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HOW to Add Fade to Black on Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 28, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

The most fundamental and typical sort of Fading is a simple cut, which is often used by editors to go from one shot to another. Applying effects between clips, at the start of a clip, or at its finish may sometimes help you smooth out or stylize your edit. Fade to black transition premiere pro can be used to get this outcome. To help users create current and trendy styles, Premiere Pro features a vast range of effects and tools including fade to black in premiere pro.

Going back to the days of black and white may sometimes be a welcome change of pace in the era of vivid digital and flashy film. Being a professional editor, you'll understand that editing should be undetectable. If an editor has done their job well, no one will notice their efforts. You've failed as soon as the audience realizes the cut has occurred. But fading out to black (or white) seems out of the ordinary. Use this how to fade to black premiere pro guide to learn the steps in Adobe PR.

In this article
  1. What is Fade to Black
  2. How to Fade to Black in Premiere Pro
  3. Premiere Pro Alternative to Fade to Black
  4. Related FAQs

Part 1. What is Fade to Black

You will become a better filmmaker if you expand your vocabulary in video editing by learning about transitions. The dissolve-to-black, or fade-to-black (a fade to black in premiere pro), works well in part because it has a certain theatrical feel to it. A fade-out/fade-down, often known as a fade-to-black in theater, occurs in total darkness. One of the key components of video editing is using transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The fundamental elements of many other transitions are fades. Effective use of Fades is a crucial skill in your video editing repertoire since it is subtle to the point of practically being undetectable. A video transition called a "fade to black" causes a scene or clip to gradually conclude with a black backdrop. It dates back to the time when the stage curtains were drawn and the lights were dimmed during a theatrical performance. The stage therefore went completely black while the team behind hurriedly changed into new clothing and stage items for the following action.

Those that seem to take place close together chronologically are edited together, while scenes that occur at separate periods or locales are faded out. These are recognizable features of the film. They alert us to the fact that the tale is moving to a later time or place, either thematically, chronologically, or geographically. In a practical sense, this is the time when the cast and crew switch out the set and clothes. But the fade-to-black marks the end of the scene in a symbolic and narrative sense.

Part 2. How to Fade to Black in Premiere Pro

One of the most widely used video editing programs is Adobe Premiere Pro. In Premiere Pro, a number of transitions are available. One of the first, most important responsibilities for a film editor to do is the utilization of numerous transitions. In fact, many aspiring film editors start off by learning how to fade to black in Premiere. Fortunately, creating a fade to black transition in Premiere isn't that difficult to do step by step. Everything from straightforward dissolves to wipes, slides, and zooms may be found here.

Steps to Fade to Black in Premiere Pro:

Step1Launch the Program and Refer to the Effects

After launching Adobe Premier Pro CC, simply drag the Dip to Black effect from the Effects tab to the very start or very finish of the clip you want to use. The effect may then be moved around to change its duration as needed. Add two clips to the Premiere Pro timeline.

refer to effects pr
Step2 Add the fade to black transition

Drag and drop the Dip to Black effect between two clips on the timeline after selecting the Effects tab and typing "dip to black" into the search field. The right half of the clip will display the dip to black effect.

dip and black effects pr
Step3 Customize the fade to black effect

Go to Effect Controls and, while the dip to black effect is chosen, alter the alignment to Center at Cut. Before video B starts, video A will now fade to black.

Step4 Optionally change the fade-to-black effect's duration

just extend the timeline's fade to black effect at the very end. The slower and smoother the fade to black effect will be, and vice versa, as you move the effect outward.

change fade to black duration

Part 3. Premiere Pro Alternative to Fade to Black

Although Premiere Pro is a powerful tool to fade to black, but what if your audience wishes to evoke a certain atmosphere, swap between tales, adopt a different point of view, spice up the narrative, or advance or recede in time? Here, more creative transitions would be beneficial. For that, Filmora is a fantastic substitute for Premiere Pro if you need to quickly apply a fade to black transition to your video.

The tool is packed with built-in features that are powerful enough to polish your videos in addition to fade to black effect. For creating scroll-stopping video content, you can also discover a ton of completely adjustable video templates for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms as well as a ton of attractive overlay transitions and royalty-free music and sound effects.

Free Download
Free Download

Steps to Fade to Black Using Filmora

Step1 Install Filmora on your laptop

You must first download this software application to your computer from one of the following sources in order to start:

You must install it on your computer once you've done downloading it before you can use it with your laptop.

install filmora on your laptop
Step2 Customize the Video

After the Import, you may edit your audio recordings using tools that are completely customizable. Use the editor in Filmora to edit your recorded audio files, using simple to advanced editing techniques. Your recorded video may be improved using Filmora's Editor by adding animated titles, spectacular effects, audio enhancements, and more.

customize the video
Step3 Fade to Black Videos

Spice up the Fade effect into your videos and add the effect into the timeline. You will be able to make it black at the ends by customizing the effect inside the Fade window.

fade to black video
Step4 Add VFX to Your Video

The software is embedded with Effects primarily to give your videos a polished appearance. You may utilize a variety of its eye-catching and adjustable effects to make your video productions stand out from the competition. In this area, we've covered some of the best effects for bringing life to your dull, unprofessional videos as shown below:

add vfx to your video
Step5 Save or Share the Videos

Finally, you may use the complete Filmora editor as previously mentioned when you've done editing the recorded video. When you want to submit your creative work right away to YouTube or another well-known website, click the Export option and choose the platform where you want to distribute your video clip. If you like, you may even make changes to the video before uploading it.

Part 4. Related FAQs

How do you fade a clip to black?

Utilizing the dip to black transition in your video sequence is the key to learning how to fade to black in Premiere. To produce the Fade to Black reaction you're trying to accomplish, you must Dip to Black. Simply drag the feature to the conclusion of your sequence to complete the task. Where you want the fading to start and terminate. The length of the fade or dip may be altered using the effects control panel.

How do I fade to white in Premier Pro?

Contrarily, as this montage demonstrates, fading to white may be utilized to convey uncertainty or a feeling of optimism. One of the most traditional transition effects that is often utilized in movies and videos is the fade to white. Your film gains a cinematic feel from it, and the change from one scene to the next is more seamless.

How do you keyframe colors in Premiere?

You can find other color problems in Premiere Pro that you need to fix. Therefore, it makes sense to adjust your highlight, mid, and black points first and have them dialed in before addressing saturation and color temperature. Open the Color panel on the right side of the screen while your adjustment layer is highlighted in the sequence. Make your color adjustments while keeping in mind that the effect will be applied to every clip below it in the timeline.

We only stop feeling immersed when we notice abrupt cuts. It makes sense to know when to color correct your footage throughout the video editing process. If you color correct your film too early, you can be wasting your time by color grading footage that you might eventually cut out or never use. We hope that this article will assist you in streamlining your editing process if you're just starting started using Premiere Pro's adjustments layers. Try experimenting with Filmora if you often utilize them to improve your edits.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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