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Easy Way to Inset Text in Video

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 11, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Adding text to any video can serve to improve the quality of the video or emphasize a section of the video. But unlike adding text to an image, adding even simple text to a video can be quite difficult. But there are video editing tools that can significantly simplify this process.

Before we look at one of the best video editing tools that you can use to add text to your video, let’s first look at why adding text to your video may be important.

In this article
  1. Why Insert Titles to Videos
  2. How to Insert Title to Video
  3. How to Improve Title Effects in Video
  4. Related FAQs about Text Video Editing

Why Insert Titles to Videos?

Adding a title or any other kind of text to your video can be important for several reasons, including the following;

1. Content Becomes Memorable

Adding text to the video can serve to make the whole content of the video or a section of the video more memorable. If there is a section of the content that you want your audience to remember, adding a colorful bit of text may make the content easier to grasp and therefore more memorable.

2. Call to Actions

Any marketer understands the value of a well-positioned call to action and the best way to add a customized call to action is to add text to the video. Calls to action can help you sell products or get your audience to sign up for a service or event.

3. Brand Awareness

Text that you add to the video can also be used to enhance brand awareness and visibility. These can be in the form of the company’s slogan and logos that can serve to remind your audience of the value of your brand and its trustworthiness.

4. Aesthetic Value

When done correctly, titles and texts in videos can turn a bland ordinary-looking video into an aesthetically pleasing art piece that your audience will only be too happy to engage with. The more appealing your video is, the greater the chance that your target audience will be willing to engage with your brand and click on your calls to action.

How to Insert Title to Video

Adding text and titles to any video can be made easier by the software you choose to use. One of the best tools to edit any aspect of any video is Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a great choice because it makes adding text and titles that match your video’s content very easy. It is therefore an ideal tool to choose if you want to add titles that will enhance your brand’s visibility.

Free Download
Free Download

The following guide will help you easily add text, titles, openers, and end credits to any video using Filmora.

Step1 Install Filmora on your computer and launch the program. Then open the video that you want to edit in Filmora. You can do that by simply dragging and dropping the video into the program’s main interface.

Step2 To add a title to the video, click on the “Titles” tab at the top and select a title that best suits your video project. You can use the preview function to see what it looks like before adding it to the video.

add a title to video

If you are happy with the title that you have selected, drag and drop it onto the timeline or right-click on it and select “Apply.”

Step3 To add an opener to the video, click on the “Openers” menu under “Titles.” Then choose the specific opener that you want to add and select “Apply” to add it to the video.

Step4 To add end credits to the video, simply select “End Credit” under “Titles” and when you find the type of end credits that you want to use, right-click on it and select “Apply.”

You can then click on the titles, end credits, and openers to edit the text by changing the color and fonts to match your brand.

How to Improve Title Effects in Video

Simply adding a title or text to the video will not do much to improve the quality of the video. You need to add effects that will not only make the videos more appealing but will also correspond with your brand colors.

Thankfully, Filmora makes adding various kinds of effects to the text very easy. The following are some of the options that you have;

Editing Title and Text Effect Duration

Typically, when you add a text effect to a video using Filmora, the duration is set at 5 seconds. You can however very easily change this duration to suit your video’s needs.

The easiest way to do that is to drag one of its edges. But you can also select the text and click on the duration icon to enter the new direction in the dialogue box that appears.

You can also change the default duration so that the new timing applies to all the text effects that you create when editing videos. To do that, go to File> Preferences > Editing < Effect Duration

Customize Text Effect

To customize the text that you added to the video, double-click on it in the timeline. This will open the text editing panel where you can change the font style including the font, size, color, and alignment as well as the animation of the text.

Apply Text Animations

Filmora offers more than 80 animation presets to choose from. You can access the “Animation” tab in the text editing panel to see a list of all available animations. Double-click on the animation you want to use and use the “Preview” window to see how it works out/

apply text animation

If you are happy with the animation and would like to include it in your project, click on “OK” to use it.

Advanced Title Editing

If you would like to go just a little bit further in editing your text, click on the “Advanced” button to open the Advanced Text Editing panel.

further edit text

Here, you will see more options including the ability to add more elements such as adding new text boxed shapes or images.

With each of these elements, you can also change the font color, animation, opacity, border, fill and shadow.

Related FAQs about Text Video Editing

1. Can I Edit the Text in a Video?

Yes. Once you have added the title or text to the video, you can just as easily edit it in various ways. As we have seen, Filmora gives you a wealth of options to customize the title in various ways including changing the font size, color, and type all from the text editing panel. You can even completely remove the title from the video and add a new one. The preview window in Filmora allows you to see any changes that you make in real-time and adjust them accordingly to fit into your project.

2. Why Should I add Text to my Video?

Adding text and titles to any video can be very important for several reasons. For instance, you can decide to add text to emphasize a point, add a call to action and even help your audience to follow along with the content when the audio is turned off. Titles and any other text that you add to a video can also make the content more understandable, engaging, and clearer. But the effectiveness of the text will depend on how and where you place the text within the video and the video editor you choose can be very instrumental in this regard.

3. How Can I Make the Text in My Video Look Good?

First, you need to decide on the color, effects, and animations that you would like to use, and to decide these things you will need to take your brand and colors into consideration. Once you have all these details, you then need to choose a video editor that offers a wide range of fonts and colors to choose from. Thankfully, Filmora offers all the colors, fonts, and animations you could ever need, allowing you to customize the text any way you want.

4. How Do I Replace Text on my Video?

Sometimes you just need to remove the text that you already have on the video and replace it with new text. Again, how successful you are in this will depend on the tool you choose to use. Some video editors will only allow you to add new text but fall short when you need to remove the text or replace it with something else.

Filmora is one of the few tools that makes it easy to delete a title. You can just click on the title and then select the “Delete” icon in the toolbar to remove it. Then you can simply use the text editing panel to add new text again.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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