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10 Best Apps to Speed Audio Speed on Mobile

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 09, 23, updated Jan 17, 24

When you watch videos, what do you prefer more- those with slowed-down beats or fast-paced audio that revs up the excitement? For most people, it is the latter, which is why short Tiktok or Instagram videos with peppy background music get so much engagement. Faster songs bring out the energy and are memorable and passionate.

So, if you are editing videos you want to use for advertising products, a tutorial video, or a fun edit, speeding up the audio should help you. You can use an excellent audio speed changer to properly increase the sound speed of different songs quickly, without quality loss or cracking during the playback.

Multiple useful options are available in the market that promises high-quality audio speed adjustment functions. In this post, we shall look into apps and software with this function on mobile devices and desktops, discussing their features and how to use them.

tiktok music
In this article
  1. Best 10 Apps for Audio Speed Changing in Android and iOS Devices
    1. Music Speed Changer
    2. Audipo: Music Speed Changer
    3. Up Tempo: Pitch, Speed Changer
    4. Moises: The Musician's App
    5. Anytune
    6. Transcribe+ Slow Down Music
    7. AudioTweak
    8. Riff Studio
    9. TimePitch
    10. Tempo - Music Video Maker

Best 10 Apps for Audio Speed Changing in Android and iOS Devices

Different currently available apps are operable on mobile devices and can effectively support high-quality speed adjustment settings for videos. These apps come with mechanisms that increase the speed of the sound without affecting pitch heavily.

Some apps require payment to operate better quality audio adjustment and other editing features. But they have varying price plans with different sets of advanced functions. Alternatively, instead of audio speed changer download options, you can also go for online tools. It is essential to consider the features available in them to decide which is the best option for your editing needs.

For that, here is a list of the top 10 mobile-based apps for audio speed and tempo editing that you can use on Android or iOS devices.

1. Music Speed Changer

music speed changer interface

Music Speed Changer is one of the best apps to speed up audio efficiently on your mobile devices. With this app, you adjust the pitch and speed of the tracks without compromising sound quality. Real-time conversion support is available here when you adjust the speed of the tracks, and neither action affects the other without you choosing it.

With this audio speed changer pro app, you can quickly master the music mixing process. Plus, it allows users to adjust the pitch shifts and add A/B repeat looping in the audio.

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Google Play Store); 4.8 out of 5 (Apple App Store)

Key Features:

  • Change the pitch and tempo of the songs you edit with a slider.
  • Equalizer features are available, like an 8-band equalizer, balance/preamp control, and more.
  • Adjust 440hz to 432hz in songs with this editor tool.
  • Save and download the final edited file in WAV or MP3 format.

2. Audipo: Music Speed Changer

audipo interface

If you are looking for a dedicated audio speed changer app, Audipo is one of the best ones available in the market currently. You can easily access the application's interface and use its simple-to-understand UI to make various changes to the pitch and more.

You can adjust the speed of the audio here between 0.25x to 4.0x, and see no effect of that in the pitch of your song. You can separately adjust the pitch and use advanced sound control features for more adjustments.

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Google Play Store); 4.7 out of 5 (Apple App Store)

Key Features:

  • Mark sections within the audio track while editing.
  • Change the pitch of songs between -1 and +1 octave.
  • Easily enhance the speed of songs with this app or decrease it as needed.
  • The upgraded Pro version supports features like silence detection and shuffle play.

3. Up Tempo: Pitch, Speed Changer

up tempo interface

Up Tempo is one of the best tempo changer-based applications available for smartphone and tablet users to make audio edits easily. You can change the song's pitch to a higher level or a low range and even precisely create loops in sections.

This app allows users to play the songs they are editing in real-time to see how the changes sound. Then, you can make further adjustments if necessary and even use the waveform view for more advanced-level changes.

Supported OS: Android

Average rating: 4.2 out of 5 (Google Play Store)

Key Features:

  • Change the song pitch up or down with simple steps.
  • Set precise loop points in the song.
  • Adjust the percentage of the speed from low to up easily.
  • Waveform view support for zooming and pinching to get accurate beat edits.

4. Moises: The Musician's App

moises the musicians app interface

Indeed, as the name suggests, Moises caters heavily to music producers and artists looking to edit their tracks to optimized quality with its dynamic features. You can use high-quality functions like AI-based audio separation to take apart different stems in the songs. These include drums, background vocals, bass sounds, and piano notes.

In terms of speed changing, though, this also works as a capable audio speeder with a simple one-click mechanism. The software in the app detects and shows the BPM automatically, which benefits editors highly.

Supported OS: Android

Average rating: 4.6 out of 5 (Google Play Store)

Key Features:

  • Loop and trim specific sections of the song you are editing.
  • Use the Mixer feature to adjust/mute the volume and remix specific stems like guitar, vocals, etc.
  • One-click support for adjusting the speed of the song.
  • Synchronized chord detection ability is helpful.

5. Anytune

anytune interface

Another mp3 tempo changer you should seriously consider using is Anytune, which is available for iOS and Android users. After using the visualizer setting for a beat-based evaluation, you can operate the app to change the songs' tempo.

The app also allows users the ability to record audio parts easily and then make changes to them. You can import your audio tracks from the Music library or extract them from videos with this tool. Later, after making the speed adjustments, you can stream the songs to Inter-app Audio and Audiobus-compatible apps.

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Average rating: 3.3 out of 5 (Google Play Store); 4.8 out of 5 (Apple App Store)

Key Features:

  • Add auto loops easily between different marks using this app.
  • Record songs, edit, and then share quickly.
  • Change the tempo pace of the songs you imported or recorded with zero effect on the pitch.
  • A free trial version is available for macOS users to utilize the app and check speed adjustment settings.

6. Transcribe+ Slow Down Music

transcribe plus interface

An audiospeedchanger that you should try out at least once for high-quality sound editing for videos is the Transcribe+ app. Here, users find it very simple to listen to the song they play on the app and then change the pitch of it as per one's taste.

This app works as a suitable tempo slower as well if that is something you are willing to operate for your song edit. It comes with waveform support that you can tap on to stop the sound playback. Then, drag it slowly to listen to the song at any speed choice. You can mark it, set loop areas, and do many other edits whenever possible.

Supported OS: iOS

Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Apple App Store)

Key Features:

  • It is integrated with cloud service providers for importing and exporting song files, like iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Change the tempo of songs with simple taps, including in Apple Music for IOS 15.5 and higher versions.
  • Adjust the speed of the songs between 0.25x to 2x, keeping the pitch intact.
  • Enhance specific frequencies using the EQ toolbar.

7. AudioTweak

audiotweak interface

In the context of high-quality audio editing apps, AudioTweak is easily one of the most notable applications available for mobile users. Beginners can practice the song creation process, learning and transcribing new songs.

The speed changer functionality on this app is high-grade, making it easier for users to set different looped regions in the song playback. You can quickly lower the song's speed and occasionally practice the pitch and tempo-based changes.

Supported OS: iOS

Average rating: 4.4 out of 5 (Apple App Store)

Key Features:

  • Adjust song pitch between -12 and +12 semitones.
  • Hear right and left stereo stack sounds from separate channels.
  • A wide speed range of 30-250% is available for adjusting sound speed.
  • Prepare looped sections in songs to make a repetitive section.

8. Riff Studio

riff studio interface

Riff Studio is worth considering when looking for an audio tempo changer that will simplify your professional music production process. The software allows users to organize a customized set list of different tracks to practice. During this process or before playing the songs, you can change the speed and pitch of the file with simple taps.

Moreover, users can change the song parameters at any period of time without loss of quality in the original track sound. For the pitch, you can change the semitones, while percentage-based distinctions are available for speed-based editing.

Supported OS: Android

Average rating: 4.4 out of 5 (Google Play Store)

Key Features:

  • High-grade pitching shifting functionality is available for adjusting pitch in semitones.
  • Supports different Android model versions and files.
  • Export the final changed song in MP3 file format.
  • Use time-stretching functions to adjust audio speed.

9. TimePitch

timepitch interface

Use this audio speed controller on iOS devices for quick and efficient audio editing and speed management work. The app works as a music player that allows users the ability to hear the songs that they import from the Media Library before editing.

There are settings for Tempo and Pitch with slider support. So, while making the changes, you can move the sliders depending on your preference- highly sped-up songs or lower tempo in songs.

Supported OS: iOS

Average rating: 4.6 out of 5 (Apple App Store)

Key Features:

  • Use a slider to manage the pitch of vocals in files.
  • A tempo slider is available to adjust the sound tempo.
  • Strong DRM protection with certain songs that are editable here.
  • Very lightweight and easy-to-use editor.

10. Tempo - Music Video Maker

tempo music video maker interface

This audio speed changer app for mobile users is useful for video-based audio editing primarily. You can try out the software to cut, reverse, crop, and do other standard editing steps for songs and video clips. Besides that, the app comes with speed adjustment functions that make changing the pace of the sound in the video effortless.

Besides the ability to edit the speed on this app, you can also add effects and free music. Quickly share the finished projects at the end directly on social media accounts that you linked afterward, on sites like Instagram.

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Average rating: 4.9 out of 5 (Google Play Store); 4.7 out of 5 (Apple App Store)

Key Features:

  • Export finished files in 720p/1080p resolution without losing quality.
  • Use widescreen mode for more accessible editing work.
  • Multiple transition effects and filters are available.
  • Use preset face stickers to edit videos.

Wondershare Filmora- Recommended Software for Comprehensive Audio Speed-Changing Benefits

Indeed, all of the apps mentioned before are useful for people who want quick and effective audio speed edits. However, any music speed changer app you choose from this list will have limitations regarding video-based sound editing. The Tempo-Music Video Maker app allows video-based editing, but the features are limited.

Comparatively, if you want high-quality editing support for audio files and video projects, Wondershare Filmora is the software for that. It comes in two versions for Mac and Windows devices with varying audio format support and editing features. You can use the software to independently edit the audio speed or directly make changes to the audio in the video.

Free Download
Free Download

How to Change Audio Speed Using Filmora?

Here are the steps to follow:

Step1: Launch Filmora and choose the add icon in the Media tab or "click here to import media" section. Insert the audio file and drag and drop it into the editor timeline.

drag and drop into the editor timeline

Step2: Tap on the audio clip in the timeline and choose the Speedometer icon.

Step3: Hover your cursor on it to shift to Fast or Slow.

shift to fast or slow

Step4: To reverse or customize speed, click on the Speedometer icon > Custom Speed. Use the given slider to adjust it. Tap on the Reverse Speed tickbox if needed. Press OK.

reverse or customize speed on custom speed window

Step5: Press the Export button after you are done editing. Choose Local > MP3. Make other settings-based changes and press the Export button to save the file to the device.

press the export button

How to Change the Speed of Audio with Video in Filmora?

Follow these steps for editing the audio within the video:

Step1: Drag it to the editor timeline after launching and importing the film.

Step2: Choose Match to Media under Project Setting pop-up window.

Step3: Choose and right-click on the video file on the time > Detect Audio.

tap on detect audio

Step4: Choose the audio track and use the method explained in the previous section to change the audio speed. Make other edits as needed, and press Export > Local > MP4 > Export.

Watch this video to know more.

Apart from audio speed-changing, you could also introduce other features briefly related to audio with Filmora:

  • Audio Visualizer- With this feature, you can do waveform-based editing, seeing the beats and pitch represented in a visual format. Make adjustments to the audio effect and tone directly.
  • Speech to Text/Text to Speech- Use the Speech to Text function to transcribe the audio in the audio file into readable text for captions. Or, if you want to avoid using your own voice, you can use the TTS feature for AI-based narration based on the text you add.
  • Auto Synchronization- The software will automatically synchronize the audio with the video on the screen, scene-by-scene.


If you want a high-quality video with an adjusted or sped-up audio track or directly increase the tempo of your songs, use the mobile-based apps listed here. They come with varying features and simplified UI- choose your final option based on your requirements.

However, if you want to do more advanced editing work, you should use Filmora for sound editing and speed adjustment. Try it first to know.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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