloaders are primed to secure videos offline in the format and quality of your choosing. The software works best on a desktop computer but is accessible to all devices.

facebook private video downloader with

It functions on the principle of looking for the source code of the video. The Facebook video downloader can extricate the video information and download it by working off the source code.

If you get errors while using the website, it is because of an incorrect copy of the source code. This can also indicate that the video may have been moved or deleted.

As the end all and be all of the online video downloaders for Firefox, sets the bar for functionality. With a sleek and easy-to-use interface, it makes it phenomenally easy for users to download videos from any social media platform.

You can easily download videos with a simple "Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl V" of the video URL into the search bar. With formats ranging from 240p to 4k, choose the format of your desire to download the video.

This video downloader works on most browsers and especially well on Firefox.

It helps you download videos from key websites for video content. The resolutions and quality can be vastly improved using this website.

facebook video downloader using

One cheeky benefit of using is that it does not watermark your videos. So you're free and clear to use the videos, provided you stay compliant with copyright laws.

Vidsaver also comes with a Firefox extension that lets you download videos to your offline storage. Another easy way to swing this is with the help of the online download website.

Fbvideosacer is a popular way to download videos from Facebook exclusively. One bonus of using this web page is downloading the videos in audio format.

This website allows you to download private Facebook videos using the page's source code.

Extracting the video from the source code and downloading it is what the Download Private Video button does on this browser.

It does not limit the number of videos you can download. This also lets you download videos to your heart's content. Almost all browsers and devices support this website. It works particularly well on personal computers.

Getfvideo is an online tool for video downloads. It you to nab your favorite Facebook videos directly from the Facebook servers. It uses technology that lets users scour the source code to extract the private video file.

facebook video downloader using

This tool doesn't need any software installs. You can simply visit the website and use it accordingly to download high-definition videos from various video-sharing platforms.

A surprise benefit is that Getfvid can let you download your video as an audio or mp3 file. It boasts a smooth user experience with minimal ad interference. is an online tool to download videos from the internet, including private Facebook videos. It creates several versions of a video so users can choose a video format depending on their internet service speed.

Pastedownload is an easy way to download private videos. Simply copy the source code link address of the video you want to use. Then, paste this link into the website link box.

This allows the source code to be read, and the video can be scanned for and downloaded. It acts like a universal video downloader that allows thousands of websites to download videos. It can download gifs and images as well. They also have a technical support team to which you can reach out for assistance.

With this powerful tool for downloading videos, you can easily download videos and audio from any website available. Youtube4kdownloader is the best Facebook video downloader tool on Firefox. With a simple copy of the link address and paste, you can be well on your way to downloading your video.

download facebook videos with

It can download videos up to 4k video formats. You can use this on your mobile, desktops, and on macOS as well.

You can easily use this website to download videos from Facebook online. Expertsphp website has various editions that allow users to download from each social media platform like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok.

You can download images, gifs, and videos using this video downloading tool. This website allows users to download videos with no fuss as a free, high quality, and high-definition video downloading tool.

Part 2: Best 3 Firefox Addons to Download Facebook Videos

Video DownloadHelper

This Firefox compatible extension is a comprehensive tool for downloading videos and images. You can extract them from websites and save them on your local hard drive.

Video DownloadHelper works by y reading the embedded file's code and extracting it for download. It works on different websites like Twu\itch, Youtube, Facebook, and more.

facebook video downloadhelper for firefox

It allows you to download videos directly from the website to your device's storage. The best part of using Video DownloadHelper is converting the files from their previous formats to the current formats. It can do this function to download the audio and video separately and sync them to generate a brand-new video file.

As a Firefox extension, it is free, fast, and secure. With a simple tool menu, users can intuitively navigate this add-on.

Easy Video Downloader

Easy video downloader is the must-have Facebook video downloader among Firefox users with an addon. It is the best Facebook video downloader for Firefox due to its intuitive and easy user interface.

It makes video downloads convenient and fun. This extension reads the websites you visit to extricate images and videos from the web page.

firefox broswer add-on easy video downloader

You are then offered the opportunity to download them from the source page or decline. This can be through the device download settings.

It can download audio formats as well as video assets. The benefit of using this extension is that you can track the image sources through the extension. This allows users to find the source and return for more quality content.

Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro breathes new life into Facebook video downloaders thanks to its features. This add-on allows users to download any video, image, or audio formats available on a website.

Click on the extension icon for a list of downloadable files. Select the ones you'd like to download and be on your way. The freeware is fast and easy to use. It contains no ads or malware.

Use this extension to download videos in any format or file size. An unexpected feature of this software that is a boon for travelers is finding the largest discounts. You can travel a feast cheaper using Video Downloader Pro.

Editing Your Video with Wondershare Filmora

You can always turn to video editing if you want to kick things up a notch by turning this into a party. Editing a video can be a rewarding experience. You can showcase your talents, play with extraordinary tools of video editing, like Wondershare Filmora.

The Wondershare Filmora video editing software allows you to transform a simple video into a cinematic masterpiece. Thanks to many automated features, Wondershare Filmora can let even amateurs create professional videos.

edit videos with wondershare filmora

The masterful blend of auto features and skills can let you understand the nuances of video editing. With video effects, you can transform the videos you create. Practice your skills and level up your editing with Wonderahare Filmora. Now available for free download today.


You now have a comprehensive list of ways to download private Facebook videos through Firefox. You can go ahead and relish the memories you share with your loved ones. Some are exceptional at catering to formats supported by all devices. Some provide good quality content. Some are more versatile and download as both audio and video.

Some websites are gun shy and are cautious of copyright laws. This allows users to pick and choose discerningly. As for the videos themselves, you can choose to store them or you can use a video editor like Wondershare Filmora to make this experience a lot better.