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Create logos via free logo template customize and download for free

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 19, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

A logo represents your brand and gives the audience a sense of identity; brand identity is a key factor in brand building and growth. For example, the main difference between cloth vendors/manufacturers is brand identity. In a simple term, “what makes your brand different from the competitors?” – your logo is one of the answers. Free logo templates are easy to use, customizable, and applicable for brand promotion and recognition. Although most logo templates are customizable, some are not editable. This article talks about editable and not editable free logo templates. Learn more below.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Free logo templates (Editable)
  2. Part 2: Free logo templates download (Not editable)

Part 1: Free logo templates (Editable)

Editable logo templates differ from other templates because they support modification and diversification. Customizing a template gives total access and quality creation in your care. In short, if it is editable, you remove, add, and save a modified version of a logo template. All logo makers are not free or easy to edit; however, some editable free logo templates include:

  1. Canva

Canva is an essential logo template maker. You can do more with the editable logo template creator because it contains several collections of logo templates that serve as the basis for your logo creation. You may not necessarily subscribe to the premium package if you do not need the premium files. You can learn more about Canva, especially how to create logo templates, from the official website.

The website gives full access to all users, educating them on how to use the Canva tool for better logo making. Canva AI algorithm suggests designs based on your history. For example, you locate resourceful raw collections for projects without much stress. The beautiful algorithm feature is important if you create more than one logo.

The Canva (free) feature includes free download (limited resolution), limited editing tools, and unlimited space work. You must create an account before accessing the official website editing tool since the software does not require an editor to make changes or customize a template.

canva official homepage
  1. Adobe

Adobe has software for logo making and design; however, Adobe Create Logo Maker, an official website option, allows direct free logo making. You need not download or install the software before using Adobe Create from the page. Adobe has outstanding features that put it above the competition: vector graphics, scaling, and quality maintenance.

All designs come from a basic idea; with Adobe, you can amplify your idea into a captivating logo – this is possible with the vector graphics. Logos are naturally simple and small; however, if you need a high print logo for your company, especially a 3D inscription, you may need Adobe vector graphics. The vector graphics put you at a high resolution to size ratio: maintaining a quality resolution irrespective of the log size.

adobe logo maker

Tips: Adobe also provides a lot of well-customized templates involving various styles and types. Click Illustrator templates to preview.

  1. Brandcrowd

Brandcrowd logo template maker gives you access to thousands of unique logos. Using the online logo editor, you can make a logo in a few minutes. Brandcrowd works by generating logo designs from world-class designers. All the templates are available for edit and download.

Although you may need to create a free account with BrandCrowd, having an account with this online logo editor is worth the investment and your time. Aside from this, logo customization includes colors, fonts, and taglines. Since uniqueness is important in logo making (due to copyright issues and branding), BrandCrowd ensures you create 100% original logos from free templates.

brandcrowd logo page
  1. Placeit

Placeit by Envato is an online logo editor that allows you to create a logo from scratch or via templates. Envato is an image stock company that gives free access to unlimited files. Thus, Placeit contains unlimited access to some collections that boost your logo-making skill. Placeit has innovative logo-making tools: individual tools are a factor of the selected template.

Placeit readily makes all the tools and options to edit a particular template available upon selection. In short, Placeit is user-friendly and gives outstanding resourceful editing functions to beginners.

placeit log
  1. Wix

Wix logo maker improves your vision in three steps: select your brand, narrow your design, edit, and save. Wix is an e-commerce design platform for organizations and businesses. A business logo is another design dimension since it represents your brand and identity: Wix allows you to create a more grounded logo and makes special touch to business via templates available on the platform. These templates are ready-made, easy to edit, and free to download.

Wix operates with free and premium design packages: free templates are a limited version of Wix designing packages. However, the premium version gives you full access to restricted offers in a free version.

wix logo page

Part 2: Logo templates free download (Not editable)

You can download free logo templates from a reliable platform. The downloaded copies may be the basis of further graphics exploration. Not editable logo templates give high results when you use them for extended logo creation because they are available in the highest resolution. Some free templates makers include:

  1. Freepik

You can find free logo templates on Freepik via search: input the categories and select search. All the templates are free for download, although you may need to pay for premium content. The online free logo template creator gives you all assets in a single place, and some categories include free, circle, eagle, IG, and restaurant logos. Freepik is a better choice since “categories” classify all logo templates; the “sub-categories” also improve diversification.

freepik logo page
  1. iStock

iStock has logos in several categories and options: logo illustrations, logo vectors, logo icons, and logo elements. Logo selection by category is easy with iStock because the content is equally segmented: you will locate the right logo file for download. iStock gives logo orientation: vertical, horizontal, square, panoramic horizontal, panoramic vertical. It also makes logo making easy with color variation and styles. iStock supports multiple downloads, although you need to subscribe for copyright and ownership claims.

istock logo page
  1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock allows high-end logo editing: AI-powered search gives you access to classified collections based on your performance on the platform. You may not necessarily search the whole platform before accessing high-quality materials for download. Shutterstock offers logo templates based on catalog, prediction, and planning.

shutterstock logo page
  1. Pexels

Pexels logos are accessible through the official website or via the mobile app. The software contains millions of media collections. Pexels claim to be the archive of several collections suitable for all logo creators, irrespective of the field/niche. Pexels have one of the most sensitive and relatable smart search engines: with few lines, you can get all you need.

pexels logo page
  1. Unsplash

Unsplash provides current effect logo ideas for effective graphic creation. The platform supports easy search and use of ideas because it has many contributors. Unsplash is a source of inspiration to content creators: you can easily find your need among thousands of logos available on the platform.

unsplash logo page


Logo making should be informative and captivating since it represents your brand. Logos give the first impression and put you above the competition. Embracing logo-making via available templates saves time and money.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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