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Perfect Moody LUTs for VN Editor: An Overview

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jun 05, 23, updated Dec 08, 23

Content creators and professionals express their emotions and mood through our photos and videos. You can also convey your feelings through your content by using LUTs. With the help of color grading and color adjustments, you can enhance the mood and tone of our content. Moody LUTs are a popular element many use to highlight their mood and emotions in their work.

These LUTs are designed to add a unique color grade to your footage to change the mood and feel. Additionally, with certain changes, you can change the perspective of your story. This article recognizes some top LUTs that you can use to create a mood for your video that is being edited on a mobile video editor, VN Editor.

In this article

Part 1: Where Should You Use a Moody LUT in Video Editing?

Moody LUTs are a type of lookup table to show a specific mood in your content. There are many LUTs available that add emotion and feel to your photos and videos. Some of its uses are discussed below.

  • Narrative Films: If you're making a story-based film, using a moody LUT can help you set the right tone for your audience. It can make your content feel more cinematic and add a dark or dramatic mood to the story.
  • Music Videos: Using such LUTs in a music video can help match the song's emotions. It can enhance the feelings conveyed in the lyrics and music and make the video more impactful.
  • Fashion Films: These LUTs can also make fashion films or lookbook videos look more high-end and editorial. You can add depth and drama to the footage that matches the clothing style being showcased.
  • Travel Videos: If you're making a travel video, these LUTs can help you improve the mood and feel of the location. You can add a sense of mystery or moodiness to your videos, making the location more cinematic.
  • Horror Films: Finally, moody LUTs can help create a dark and unsettling atmosphere if you're making a horror film. Applying such LUT can change the color composition to make your content feel more ghostly and scary.

Part 2: Learning The Top Best Moody LUTs for Easy Video Editing

We all know it gets difficult when you have so many options available. You don't need to search for moody LUTs for premiere pro free download because here are some of the best mentioned for you.

1. Free LUTs Mood

The Free LUTs Mood pack includes different LUTs presets for different moods. You can add a feel to your photos and videos using this pack. Moreover, you add a warm, inviting, cold, and sad feel to your content. These LUTs can help you to give your content a new look and feel by changing and adjusting its colors. This pack can be used on travel, Instagram, or professional videos.

free luts mood

2.Moody LUT Pack | 30 Creative Film LUTs

The Moody LUT Pack includes 30 creative film LUTs that can be used to add mood and emotion to your photos and videos. These LUTs give your content a film-like look and feel with a range of moods to select. It darkens your shades and highlights certain colors to give your photos and videos a dramatic look. Moreover, it also adds a perspective to your content.

Moody LUT Pack | 30 Creative Film LUTs

3. Axinite

Axinite is packed with multiple LUTs, each with its unique mood and style. This LUT pack shows a brighter and lighter mood in your videos and pictures. It increases the white balance in your media files, giving your content a calmer and lighter perspective. Furthermore, you can create more elegant content with a brighter touch to your digital files.


4. Raw Layer

The Raw Layer LUT pack provides 4 moody LUTs that can add a cinematic touch to your edits. This pack provides a darker version that gives your media files a dramatic feel. It changes your color composition in such a way that it highlights the subject and creates a more serious mood. You can use these LUTs to give your media files a more serious and dramatic appeal.

Raw Layer

5. Moody Lake

Moody Lake is a LUT pack that gives your photos and videos a colder look. It exposes your image or video footage and adds shades of blue to give a colder mood feel. These shades will add a more serious perspective to your digital media files. You can change your happy-looking media file to a more cold and sad-looking story using this LUT.

 Moody Lake

6. 15 Earth Tones Moody Lightroom Preset

Another impressive moody LUTs pack that comes with multiple options is Earth Tones Lightroom Preset. It includes 15 presets that can add a moody and atmospheric look to your photos and videos. Moreover, this preset highlights the natural colors to give your content an earthy feel. This LUT pack is perfect for color-grading traveling videos and photos.

15 Earth Tones Moody Lightroom Preset

7.Wedding & Rich LUTs by Moody Presets

Wedding & Rich LUTs by Moody Presets is a collection of LUT packs that adds a romantic mood to your wedding videos and photos. This pack of 66 LUTs adds a soft, dreamy look to your content by highlighting light colors. Moreover, it softens the light and increases the white balance of your media files to give a romantic and soft feel. Each LUT creates a newer impression on your digital media files in this pack.

Wedding & Rich LUTs by Moody Presets

Part 3: How to Use Moody LUTs for VN Editor?

If you are searching for how to use your favorite moody LUTs for VN Editor, you are at the right place. These simple steps allow you to apply any LUT in your VN Editor app.

Step1 Open the App to Import LUTs

Open the VN Editor and select the “+” sign. Then a new window will appear where you should choose the “Creation Kits” option. After this, tap the “Filters” button, and lead into the “My Filter” option. After selecting that, tap on “Import Filter” to import your LUT. Then, choose the folder where you want to import your favorite LUT.

open and import luts
Step2 Apply LUTs and Save the File

After choosing the LUT you want to use, VN Editor will extract and process it. You can find the LUT in the “Filters” section and apply it to your media file. You can also adjust the intensity of the LUT to your liking. Once done with your adjustments, save your file by tapping the “Save” button.

apply luts on vn editor

Bonus Part: Find Better LUTs in Wondershare Filmora for Video Editing

Wondershare Filmora is an amazing video editing software that has a library of over 200 LUTs available. These LUTs can help you give your content a feel and emotion by enhancing the mood and atmosphere of your videos. Many LUTs change the color grade of your footage, creating a dark, dramatic, or sad mood.

Nevertheless, you can adjust the LUT's intensity with its latest update. Moreover, you can change the hue of mid-tones, shadows, and highlights of your digital files. In addition, you can get sharper and more improved results in its latest version.

wondershare filmora luts

Key Features of The Exceptional LUTs Editor

Wondershare Filmora provides an exquisite suit for applying and editing LUTs on videos. Being a complete video editor, it offers other exceptional features, out of which a few are mentioned as follows:

  • With AI Smart Cutout, you can easily remove the background of your videos and change it. This feature uses AI technology to accurately cut out the subject of your video to add new background.
  • Auto Reframe is a feature that automatically changes the aspect ratio of your video. You can easily change the size and shape of your video to fit different screens and platforms.
  • Filmora has an amazing feature that syncs your digital files' audio with the length of your video. With AI Audio Stretch, you don't have to worry about matching your audio with your video.
Empower your videos with a new mood using different LUTs.
Filmora now offers 100+ top-quality 3D LUTs cover a broad range of scenarios. Transform your videos with Filmora's powerful 3D LUTs.
Wondershare Filmora 12

In conclusion, adding mood and emotion to your digital content can improve its impact on the viewer. Lookup tables are a great option to add a specific mood to your media files by changing colors. Furthermore, with many moody LUTs for VN Editor, you can apply LUTs using your smartphone. However, Wondershare Filmora is another tool that can be used to apply and explore different LUTs

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 08, 23
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