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Learning How to Create LUTs with LUTs Generator

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jun 05, 23, updated Dec 08, 23

Lookup Tables can make your videos and pictures look more attractive. LUTs are like filters that give your media files different styles and emotions. There are many presets available on the internet that you can download to use for your media content. Moreover, LUTs help you to quickly change the look and mood of your photos and videos.

You can find LUTs for free or buy them online; some editing software already has LUTs included. Nevertheless, you can create your own LUTs using different online and offline tools. If you can't find any online LUT generator, search for LUT generator free download. You'll get many options allowing you to generate LUTs offline.

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Part 1: An Overview of LUT Generator - The Best Platform for Creating LUTs

LUT Generator is an excellent tool for creating color-grading picture and video presets. This powerful LUT generator-free tool is available on both Windows and Mac. Moreover, you can create LUTs from any photo and video editing application, including Lightroom and Camera Raw. Not only can you create your LUTs, but you can also download presets that are already available.

Furthermore, it offers over 290 cinematic styles LUTs and 50+ LUTs that are optimized for drones and GoPro videos. If you want a surreal look, you can also use 70+ Psychedelia LUTs. This tool allows you to apply third-party effects easily on your photos and videos. Moreover, you can even match the tone of clips from different cameras to give a uniform look.

Part 2: How to Create LUTs Using LUT Generator Free Download?

If you don't want to apply online LUTs that are available, you can create your own. To do so, you have to download the LUT Generator tool and follow these simple steps to create LUTs.


To create a LUT of your liking, search for the LUT Generator free download on your browser and download the tool.


As you launch it, continue to select the "Generate a HALD" option. This option will let you generate a PNG HALD that you can use for color grading using editing software.


Open the generated PNG HALD into your preferred photo editing application. Apply the desired color correction on the PNG HALD. Save the modified PNG HALD without compression as PNG or at 100% quality in JPG format.


Click the "Convert to CUBE" button in the LUT Generator and select the modified PNG HALD you saved in the previous step.


In Preferences, choose the desired size of the 3D LUT as .CUBE format. You can choose between 25x25x25 or 64x64x64. After selecting your desired size, your customized LUT will be created in .CUBE format.

create luts with lut generator app

Part 3: How to Create Online LUTs Using Online LUT Creator?

There are two methods to create a LUT online and offline. Previously you've learned to generate LUTs using offline tools. However, you can also create LUTs online without installing any tool. This portion will teach you how to create online LUTs in this step-by-step guide.


Import your photo into Lightroom by dragging and dropping it. You can also import the file by clicking the "File" button and selecting "Import Photos and Video." For best results, ensure that the photo you will edit is still.

import media to lightroom

Edit your photo inside the “Develop” module in Lightroom with your desired preference and style. Only apply changes affecting the colors, not adjustments like noise reduction, vignette, or grain.

open develop module and make changes

Download the original PNG from Import it into Lightroom as you did in the first step.

 download identity png

Right-click on your edited photo in the Develop module. Click "Develop Settings," and select "Copy Settings." After that, a new window will pop up; make sure you have the same things checked as in the screenshot.

 open develop module and copy settings

Right-click the original downloaded PNG file in the Develop module. Go to "Develop Settings," and choose "Paste Settings." This will paste the settings from your edited photo onto the original PNG.

paste settings in original png

Now export the edited PNG by right-clicking on the PNG and selecting "Export." In the Export popup menu, ensure you have the same settings as in the screenshot.

export edited png

Go back to and upload the edited PNG. Generate your LUT and download it. You can now use this LUT to adjust the same color to other videos or photos.

generate lut from edited png

Bonus Part: Wondershare Filmora – The Perfect Tool to Use Your LUTs

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful video editing tool that allows you to use your customized LUTs using this tool. With this tool, you can apply your custom LUTs. Moreover, you can choose from over 200+ pre-made LUTs in its library. Additionally, you can fine-tune your videos with various adjustment and correction options.

Furthermore, you can make changes frame-by-frame to your video footage. This tool also allows you to remove background noises with its AI feature. Moreover, this tool can automatically remove all your long pauses and awkward silence moments from your videos. However, to create a professional video with more options and control, it is a great tool to use.

wondershare filmora luts
Key Features To Keep Note of For Wondershare Filmora
  • With Filmora, you can select any object or person and change its background. The AI Smart Cutout feature allows you to choose a person to change their background.
  • Another fantastic feature is that it gives you access to 10 billion free media files. Moreover, you can select over 200 presets from its in-built for your videos.
  • Wondershare Filmora has another unique feature, especially for vloggers and podcasters. With the Auto Ducking feature, music will fade when someone is speaking.
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In conclusion, LUTs are essential in modern video and photo editing. They allow editors to apply different color adjustments to color-correct their digital media. There are many pre-made LUTs available online, covering various styles and moods. However, you can create your LUTs with LUT generator-free tools online and offline. You can apply these LUTs using tools like Wondershare Filmora.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 08, 23
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