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Top 6 Minecraft Survival House Ideas

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

If you play Minecraft, especially survival mode, you must know the importance of Minecraft survival house ideas. You can't think of playing survival mode without a house to protect yourself from all kinds of evil and damages. Apart from its importance, building such homes is a fun process. It allows players to use their imagination and creativity to build unique places without any limitations and restrictions. Building such houses is one of the best things to do in Minecraft. Most people play Minecraft just to use their creativity in order to convert their thought into practice. If you are a new Minecraft player and haven't built anything yet, it might be a challenging process for you. It is important to have Minecraft survival house ideas to start building one. Without a clear idea in mind, one can't build anything worthwhile. This article contains the top 6 Minecraft survival house ideas. These ideas are simple and easy to implement. We have only selected ideas that beginners, as well as experts, can use. Each idea has a tutorial that makes it easy for you to understand and build your own house just by following few simple steps. You can try these ideas in creative mode first and then use them in survival mode for better and quicker results. 

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1. Simple Survival house


This nice-looking Minecraft survival house idea is an excellent choice for newbies and players with limited knowledge of building houses. This simple survival house is a two-story house that looks stunning from the outside as well as inside. The first floor is set up as a bedroom and the second can be used for storing your material. On the side of this house, there is a space located for animals such as cows and sheep, enclosed by fences.

2. Large Oak Survival House


This large oak survival house is one of the convenient houses to be built because oak can be easily and extensively found in Minecraft. The tutorial shows you a comprehensive detail about every step to help you build the house without any confusion and difficulty. This house provides a traditional look and has a farm in its courtyard. If you are looking for something marvelous and convenient to build, then this Minecraft survival house idea is a perfect choice for you.


3. Ultimate Survival Farmhouse


This small but attractive farmhouse contains a farm and a kitchen on the ground floor and a bedroom on the first floor. This beautiful-looking house can be built without any extra effort or time. The tutorial shows you how you can create it with easy and simple steps. While building this farmhouse, you will learn so many new tricks and methods that you can use for building other amazing houses. The pond near this farmhouse increases its beauty and provides it with the water used for irrigation. The suitable and appropriate use of bricks makes this farmhouse look astounding.


4. Large Spruce Survival Mansion


This large mansion is a beautiful and amazing design by Folli. This is a Minecraft survival house idea that requires a lot of effort and patience to be built. It seems complex and difficult to build a survival house, but it will become easy for you to implement this idea with a detailed and step-by-step tutorial. It has an extraordinary interior with beautiful small rooms, amazing structure. The exterior looks eye-catching and it can be noticed from a distant point. In his tutorial, Folli describes each and everything in detail for newbies.

5. Fantasy Cottage


This small but amazing cottage can be built with fun and thrill. This is a quick Minecraft survival house idea that can be implemented with limited resources and time. The tutorial contains everything from resources that will be used to implement each step in every detail. This tutorial can make this entire process very easy and simple. This is a stylish and appealing house with flowers at its windows, and lamps attached near the main entrance.

6. Modern Survival House


Are you bored of old and wooden house ideas and want to build something modern and new? If your answer is yes, then this house idea is the one that you should try. This modern survival house provides an appealing and astounding look. It will transform your ideas about Minecraft houses and help you create a unique and different house. With this tutorial, you can easily build this modern house. While building this house, you will learn several useful tricks and techniques that can help you build other wondrous modern houses.


Survival mode is the most interesting and loved mode in Minecraft. But to survive in Minecraft, it is important to have a place to protect yourself from all kinds of harm and damage. The above Minecraft survival house ideas will help create unique and spectacular houses that will provide you both safety and aesthetic look. By implementing these ideas, you will also learn several techniques and tricks that will help you in building other incredible places.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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