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Your Logo Is the Basis of Your Branding: How to Create?

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Note: this article is written by Ariane Lessard, FreeLogoDesign

Did you just start your own YouTube channel, website, or podcast? We know that you have a lot to do and prepare, however, have you ever thought of having your own logo?

Having a logo is far more important than you might think. It should be one of the first marketing tools to have when you leap into a new project. A good logo can project a strong image of who you are and what is important to you, as we can see with companies like Apple, Google or even sports teams and Youtube stars. It is like having a business card to present yourself anytime and anywhere.

Where to Start? How to Create Your Logo?

Unfortunately, it is not likely that you will find the perfect logo instantly. There are many ways to have a logo, you can ask a graphic designer, an agency or do it yourself with logo editors like FreeLogoDesign.

But before you start to draw anything, you need to take a moment to think about yourself and your project. What are your values? What is your field of activities? What logos do you like and why?

It is the perfect time to do a brainstorm with everything that defines you and your project. You need to tell your story with your logo and decide how it will represent you. Do not hesitate to look for inspiration on Pinterest or Logospire, as well as reading design and branding blog articles.

There are many types of logo such as monograms, signatures, and symbols for instance! It might be difficult to choose the perfect one if you are not familiar with design. Furthermore, you need to take into consideration the platform where your logo will be presented. For instance, try not to have a lot of details if your logo will appear small like on Twitch or Youtube. Keep it simple but memorable.

1. Rules to Follow

It is likely that you will need many drafts before having the perfect logo for your project. Consequently, do not be afraid to try different things, fonts, icons, models, etc. You never know what will help you create perfection.

Our first rule would then be to make some drafts of all possibilities. You can also make a list of words related to your field of activities. Look for synonyms or even dictionaries. Moreover, keep in mind these 6 adjectives while creating potential logos: memorable, flexible, colorful, unique, timeless, and distinctive. You probably do not want to have to rebrand your logo in two years because it does not look good anymore. Look for something both timeless (that does not fit all actual trends) and adaptable. Your logo life cycle will then be longer and it will be easy to modify your logo according to specific needs (black and white version, without text, minimal...)

2. Mistakes to Avoid

Your logo must be the core of your business or your project. It is likely that you are not a graphic designer, however, there are design mistakes you can avoid if you know them in advance.

First, you need to focus on the message you want to project with your logo. Do not miss the point or go with something that does not represent you, what you do or your values. Think about your target market and the message you want to communicate them.

Keep it simple, do not use many fonts, shapes or icons. As mentioned above, do not rely completely on actual trends since it changes often and keep in mind the platform where it will appear.

Avoid making a logo that looks too much like something that already exists. Finally, it would be a shame to include grammar or spelling mistakes in your logo. Take the time to check everything and have it verified by friends or family members.

Examples of Logos on Youtube

As content creators, you might often present your work on Youtube. First, you need to know that the channel icon size is currently 800 x 800 pixels while your thumbnail photo should be 1280 x 720 pixels. This is rather small. What can you do to rock your Youtube logo? Here are two interesting examples:

1. Master of Fortnite: Ninja

YouTube Channel Logo Example

You’ve probably heard of one of Fortnite’s best-known player, Ninja. His estimated net worth is more than 3.5 million right now. Whether it is on Youtube or Twitch, Ninja uses the same logo everywhere and it is something to do in order to have a harmonious branding.

Regarding his logo, it is both simple and efficient. It is a cartoonish head of a ninja which represents him perfectly. Only three colors were used, which is something we recommend. (Do not go over 3 colors, it will look messy). Start with a principal color, a neutral one and finally an accent one as Ninja did. We also want to mention that Ninja is known to play with a headband which can also be found on his logo.

2. DIY Tyler: A great DIY example

YouTube Channel Logo Example

DIY Tyler is the perfect Youtuber example for DIY videos related to home improvement. Whether it is for building a stair railing or fixing a squeaky staircase, he has the right tutorial for you.

To start with, DIY Tyler Youtube’s logo represents well what he does. Orange is known to be related to the construction sector; therefore it is the right tint for his logo. The Tyler also often wears a cap when he works, so it is a good branding idea that he added it to his logo. The only thing he would need to improve is to remove his motto from his Youtube logo since it appears too small to be read easily.

In conclusion, whether you ask someone to design your logo or you do it yourself, make sure that it represents you and that you like it. You will see it everywhere in the near future since it will be the basis of your branding. People need to know that you are a professional at one glance, thus, take the time to do it seriously. It will then be possible to add your logo on your social media, on your business card, as well as on paperwork. Make it memorable and be proud of it!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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