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VSDC Screen Recorder Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

A screen recorder plays an important role in our daily workflows, such as revealing the release of a new product, producing tutorials videos for a good or service, generating visitors by developing a marketing video, shooting a scene of an online meeting, capturing some interactive or useful clips of various activities or things in regular activities, and so on.

Outside, there are several free and premium screen recorders that can assist us in completing these tasks. It is fantastic because it’s known that we have so many alternatives to choose from, and one can be easily picked from them by looking at their idealism and appropriation for us. However, the problem is whether it will take you a long time, especially if you are new to this. Things can be made easier with authentic reviews and this eventually makes it more straightforward. After reading this article, there is no need to be concerned from now. We've compiled a list of the best screen recorders out there on the internet from a variety of aspects and selected the best one at your disposal. So, let's straight dive into the VSDC screen recorder, an amazing screen recorder for the new trending video capturing and creation.

Part 1: Key Features of VSDC

Being an internet surfer for software you must be aware of the importance of the features of any software. A screen recorder is best analyzed by the features it has for its users. VSDC being a feature-full software in all the screen recorders made it the best for its users. The key features of the VSDC are ranging. Let’s discuss all of them here in this section one by one.

Capture your desktop

Obviously, the most important feature of any screen recorder is its capability to record a desktop screen. VSDC can screen record any desktop screen as well as take a screenshot of the desktop to save it.

Add audio & video narration

Most of the screen recorder doesn’t support local audio and video connectors. But it is not the case with VSDC, you can connect any audio and video capturing devices and use them with this screen recorder.

Connect multiple devices

The screen recorder normally records video and audio through a microphone but with VSDC there is no limit you can connect multiple devices at a time such as webcams, microphones, line-in, etc.

Use drawing tools

Sometimes while capturing video of the screen, you are performing some specific tasks, you need to indicate something in writing. Well, VSDC has got you here too. Use the onboard VSDC drawing tools during screen recording to draw and write.   

Record video games

It's not common for every screen recorder out there can record game screens with smooth frames per second. However, with VSDC you can record both 2D & 3D game screens in 4K quality with the high frame rates up to 480 fps.

Capture external video

The amazing feature of the VSDC is that it can even record output from your TV or any other video console in your home that got an HDMI port. All you will need to take is an HDMI cable and plug it into the TV and your PC to record.

Part 2: How to Download and Use VSDC

After going through the long list of the features of VSDC let's take up the game one step far. How about starting the download process of VSDC? To keep the story and simple short let’s do it stepwise in the coming sections.

Step 1: Link to Download:

The first and foremost thing is to go to a suitable link to download VSDC software. It is recommended to use the official download page here at this link. Just click on the download button and you will get your software.

vsdc free screen recorder download now

Step 2: Install and Record Screen:

Double click the downloadable file and install the software. After installation, you will end up with the main screen. Click on the whole screen from multiple options and click start recording, the app will start recording the whole screen. After that click on stop recording and go to the output folder to check the recording. A step-by-step procedure is shown in the picture below:

vsdc screen capturing open output folder

Step 3: Record Games

Enable the game's recording mode on the main menu screen after running the game application. You will need to enable recording devices as shown in step 2 in the picture below. Click on the capture screen to start the recording mode and end after you are done with it. Go to the output folder to see your recording output.

vsdc record games record output

Step 4: Screen Shots and WebCam Recording

To take a simple screen just click on the screenshot icon on the main menu and a snippet will be stored in the output folder as shown in step 1 of the figure below.

 For camera recording, things are more complex. First, you will need to enable the camera by clicking the camera icon shown in green as step 1 in the figure. After that click on the screen recording to start webcam recording as shown in step 2 in green. In the end, just click stop recording and check the output folder to see the results.

vsdc camera screenshot

This is how we can use and download the VSDC application for different purposes. Let's move to the next step which is discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the VSDC.

Part 3: Pros and Cons

It's obvious nothing is perfect but it's always about which one has more pros than its cons. Although VSDC is near to perfect screen recorder it must have some drawbacks lets discuss both the pros and cons here in this section.


  • VSDC is easy to use and lightweight program.

  • It can capture the entire computer screen in a variety of sizes.

  • You can select a custom area to capture.

  • It has worldwide helped support center system to assist you in case of issues.

  • It can record games in the best fps and quality for smooth video recordings.

  • VSDC provides free software updates to its users.

  • VSDC is equipped with a knowledge center to help in customization if you are new to screen recording.


  • It lacks advanced video editing tools during recording.

  • Sometimes cursor overlay function doesn’t work.

Part 4: Best Alternative to VSDC Recorder

VSDC is the best screen recorder so far, as we discussed in this article but we also researched the best alternative to this application. A question that might arise in your mind after using VSDC. Is there any application alternative to this application? So why not have a look at another similar application that serves the same purpose of screen recording as Filmora. Filmora is not only a screen recorder but it has a wide infrastructure of other tools too. It can animate, edit, and generate video clips after heavy editing. Moreover, you can even put an artistic effect with Filmora on stored videos.

Let’s see how we can screen record using Filmora:

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1:Downloading

You can download Filmora by visiting the following site and clicking on the download button to get the installation file. After getting done with installation double the launching icon and you will see a screen to launch the screen recorder as shown.

filmra record pc screen

Step 2: Screen Recording Filmora

After downloading and installing Filmora launch the screen recorder as shown above. You will end up with a new window from where you can start recording. Follow step 1 as shown in the figure below in red to select recording mode. After the selection of recording mode now it's time to select the path of the recording as shown in step 2. After that, click on the start recording in step 3.  Finally, click on end recording on the same icon in step 3, and bingo you are done recording your screen with an alternative application to VSDC. Check the output for the result.

filmora recording settings

The Bottom Line

There may be a lot of other similar applications like VSDC on the internet out there but it's always about the efficient one to choose. Before choosing the best one to use, a wise user of an application opts for the one which has an honest review. This article is purely based on research for different screen recorders and selecting the optimal in all of them.  I hope after reading this article it would have conveyed its basic aim of providing you with the best way of recording your screen for whatever purposes you wanted it. Let's end this article here and enjoy the latest screen recorder VSDC.

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