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10 Free After Effects Logo Templates to Create Logo Intros

Logos play a significant role in enhancing brand awareness. The article shall introduce free After Effects templates logo while covering multiple ideas to create a unique logo reveal videos.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 09, 21, updated Dec 05, 23

Did you start a business? Do you need to create an astonishing logo intro? Worry no more as we have got you covered!

The free After Effects templates logo makes your brand memorable. The animations play a vital role in sticking the viewers' attention to the screen. A perfectly designed template makes you enter the world with an explosion of light and color.

The article allows the user to access the logo template After Effects that are free of charge. Moreover, the ideas would be given to make a bold statement. So, without wasting any more time, let us start. Shall we?

Part 1: 10 Popular Free After Effects Logo Templates to Create Logo Intros

As mentioned above, the free logo animation template brings innovation to the table. If the logo templates were free, the process would go smoother. Don't you agree? Therefore, the article takes complete responsibility for featuring ten free and workable animated logo template free that will make you go wild. Let us initiate this!

1. Fast Flip Free After Effects Logo Reveal Template

The first After Effects logo template is the Fast Flip Free After Effects Logo Reveal Template. If you need to access the best in minimal effort, it is your best choice. The template uses stock photography, and you can replace it with the team images and design a workable logo reveal.

Additionally, the Fast Flip Free After Effects Logo Reveal Template can be counted upon to customize the colors, add the logo, and make it personal.

fast flip after effects logo reveal template

2. Orbital Free HUD Logo Reveal for After Effects 

We have got you covered if you need a logo intro After Effects template free download. Orbital Free HUD Logo Reveal for After Effectsis the right choice if your own a tech company. This template offers background texture and elements to provide a futuristic sci-fi intro to your logo reveal. You can just input your logo in a PNG or GIF file and get done with the process.

orbital free hud logo reveal

3. 3D White Logo

The next logo intro After Effects template free is 3D White Logo. 3D White Logo looks like a fair choice if you are looking for a minimalistic template for your logo reveal. It is a smooth and polished animation that doesn't come with any frills. You can have it personalized and make your audience get connected to your brand and feel the vibe of professionalism.

3d white logo

4. Valentine Neon Logo

If your brand believes in romantic overtures in the most sparkly way, Valentine Neon Logo is the best for it. This logo animation After Effects template is a unique neon template that gives off cool retro vibes with a tint of romanticism. The customizable illuminated effect creates an environment of magic as you reveal yourself with the brand logo. The user is free to choose from a dark rose background or neon heart composition to grip the users' attention.

valentine neon logo

5. Clean Light Logo

Clean Light Logo is another creative free logo animation template After Effects that create a world of gentleness and peace. Every new venture brings brightness to the world, and what better logo reveal choice than Clean Light Logo?

Clean Light Logo offers you a charming logo reveal, and it suits different niches in the industry- for instance, health, fashion, and fitness brands. It means that this After Effects logo animation template free offers versatility to your workplace.

clean light logo

6. Minimal Logo Klick After Effects Templates

The following After Effects logo animation template is Minimal Logo Klick After Effects Template. Offering smoothness and flexibility with the editing process, this logo reveals template presents dynamic animations to the lot. There is one logo placeholder with an editable text layer and color controller. It reveals an upcoming project with a powerful heat to create a statement.

minimal logo klick template

7. Swirling Logo Color Reveal

The Swirling Logo Color Reveal is an impeccable logo intro template that brings a swirling animation of strong colors to keep the audience's attention where it is due. The moving colors lead to a shape explosion that aces the game. Moreover, if you need to create thrill before revealing your next big thing, Swirling Logo Color Reveal is a perfect choice.

swirling logo color reveal

8. Particle Fire Logo

The Particle Fire Logo is exactly what you need if you have made a comeback in the business. This logo animation After Effects template free download has to be picked to announce a merger. It starts with lens flaring that collides in the middle to create the magical logo reveal. Using this animation wouldn't leave you in a lurch with its impact on the viewers.

particle fire logo

9. Splash Logo Reveal

Splash Logo Reveal is the perfect idea if your new business venture or project reflects upon architecture and painting. It gives the audience an impression of something bright and new mixed with colors. Use Splash Logo Reveal as your free After Effects templates logo to bring colorful ink splashes that lead to logo reveal in a cool manner.

splash logo reveal

10. Grunge Logo

Are you into gaming? Or are you into opening an entrepreneurial venture on a gaming network? Trust me; Grunge Logo is a fair choice as a free After Effects logo template. The template does an impeccable job of bringing your brand out of the crowd and offering uniqueness multifold. Moreover, an editable layer allows you to send a message with the logo. Isn't that the dream?

grunge logo

Part 2: Ideas for Creating Unique Logo Intros in After Effects

Making unique and creative logo intros in After Effects has more importance than you think. It is more likely to get you the brand identity than other marketing gimmicks in the business. Let us look at workable ideas to bring innovation and something "new" to the template.

  • The first idea is to keep the animations simple and sophisticated. The complicated animations would interfere with the real message and logo design.

  • Another important thing to consider is 3D animations to give your logo reveal a character or a personality. You can give depth to the logo by rotating it in 3D space and converting it into a light shadow. It will help keep the user's attention on the point of the logo.

  • The third idea is to offer your logo intro a lens flare. The lens flare is the best shot if you need your audience interested in your project. If you want to put icing to the cake, conclude your animations with a lens flare. The choice gives a unique aesthetic to the brand reveal.


Entrepreneurs and big tycoons are serious about their brand identity and awareness campaigns. The free After Effects templates logo seems the right choice to make a brand reveal video that shocks everyone from the core. The article offered ten free logo template After Effects that can be put to use by beginners. We hope you find the perfect template for your upcoming project venture.

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