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5 Best Free Video Compressor Apps That Reduce Video Sizes on iPhone and iPad

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Capturing full HD or 4K footage with your iPad or iPhone is a straightforward process, but sharing that footage through messaging apps or social media can be a bit more complicated.

The size of video files recorded in 4K resolution is often measured in gigabytes and you have to compress them in order to share them with your friends.

We’ve selected the five best free video compressor apps for iPhones and iPads that will enable you to shrink your videos in minutes and post them on social networks or send them through email and messaging apps.

So, let’s take a look at how you can reduce the size of your videos using free video compressing apps for iOS.

5 Best Video Compressor Apps for iOS that Reduce Video Size

Shrinking a video’s size is easy, even after you record a video clip. Each of the free video compressor apps we included in our top five list allows you to reduce a video’s size quickly before sharing it on social media or sending it to your friends. Read on if you would like to find out more about the best free video compressor apps for iPhones and iPads. 

1. Compress Videos & Resize Videos

Price: Free, but contains in-app purchases

With this free video compressor app, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the videos you’re resizing, because it preserves the video’s quality even when videos are shrunk by more than 80%. In this manner, the Compress Videos & Resize Video app can help you free up space on your iPhone or iPad.

Compress Videos & Resize Videos App

How to reduce video size with Compress Videos & Resize Videos?

To start reducing a video’s size you just have to open the app and select all videos, recently added or any other available categories.

After tapping on a particular category, you can proceed to select one or more video clips you would like to reduce. The app is going to display the videos that are stored on your phone or in your iCloud Photo Library and show you the exact size of each video.

Once you’ve selected the videos you’d like to shrink, you should click on the Next button and proceed to the Compression Settings window. Afterward, you can simply change the Frame Rate and Video Dimensions settings by dragging the sliders to the left or to the right. When ready, tap on the Compress button and the Compress Videos & Resize Video app will shrink your videos and save to the Compressed Videos album.

2. Video Compress – Shrink Vids

Price: Free, but offers in-app purchases

 Videos Compress & Shrink Vids

You can reduce the size of videos recorded in 4K, Full HD or HD resolution in just a few simple steps. The app lets you resize one or more videos at the same time and choose the resolution of the output video. The only downside is that you must make in-app purchases to remove ads or unlock access to all of the app’s features.

How to compress video with Video Compress – Shrink Vids?

Once you installed this free compressor app for iOS on your device, you should launch it and tap on the + icon to import the video you want to compress into the app. Grant the app permission to access the Photos app and head over to the folder in which the videos you want shrink are stored.

After selecting the videos, you should tap on the Choose Preset button and select one of the available presets. Optionally, you can adjust the bitrate or preview how the videos look before and after the compression. Tap on the Continue button when you are ready and then select the destination album to which the resized videos are going to be exported. After the video compression process is completed the app will ask you if you want to delete the original video files and only keep their resized versions.

3. Video Slimmer App

Price: Free or $2,99 for Pro

 Videos  Slimmer app

Video Slimmer is much more than a simple video compressor app for iOS, as it lets its users trim, rotate or merge videos. The app’s batch processing capabilities are remarkable since you can export resized videos from Video Slimmer quickly. You can free up to 80% of your iPhone’s or iPad’s storage space by compressing videos you store on your iOS-based device.

How to compress videos with Video Slimmer App?

Shrinking multiple videos with Video Slimmer won’t take too much of your time, although the duration of the compression process depends on the size of the video clips. Click on the + icon after you launch the app, in order to select the videos from the camera roll.

Tap on the Gear icon located in the lower right corner of the screen if you would like to adjust the Video Quality and Video Size settings. In addition, the Video Slimmer App lets you choose if you want to delete the original videos from your device after the compression or add a copy of the video to the Photo Library.

Head back to the app’s main menu and tap on the Slim Now button to start compressing the videos you selected. After reducing the size of your videos you can share them on social media or send them to your friends much faster than the original high-resolution files.

4. Video Compress – Reduce Movie Size – Shrink Video

Price: Free

 Video Compress - Reduce Movie Size,Shrink Video

If you are looking for a simple and efficient free video compressor app for iPhone and iPad then Video Compress may be the right choice for you. Its interface is intuitive so you won’t need much time to get used to it even if you never compressed a video before.

How to compress video with it?

All you have to do to start compressing a video is to launch the app and select the videos you’d like to shrink from the Camera Roll. Afterward, you will be taken to the Compress window where you can see the Target Size and the percentage to which the video is going to be compressed. The only limiting factor are the output file formats because the app only allows you to save shrunk videos as MPEG-4 and QuickTime files.

 All the compressed videos can be easily shared on social media or sent through email and messaging apps directly from Video Compress.

5. Video Compressor – Shrink Videos

Price: Free, but offers in-app purchases

 Video Compress Shrink Video app

Video Compressor app makes shrinking videos look easy because it offers a number of presets that let you choose how much you want to reduce the size of a video. Besides saving time this free video compressor for iPhones and iPads can create more storage space on your device.

How to shrink video size with this app?

Identifying large video files on your camera roll won’t take too much time since the app displays the size of all videos. Besides compressing videos, the Video Compressor app also lets you shrink photos you store on your iPhone or iPad.

Select a video you want to compress, by simply tapping on it, and then choose a preset resolution to which that video clip is going to be compressed. Optionally, you can change the Bitrate before tapping on the Compression button.

After the video compression process is over you can organize the shrunk videos effortlessly, however, you must purchase the Pro version of the app if you want to have access to all of the tools Video Compressor has to offer. 

Is there any iPhone free video compressor with editor built in?

Editing a video before you share it on social media can help you get rid of unwanted parts and make the colors more vivid. iMovie is an excellent choice if you would like to trim a video or add filters and effects to it and reduce the video size. What’s more, you can use this iOS-native video editing app to reduce the size of the original video files.

Once you complete all video editing tasks you should exit the app’s Edit window by tapping done and then tap on the Share/Save Video option. iMovie offers a variety of output video file formats, so you can choose if you want to save your video in 360p, 540p, HD or 4K resolution. After you pick a preferred output resolution the iMovie is going to add the video to the Photo Library.

Bonus: How to reduce video size on iPhone & iPad when recording?

All recent iPhone and iPad models support recording in a broad spectrum of video resolutions. If you would like to decrease the resolution at which your device captures videos you should head to the Settings menu and tap on the Camera option.

 change video size at shooting on iphone

Select Record Video from the Camera menu and then choose the new resolution for your videos. The default resolution is set at 1080p at 30fps, but you can easily reduce it to 720p at 30fps if you want to create videos that don’t take too much storage space.

The Record Slo-Mo option lets you choose between 720p HD at 120fps or 720p HD at 240 fps which allows you to preserve storage space while recording high-quality slow-motion videos.


Videos recorded with iPhones and iPads can be huge in size, and sending them or uploading them to the Internet can be a time-consuming process. Installing a free video compressing app for iOS can be a good idea if you record videos with your iPhone or iPad often. Each of the free video compressor apps we included in this article can shrink videos quickly and efficiently. Which free video compressor app are you going to choose? Leave a comment and let us know.

Supported iOS Supported format User rating
Video Slimmer iOS 8.0 or later MP4, MOV, AVI... 3.7
Video Compress - Shrink Vids iOS 10.3 or later MP4, MOV, AVI 4.6
iMovie iOS 10.3 or later MP4, MOV, AVI, QuickTime... 3.9
Compress Videos & Resize Video iOS 8.0 or later MPEG-4 and QuickTime 4.6
Video Compressor-Shrink videos iOS 8.0 or later MP4, MOV, AVI 4.7
Video Compress - Reduce Movie Size, Shrink Video iOS 8.0 or later MP4, MOV, AVI 4.6
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