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20 Most Popular TikTok Dances in 2024 [Trending & Easy-to-Learn]

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jul 23, 24

TikTok is heading the current dance trends popular among the members of Gen Z as well as millennials.

Along with the "Renegade," other notable and famous TikTok dances 2024 have boomed as trending over the app.

Walk into almost any school premises, and most kids could not state what the "Renegade" dance is but probably can also do it great. TikTok users around the globe are getting signed to management companies, and reputed artists ask TikTok choreographers to promote their songs on their accounts.

Dance has become such a fundamental aspect of the app that most of its dances are ubiquitous in today's youth culture.

Here is a comprehensive guide below to some of the popular TikTok dances to date.

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Part 1: Why are TikTok Dances Popular around the World?

By far, the highly famous or popular TikTok dances with 29.7 million-plus users attempting the quick-paced choreography are the "renegade", as mentioned earlier. However, it's perhaps one of the primary viral dances to break out of the app’s confines itself and influence multiple other TikTokers to strive to be trending all over.

You need to understand the anatomy of this TikTok 2022 dance going famous along with its strategies to know how a TikTok dance can become popular around the globe.

The original dance was by Atlanta-based 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon in September 2019 and promptly fueled up with middle and high school students. Given the song "Lottery" by K Camp, Harmon's dance has been observed in talent shows and at school pep rallies for TikTok competitions.

Here's a girl named Kara Leigh Cannella, who is a senior dance major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia

She was scrolling through TikTok one day this fall when she came across a sound that grabbed her attention. It was called HOOPLA, a 15-second clip by the user known as @kyleyoumadethat, and it promptly made her wish to dance.

She began by improvising, as she often does while choreographing for TikTok. Between famous moves like the Woah and the Wave, she mimed releasing a basketball into the air and dribbling it between her legs, reflecting sound themes (which samples the song "Basketball" 2002 Lil Bow Wow ).

"Then I cleaned up the moves," she says, "because I was like, 'I don't want to make this too hard.' "

Cannella, 22, had struck an excellent balance for TikTok dance virality though she was not aware of it yet: something rhythmically satisfying and eye-catching but still accessible, not beyond the real amateur dancers. She showed the dance in her bathroom and posted it with a call to "try it and tag me."

To her surprise, by the following day, the video received 10,000 likes, and soon the dance was all around the TikTok platform, also tried by the app's most-followed user, a 16-year-old dancer, Charli D'Amelio. She posted it for her then-95 million followers.

So, this was the overall pick behind popular TikTok dances 2022, which you can observe that there's no such rocket science in letting dance become highly trending.

Dance has always found a social media audience, but TikTok, more so than other platforms, has given a boom to its own highly recognizable, simply reproducible style.

Being inspired from a lexicon of hip-hop–inspired moves—like the Dougie, Throw It Back, and the Dice Roll, to name just a few—the micro TikTok dance songs 2022 are generally front-facing most animated from the hips up.

They specifically cater to the smartphone screen vertical frame. Governed by time limits between 15 to 60 seconds, they also tend to preserve in a single place; you can do them anywhere pretty much.

While many professional dancers display their hard-earned TikTok skills, the app, globally released in 2018, has become recognized as a space where everyone is for dance.

"It's not about having the perfect dance body; it doesn't matter if you're a pro," says Alessandro Bogliari, the Influencer Marketing Factory's CEO, a company that ramps within SMM campaigns. "It's about re-creating and having certain funny moves."

Part 2: 15 Trending TikTok Dances in 2024

What does it take to get mentioned as a dancer regarding popular TikTok dances 2022? Dancers are ultimately at the whim of the app's cryptic and complex algorithm, which feeds content to each user's "For You Page," an individually customized and infinite stream of new videos.

So, let’s explore 15 such trending TikTok dances 2022 in this section without any further delay!

1. The Box

Roddy Ricch's song "The Box" gained TikTok popularity thanks to the assistance of 15-year-old Charli D'Amelio, who is by far TikTok's most determined star.

2. Cannibal

For those considering why Kesha's 2010 song "Cannibal" undoubtedly creates a comeback, it's thanks to 14-year-old Briana Hantsch from Illinois. She made a TikTok 2022 dance in February of herself dancing to the song in her bedroom.

3. Number One Baby

At a close second, the dance is at a rate to "renegade," and get to rappers Young Thug and Future's "Relationship" and Young Thung. The song has spurred a viral dance movement where 27 million people are dancing to certain songlines.

4. Supalonely

TikTok user @zoifishh's original song's choreography has amassed 2.3 million approx. the dance adds a bounce to song lyrics like "while you're out there drinkin' / I'm just here thinking.'"

5. Savage

Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" was hidden on TikTok in the early 2020s, and its dance challenge, choreographed or danced by Keara Wilson (a.k.a. @keke.janajah), preserves one of the huge ever to take over the platform.

6. Don’t Start Now

Dua Lipa's song, "Don't Start Now", was recognized in the first half of February on TikTok. Teenager Hannah Kaye Balanay published a video of herself outside dancing to the song and captioned it, "pls do my dance,” and more than 3.8 million people listened to her request.

7. Vibe (If I Back It Up)

One of the actively trending dances set to Cookie Kawaii's "Vibe" was made by 22-year-old Mikeila Jones because she "just wished to be cute" and thought for sure it would be a "flop."

"Then I went into the vibe of the song because it's super catchy and felt like it's easy to dance to," Jones said.

8. Say So

"Say So" by Doja Cat is recently the artist's most famous song and has already been charts trending. Once it fueled up on TikTok with more than 16.8 million people trying out the dance, the song's popularity only grew.

9. Lax (Siren Beat)

A relatively easy dance set to a beat produced by Jawsh 685, the "Lax (Siren Beat)" dance includes a few body rolls and natural hand movements. The song was, at one stance, tied to an "embrace your culture" nature in which people shared instances of their traditional dress while dancing.

10. I’m Moving Too Fast

Another challenge went viral in March in less than a week. The "#2liveSoundsmix" challenge with choreography and audio created by Deandre Lamar [@2live.d] has fueled the trend amongst 5.7 million-plus users since Lamar first published a video of himself dancing to the mix on Feb. 29.

11. Tap In

Saweetie's "Tap In" was one of the huge TikTok 2020 sounds, and it was propelled along by a choreography dance challenge by user @yodamnmamma, Vulture's Zoe Haylock reported.

12. Go! Go! Go! Who's Next?

While reducing a bit outside the boundaries of the elaborate dances that TikTok is assigned for, the "Go! Go! Go! Who's next?" 2022 dance assists similar energy level. You need to set to a driving beat in which the majority of the vast lyrics are just the word "go," the dance is necessarily just a repeated "Stanky leg."

13. Out West

Richmond is a Virginia native Nicole Bloombgarden wasted no time making one of the easiest TikTok dances, "literally the day it [the song] came out." The song "Out West" by Travis Scott resembling Young Thug dropped in December 2019, and 19-year-old Bloomgarden's dance only needs moving your hips and increasing your arms.

14. WAP

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B's 2020 single "WAP" was a cultural phenomenon, and its presence on TikTok was no exception.

15. SexyBack

This challenge of the dance circle has been since 2020 summer but truly excelled on TikTok in the 2022 first weeks. StayHipp devoted that the dance circle trend started with TikTok user @jenniferjeppssson, who published a song or dance choreography along with a group of friends in July 2020.

Part 3: 5 Easy TikTok Dances 2024

Music is one of the outstanding elements that make a difference in your mood. There is nothing better than listening to some good music, especially when you feel low or down.

Wildly popular new Tik Tok dance Songs 2022 from Megan Thee Stallion, Kid Laroi, Justin Beiber, Doja Cat, Cardi B, and Travis Barker on drums for everyone. TikTok videos let you find your voice and express yourself in a way that's uniquely yours.

So, check out these five easy TikTok 2022 dances if you're looking for some music to put a smile on your face!

1. Renegade

tiktok dance 2021 renegade

Jalaiah Harmon is introducing a dance world reframed by the browser connection.

She trains in all the modern ways, taking hip-hop classes, lyrical, ballet, tumbling, jazz, and tap after-school sessions at a dance studio beside her home in the suburbs of Atlanta. She is also building an online career, studying viral dances, collaborating with peers, and posting original choreography.

Recently, a sequence of hers turned into one of the most viral dances online: the Renegade.

2. Pressley Hosbach

Pressley Hosbach is an American teenage dancer on TikTok with millions of views on her dances. She has also performed some of the easy backup dances on the Justin Bieber Purpose Tour.

3. Twerking

This particular Twerking song sound is going highly famous as a trending TikTok dance song in 2022.

4. Fancy Like

tiktok dance fancy like

Country artist Walker Hayes continues to go viral on TikTok thanks to his song ‘Fancy Like’ and the corresponding dance he choreographed with his daughter.

5. Toosie Slide With Music By Drake

So, this song is becoming popular with Drake. And, this is the most addicting song on the TikTok dance compilation we've ever seen.

Part 4: How to Create a Viral Dance Video on TikTok?

Nowadays, you may be a TikTok follower, an influencer, or a critic!

The Chinese social network is revolutionary and amasses video clips of 60 seconds, ideally filmed on simple mobile phones, made and posted freely.

TikTok now seems to be a section of everyone's life through the most popular TikTok dances 2022, lip-syncing videos, 1-min recipes, one-act dance routines, funny clips, and stuff like the bottle cap challenge.

Less or more the heart and soul of young adults and today's teenagers, and sometimes even senior citizens, TikTok now has now1 billion-plus users and has become the World's 7th most downloaded app, all within a duration of 3 years since its launch in 2018.

So, how do you also get involved in popular TikTok dances by creating your own?

Now, let's explore the advanced editing solution by WondershareFilmora, which we'd like to recommend as the best video editor to edit your TikTok videos besides the inbuilt TikTok editor. Almost every influencer we analyzed generally uses an external video editor to create videos that better stand out.

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So, this is all about popular TikTok dances 2022 and making it viral. However, don't forget to shoot video with ideal equipment while using any of the TikTok video editing tools so that editing stands out better than others. You always need to remember that TikTok is quite similar to other social media platforms is a great marketing platform if used correctly. Hence, everything needs specific practice and the use of suitable tools to reach a goal.

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