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Best Video Reverse Apps for iPhone and Android

Digital media has generated several creative options for us to adjust one form of video or audio signal into any other format, producing some stunning effects. So, one of the advanced features added by numerous video processing software is the potential to create reverse effects on videos. You may have seen many reversed videos on Youtube, TikTok, or a boomerang video on Instagram – it depicts a hilarious but creative effect on videos. That's why reverse video is becoming the leading source of amusement nowadays.

So do you want to create reverse effects on some of your videos on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, or any other online video sharing platform? If yes, cheers! In this article, we're going to share the ten best video reverse apps for iPhone and Android. Stay with us!

Top 10 Best Video Reverse Apps for iPhone and Android Phones in 2022

Here are some of the best video reverse apps available for both Android and iOS.

1. FilmoraGo

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Price: Free, In-App purchases ($19.99)

filmorago video editor maker android iphone app

FilmoraGo is a user-friendly editing app that can support reverse playback and variable speed! It has the best filters, features, and effects that can help to improve video quality.

Moreover, the application comes with many editing tools, including reverse playback, cropping, classic transitions, voiceover, flipping, sound mixing, and color adjustment, giving users control over their work to work efficiently. Also, its interface is sleek enough, making it convenient for newbies to use without any difficulty. Further, the app can adjust the video size according to the canvas function.

reverse video filmorago iphone

2. Reverse Movie FX – magic video

Supported OS:  Android and iOS

Price: Free, In App purchases ($0.99-5.99 per item)

reverse movie fx magic video

Many people use reverse Movie FX for creating reverse videos within seconds! You only have to record the location, choose the fragment you need, and then press start – it can reverse the video! That's it! Moreover, the graphics settings are unique, and you can quickly share the reversed video clips. Also, the application holds some surprising features for reverse video effects, including animations, speed change, and stunning transitions. Further, you can add a reverse effect to your video with just a single tap.

3. Reverse Video Player and Editor

Supported OS: Android

Price: Free, In App Purchases ($0.99-4.99 per item)

reverse video player editor rewind a video

Reverse video Player and Editor is one of the best apps to support reverse playback with variable speed. The app can retract your video in a creative and goofy way! It can allow you to reverse either half of your video or full. Moreover, you can easily adjust the speed of your reverse video according to your desire. Also, the application can save your original video after rewinding it. Not only this, but you can also alter your video's audio during the editing.

4. Reverse Video Movie Reverse Backward Video Reverse

Supported OS:  Android

Price: Free, In App Purchases ($3.49 per item)

reverse video movie reverse backward video reverse

Are you an Android user and want to create fun videos with a reverse effect? Go for Reverse Video Movie Reverse Backward Video Reverse application! It can reverse both your camera recorded and downloaded video. All you've to do is select a part of the video you want to reverse, and that's it! The processing will start automatically, and you can receive a reversed video with the reversed or original audio. Moreover, you can also share the video with your friends or download it to your gallery so that you can watch them later.

5. Reverse Video: Play Backwards

Supported OS:  iOS

Price: Free, In App purchases ($7.99-49.99 per item)

reverse vid play it backwards ios

Reverse video is a video editing app developed by Video Project Inc. for iOS users. The app has a preview option and user-friendly interface, plus it is made explicitly for reversing videos. Also, it is one of the easiest and quickest applications that can retract videos! It can allow you to edit your videos by rewinding and creating videos that play in reverse. All you've to do is load the selected video, reverse it, and then play it. Moreover, after selecting a video, you can choose the playback speed according to your choice!

6. CapCut

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Price: Free

reverse video capcut option

By using CapCut, you can easily and quickly make a reverse video on your Android without the requirement for any settings first. All you've to do is install the latest version of the app, open it on your phone, and then create a ''New Project''. After it, choose and add the video file you want to reverse. Now open the ''Edit'' menu, click your video on the timeline, and go to the ''Reverse'' menu.

Your video reversing process will be complete within seconds – that's all! Moreover, you can also reverse the audio in your video clip. Further, the best part is that the CapCut rewind video app can also support the speed change feature, so you can alter the speed level the way you want.

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7. TikTok:

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Price: Free, In App purchases ($0.99-249.99 per item)

TikTok is more popular these days among other applications for reversing a video. The app is a video editor – you can add filters and stickers to your videos and apply special effects like slow motion or reverse. Moreover, if you only want to reverse video, you can comfortably rely on this app. All you've to do is select a video file from your media library, or you can directly record a video using the app. After it, tap the ''+'' sign in the middle-bottom section on your mobile screen for recording a video. Then select the ''Effects'' button on the lower side of your recording screen and go to ''Time Effects''. Now tap on ''Reverse'' – you'll see a demo of your new reversed video!

8. Power Director - Video Editor

Supported OS:  Android and iOS

Price: Free, In App purchases ($0.99-249.99 per item)

Power Director is a professional reverse video app free with many other surprising features. It is a photo and video editor app with timeline video editing features and free video effects, including speed change, voiceover, reverse back, and action. You can easily share your produced videos on Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other favorite platform. Apart from the reverse back feature and other editing functions, there are other amazing effects that you can also integrate into your videos. One of the great features is its slow-motion effect that can add glamour to your videos.

9. KineMaster

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Price: Free, In App purchases ($0.99-39.99 per item)

KineMaster is a great Android and iOS reverse video app specifically developed for professionals but convenient for everyone to use. The app has mesmerizing video editing tools, allowing précise and accurate video editing. Also, KineMaster holds numerous amazing effects like transitions and layers that can be used to intensify the video quality. Moreover, the app can adjust your video speed depending on your need without distorting audio pitch. Further, it also has voice changer filters that can support several video and audio formats. Besides this, KineMaster supports chroma key compositing to allow full green screen support.

10. Filmmaker Pro – Video Editor

Supported OS: iOS

Price: Free, In App purchases ($7.99-69.99 per item)

filmmaker pro video editor

Now rewind your Video with Filmmaker Pro with just one tap! It is one of the most instinctive and easy-to-use video reverse applications for novice social media stars. Also, it is excellent for users of any level – from newbies to advanced and experienced! Moreover, it can allow its users to use many convenient functions – from reverse videos to cropping and speed change.

Furthermore, the Filmmaker Pro video editor also has a preview function, audio-editing tools, high-quality export capabilities, and playback speed control features. Besides this, it holds over 30 video filters, color-grade features, and transition capability, so it's the best option for iOS users.


 Video making is constantly becoming a thrilling experience with the exposure of smartphones. To play a video in reverse is now becoming a social trend, and it can alter even the most profound moments, making it goofy. The reverse video trend not only illustrates fun, but you can use it to convey your story in a peculiar yet beautiful way. So, do you also want to create reverse effects for your videos? Read our article to learn the top best video reverse apps for Android and iPhone!

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