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10 Best TikTok Campaigns and How to Make a Successful Campaign

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 10, 21, updated May 20, 24

The young audiences commonly use TikTok, with over 60% of its users aged between 10 and 29 years. The users range from influencers, individuals who use it for entertainment, and brands to gain authority and awareness. In 2020, most people spent their days at home, making its popularity explode. Conclusively, the marketing opportunities increased.

Individuals and brands can promote their businesses using the TikTok campaign. The high engagement of the young audience, as mentioned earlier, makes the app outstanding. 90% of the young audience accesses the app several times a day. The high accessibility guarantees broad reach. The breakthrough within the app is very high as compared to other apps. It ensures all videos have easy engagement. Despite you having a small circle, your videos can still go viral. The app's design with TikTok campaigns helps businesses grow since you can easily access influencers and users within a limited physical location.

Part 1: What are TikTok Campaigns?

If you intend on marketing to younger adults, especially women, then TikTok is the best platform. It makes this option be a natural fit. Women make up almost half the total number of users aged between 18 and 24 years in the advertising audience.

The largest TikTok audience is in the United States, with over 120,768,500 people. The percentage of adults within the app is the most exciting part. All TikTok ads can reach other countries apart from American content. They can reach Asia and the Middle East as well undoubtedly.

Ads on the TikTok ad campaign offer excellent reach if you intend to work with an international audience.

The question now is who needs to invest in TikTok advertisement? Brands with a range of audiences may find TikTok is a better platform to test their campaigns. Ads in the TikTok app are better for the following:

  • Brands that aim at marketing to customers aged 35 and below
  • Brands that target young women, especially those aged from18 to 25 years
  • Brands hoping to build a strong presence in Africa, the Middle East, or Asia

Types of TikTok ads/TikTok Brand Campaigns

The below-mentioned best TikTok campaigns or ads are all kinds of successful TikTok campaigns that you will likely encounter while navigating through the TikTok app. The ads are limited, and not all can be accessed or seen in all areas.

1. In-feed ads

They are self-service ads that you can create through the TikTok Ad Manager interface.

2. Image ads

These ads only run in TikTok News Feeds apps like Babe, BuzzVideo, and TopBuzz. They include brand or app name, ad text, and an image.

3. Video ads

Videos here run from 5-60 seconds. Just as the image ads, they also include a brand and app name and ad text. Additionally, it consists of a video and an ad display image.

tiktok video ads


4. Spark ads

They allow your brand to boost organic content from other users or your account. Research conducted by TikTok has shown that these types of ads have a 24% higher competition rate and a 142% higher engagement rate than In-Feed ads.

5. Pangle Ads

They include Ads placed through the TikTok Audience Network.

6. Carousel ads

It only runs in TikTok's News Feed apps, including 10 images with unique captions per ad.

tiktok carousel ads


Part 2: Top 10 TikTok Ads/ TikTok Brand Campaigns Examples Worth looking


netflix tiktok campaign


Research has shown Netflix to be the second most followed brand behind Flighthouse on TikTok. Netflix has a massive pool of original content. The majority of the clips consist of interviews with actors, humorous skits, and video clips from the latest shows. Averagely three posts are posted on TikTok by Netflix within a day. The videos gain an average of over one million followers monthly.

The leading advertiser on TikTok is Netflix and produces one extensive scale TikTok campaign on average every month. For them, User-generated content has worked very well. Their #WhatsYourPower AR branded effect got used by over 112,000 people. It is likely the most significant amount of U.G.C. for any brand on TikTok so far.


elf cosmetics tiktok campaign

Cosmetic brand e.l.f. is a frontrunner in the best beauty brands on successful TikTok campaign examples. It is one of the first beauty brands to market through TikTok. The beauty brand recently created an NFT collection that promotes cryptocurrency, and the group launched its Twitch channel.


amazon tiktok

Amazon understands marketing, so they use the TikTok influence to market their services with five accounts on TikTok run by Amazon. The five accounts are @amazonprimevideo, @amazonmusic,@amazonfashion, @amazon, and @primestudent. Among the five, Amazon Prime Video has the most followers, over 6.7M followers. The brand can launch great, traditional ads, and they have occasionally done that.

Amazon is the third most hashtag-challenged brand on TikTok, with Netflix and Kraft Foods leading the pack. They recognize influencers' potential, which is why they partnered with over 40 micro and mega influencers in a single Amazon Fashion campaign as one of the best TikTok campaign ideas to carry their #PajamaJam challenge to the next level.


gymshark tiktok

It possesses a great example of how jumping on trends pays off. They first published in April 2018 after joining TikTok out of the blues. Despite their content not being revolutionary, they make up for it with consistency.

The brand posts high-quality videos consistently and has a good understanding of its audience's desire. It shares workout videos, motivational content, and a solid mix of memes which have helped them earn over 3.3M fans.


marc Jacobs tiktok

Marc Jacobs mastered the art of TikTok duets and TikTok brand campaigns and propelled it to be one of the most followed brands on TikTok. The question is, how did this come to pass? The company launches branded Hashtag Challenges in the form of TikTok adverts, and each time, the TikTok duet feature is utilized. Their #PerfectAsIAm campaign, which constituted duets with Rickey Thompson and other three influencers in summer 2020, ended with 10.4B views. The brand followed up with a second #PerfectAsWeAre campaign in June 202. The challenge aimed at encouraging self-love, celebrating pride and individuality. Three massive TikTok influencers JojoSiwa, Bretman Rock, and Rickey Thompson, were featured. Over 13.7 B views and more than 2,000K U.G.C. accumulated from their campaigns.


dunkin tiktok

Dunkin is undoubtedly one of the best food brands on TikTok. It has more than 21 million likes and over three million followers. Its popularity with Gen Z on TikTok comes from their endorsement with TikTok star Charli D'Amelio.

In a smart move, a long-term sponsorship with Charli solidified their influence since he was already a proud Dunkin' patron. Dunkin' beverages appeared in over 120 of her TikToks, mostly unsponsored products.


Flighthouse tiktok campaign

The most followed brand account on TikTok is Flighthouse running one of the successful TikTok campaigns. It has over 30 million followers, and it specializes in producing viral social media content, especially on TikTok. Videos from this brand have more likes than any other branded account, ranking it fourth amongst the most liked accounts on TikTok.

For comparison, Flighthouse has over one billion more likes than Michael Le, a TikTok star with 50M followers. So far, Flighthouse has produced 4,300 TikToks, a greater content volume than any other brand on the app.


red bull tiktok

What brands do well on TikTok? Any brand which can provide entertainment can do well. Red Bull is one of the largest branded content producers. Red Bul has posted over 2,660 videos so far, which is much higher than Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae, two of TikTok's most worthy influencers.

There are an average of two posts made by Red Bull in a day and receive around 1.2 million likes every month. Much of its content is unique and also incorporates humor into its strategy. They share a hilarious flop for every terrifying trick. The trick has far been effective at ensuring their audience still has attention for them.


blue diamond tiktok

One of the newest brands in TikTok is the Blue Diamond Almonds brand, wherein a lot of research was conducted. It had no prior TikTok presence till June 2021. This time, they launched an enticing food challenge that highlighted their new line of spicy almonds.

So far, it has received over 11.6 B views. After partnering with three food influencers, the #28XTREMES challenge got promoted. The sponsored video with food creator @colincreates received 322 likes and over 10.1M views, thus becoming his most viewed video ever. The most significant impact of its success is the evidence that nothing is too limited. With a good strategy, everything is possible.


dicks sporting tiktok

DICK's Sporting Goods does not have the most considerable TikTok presence as it only has around 42.1K followers. However, their efforts paid off when they tried experimenting with TikTok. #NewFitFeelin, their first Branded Hashtag challenge, involved six influencers and inspired 1,136 pieces of U.G.C. It came to pass without using any Branded Effects.

They utilized TikTok's Branded Effect option during their second campaign, WelcomeBack. The campaign has accumulated 7,020 UGC despite being launched at the beginning of August 2021. An impressive 500%+ rise in U.G.C. got recorded due to the Branded Effect usage.

Part 3: Tips to Run an Excellent TikTok Ad Campaign

To successfully launch your first TikTok campaign, check out these five tips!

1. Create Your TikTok Pixel and Events

TikTok has an events manager tool to run TikTok ad campaigns that allow you to track activities and app events on your website, just as other social channels use a piece of code. The TikTok pixel integrates well with Google Tag Manager and Shopify. An option is also available to manually install the pixel in your website's header.

Once the base code of pixel installs on your site, you will get prompted to set the event rules using either Developer Mode or Standard Mode. You can select any above methods based on your conversion and business path.

2. Craft Custom Audiences and Create Lookalikes from Them

Take a second to make custom audiences depending upon app or website activity and your customer lists once your pixel installs. After that, develop lookalikes of those audiences.

The similar will come in handy when you're making target audiences for such campaigns, and you'll be able to eliminate some of your groups of ads to allow better waste management.

3. Create Target Audiences that Aren't Too Small

There are around 80 million TikTok users in the U.S. That's a considerable number, though!

On TikTok, those same targeting parameters would yield an audience size of 35K monthly active users. So, you need to focus on a pretty large target audience and create a niche around them.

4. Develop Video Ads Made with TikTok Trends in Mind

You're interrupting someone's feed with a brand ad that the user didn't ask for but got anyway. Your content should be captivating, designed with TikTok consumption in mind, and concise.

5. Use Excellent Tool to Create Ads

Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-use app for editing videos. We highly recommend it for editing perfect ads for TikTok. With this editing software app, you can add logos, images, and creative videos at any position. There are multiple filters, effects, and elements you can choose from to make perfect edits on TikTok campaigns.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmorax boxpng

Part 4: Some FAQs about TikTok Campaigns

1 - Are TikTok Ads Campaigns Effective?

The platform's growing audience makes TikTok good for advertising. Its audience spans more than 150 countries, and it was one of the most downloaded apps worldwide in 2020. Additionally, you can place TikTok ads on the platform's other products. With TikTok, you can target the right audience using location, interests, age, or gender.

2 - How does TikTok Promote Work?

TikTok app promotes work by helping people discover your videos which results in gaining followers. Additionally, more people get guided to your website. As you enable your video, it will display as an ad.

3 - How can I boost my TikTok Post?

For more detailed instructions, visit the TikTok Help Center or Visit 'Promote' in your TikTok app to get started.

Here's how Promote works

  • Choose a video that you want to promote (can be from a TikTok account)
  • Set up your promotion
  • Watch your numbers grow


These examples of TikTok campaigns and TikTok campaigns indicate that we are in a new era of advertising. The best tools for advertising are no longer Simple ads or platforms but the latest social media sites like TikTok, which is the best tool to target your audience in a more meaningful and relevant way. Instead, advertising in a creative manner is the current recipe for growth, and so it is better to adapt to the ever-changing consumer preferences regarding content type and channels. Ads should make the brand likable, relevant, and timely — pleasant, not ignored, and repulsive. The TikTok ad campaign, with its many forms, allows brands to take an engaging approach that offers higher user engagement.

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