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How to Customize Lower Thirds by Yourself?

Lower thirds are a mix of graphic motion designing and texts that are added in the lower parts of the screen or your content. However, it is not necessary to add them to the lower third of the screen. The best reason to use lower thirds design is to add extra and additional information to the screen for the user yet without disturbing their view and concentration.

People still don't know much about Lower thirds graphics and their uses. If you plan to learn more about video lower thirds, then stay with us because the article is full of helpful information regarding lower thirds.

Part 1. Why Lower Thirds Become Popular?

In the past recent years, lower thirds have gained importance and great popularity. They are very commonly used everywhere, like the animated lower thirds orthe social media lower thirds. They can be used to display graphics ranging from documentary titles, additional information regarding any person, or even the networks’ logo, etc.

Many people are still unaware of the importance that lower thirds hold. This section of the article will solely talk about the significance of lower thirds: 

  • For film making industry, the filmmakers can communicate contextual information with the viewer without distracting them while using beautiful typography and lower thirds graphics.
  • Social media lower thirds are used for branding purposes. Like using lower thirds on YouTube to feature a subscribe button or else to recommend any old video.
  • For broadcast television, breaking news, sports news, world news, weather updates, and whatnot could be added to fill the lower thirds design.
  • Video lower thirds could be used to add extra information for the scene or else could be used to explain the situation.
  • Lower third graphics could also be used to add information to the content like filming date, location, etc.

Part 2. How to Customize Lower Thirds without Green Screen in Filmora X?

Wondershare Filmora is an all-in-one editing software. The software is a school to some people, and for some people, it's the ultimate editing hub. Filmora has learning tutorials that will sharpen and enhance your skills. On the other hand, the editing capabilities that Filmora holds are crazy to transform something ordinary into something cool.

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The following section of this article will walk you through the steps that are required to customize your lower thirds graphics using Filomra X.

Step 1: Start the Editing Process

The process of customizing the lower thirds graphics for your content starts when you open Wondershare Filmora and import the media file to the timeline. Then head over to the "Media" tab in the top left corner.

access media tab of filmora

Step 2: Select the Desired Color

In the Media tab, move to the ‘Sample Media’ folder. From that particular folder, select the option of ‘Sample Colors.' Now, choose your color and drag it onto the timeline. Drop it on the upper media track of the video.

choose your own color

Step 3: Adjustment your Selected Color

After selecting the color, it's time to set and adjust it. You should reposition the color and set it to a 30% scale. Move the color and set it onto the screen after decreasing the scale.

customize your color settings

Step 4: Access Effects Tab

Now, at this point, head over to the ‘Effects’ tab. From the menu on the left, select the 'Utility' folder and then drag and drop 'Image Mask' onto the color in the timeline. By double-clicking on the color, you can reset it and adjust the Image mask.

add the image mask on the color

Step 5: Adding and Editing Text

You can now select the title for the video. Move to the ‘Titles’ tab and select your favorite pack. Drag and drop the title pack to the timeline on the second video track. At this point, double-click on the text to move to 'Text Settings.' Edit the text according to your choice. Don’t forget to scale and reposition your text.

add your text on the video

Step 6: Add Animations

You can also add animation to the text by going to the ‘Advanced’ settings option. After that, adjust the animation on the advanced timeline on the right side of the screen accordingly.

add animation to your text

Part 3. 5 Amazing Titles Templates for Filmora Video Editor

Once you have recorded the content, everyone needs to edit and polish the roughly recorded material. For this, you require different effects, audios, and stock media to develop on-point videos. Finding a perfect platform with extensive media assets is one major requirement for successful video making. One such platform with a massive library is Wondershare Filmstock.

This wonderous tool can bring tremendous change to your ordinary content. The tool provides you with more than you can imagine. A few of its classic Title Templates are:

1. Destruction Title Pack 

The title pack offers you 16 different templates. Destruction Title Pack could be the best option for using in movies, games, cinematic intros, etc. The title pack, as its name represents, has a lot of destruction and smoke in it. Particles are flying everywhere. You can also see skulls in the pack that gives destruction vibes. The pack also has 2 overlays.

destruction title pack

2. Space Adventure Titles

Space Adventure Titles is a very fun title pack. It has 25 different title templates that could be used. The title pack consists of space, astronauts, galaxies, rockets, and whatnot. The pack has space elements animation.

With this pack, you can vibe with the spacecraft in space and a little bit of science fiction. The pack is all about exploration, space, and planets.

space adventure titles

3. Modern Gradient Title

Modern Gradient Title, as the name represents, it is more inclined towards modernism. This title pack could be best used for fashion content. It also consists of geometric graphics and captioning bar. This title pack has 25 title templates.

The title pack has watermelon-themed title templates. The combination of green and pink is to die for. Each template is very composed, neat, and simple.

modern gradient title pack

4. Note Titles

Another cool and classic title pack is the 'Note Titles.' The pack has 25 templates. Each title template is unique in its own space. The pack, on the whole, is adorable. It has stationary elements like small clips, paper clips, thumbtacks, etc.

The titles appear in small notepads with cute elements attached. There are multiple shapes of notepad, lattice notebooks, etc.

note titles pack

5. Hand Writing Title

The title pack is featured by Brazilian Independence Day. This pack has 25 title templates in total. All the templates are unique, with handwritten balloons and the flag of Brazil. This title pack is perfectly rendering the culture.

hand writing title pack

Bottom Line

We hope that the article increases your knowledge regarding the lower third graphics. Also, we hope that after reading the above article, you get well aware of the significance of the lower thirds design. Not only that but the introduction of the title packs will also change your editing game.

Talking about editing games, Wondershare Filmora is also a game-changer. The powerful editing software has hundreds of different effects and transitions that could be used to add beauty to your content.

You cannot find any other editing software like Filmora because what it offers could not be received from other editing tools. The massive asset library, the editing essentials, titles, and whatnot. Wondershare Filmora is by far the best editing software to use.

Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

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Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

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