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Tips for Choosing Location and Scheduling Music Video

This article will reveal the secrets of choosing a location to shoot your viral music video. As well as tips to make an energetic schedule for shooting days.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 10, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Making viral music videos is everyone's dream; what if you get exact tips to follow before shooting your music video to make it high-ranked? Obviously, it'll be a treat for you!

Planning and preparing before the shoot is the key to making a music video successful. You can only achieve this after location scouting and emerging with the best one. And scheduling for big projects before the day is more important. Let's directly move towards the things to consider before shooting!

In this article
  1. Location scouting
  2. Alternate Ways of Location Scouting
  3. Scheduling for the Music Video

Location scouting

The pleasant and eye-catchy location always makes your music video trending or flopping. You should first go with your budget and then come up with location ideas. In the upcoming tip, we will use 3lau's song "Tokyo" as an example.

finding the right location for the music video

If you are going with large projects, you need to consider the following requirements!

1. Availability of electricity

You need rig lights and a large lighting setup to make your video more glow and give them aesthetic vibes. For this, make sure you choose a location where light is readily available.

2. Separate room

During shooting for big projects, you need room to store all gear and sensitive equipment in one place for many days.

separate room to store gears

3. Check the size

The foremost thing in choosing the location is to check the Height and Width of the studio. They should be enough to rig the lights in the studio easily and place every required thing in a decided space.

For Example, while shooting a 3lau song, there is a need for a bus to come into the studio easily, but there is an issue in entering the bus due to height issues of the door. Due to this, the director changed the location at the spot to sort out this issue.

check the size of the studio

Alternate Ways of Location Scouting

If you don't have enough budget to get a studio space, then you can easily shoot by selecting spaces that are in your use or available. These are the following locations you should regard!

Location 1. Your Home

You should go with the space available at your home to shoot, such as: on couches or in the bedroom, to give a good impression to your music video.

Location 2. Office Space

You can also make scenes of your music video in office space to better describe the work in the video.

office space for shooting

Location 3. Outdoor Locations

For better daylight and illustrations in the music video, you can go with the outdoor location, which is free of cost.

outdoor location for shooting

Location 4. Public Places

Public places are easily available and have many options, such as public parks, playgrounds, bridges, and public parking.

public places for music videos
Note: During public shooting, ensure that the space is empty, and there should be no interruption of the public in filming the shots.
public interruption in shots

The weather is also a major factor when shooting a video, which you must check before the shoot days. After selecting and scouting the location, now it's time to make a schedule which you'll get in hand in the below lines!

Scheduling for the Music Video

If you have a big project and more scenes to shoot, it's better to make a whole plan about each and everything. You have to make a schedule of using even a single light at a specific time and space. The following are the main considerations you should take care of!

1. Pre-Rig Day

You need to come to the setup before the filming day to check the main things like electricity, measure exact spaces, check the lightning setup, loaded everything such as the bus, crew, and gears.

loaded and checked everything on the pre rig day

2. A Call Sheet

A call sheet is a daily shot list given to the cast and crew to follow the timelines, and it contains the phone number of everyone, their location, and the time to arrive on set. It also includes the nearest hospital, sunset, and sun-rising timing.

call sheet of tokyo song

It consists of one to two pages according to shoot days and has a plan of everything that happens after the Pre-Rig day.

Note: When you wrap up for day 1, you have another call sheet for day 2, day 3, and so on!

3. Do Planning

You need to work efficiently and smartly to maintain everything according to the plan. You can cut the filming into halves to have a better lighting setup and character availability. On the shot day, you must change the lighting and rigging setup as little as possible.


On day 1 of the Tokyo song, the filming is done in two halves; the first half day goes towards filming everything in the bus, and the other half day, there is a shoot of everything outside the bus.

While in day 2, there is a filming of every memory. For this, there are setups of rooms and homes for making perfect shots according to the requirements of a music video.

day 2 of filming tokyo song

4. Take No Stress

You should not blow up and take stress during shoot day because it'll obviously cause chaos in every little scene and give a bad impression to the music video. You just should work hard and get all done.


After checking and following the above tips for location scouting and scheduling, you'll obviously come up with an amazing filming setup and music video. There is no need to worry, just get the whole planning and then do all scenes one after the other patiently.

Filming with people is not always bulky and flopping, but if you have a cooperative team and follow all the timelines of shooting. Then you'll rock the music video!

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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