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Free 3D Intro Makers

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 11, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

A video intro is a great approach to express expertise and credibility in a sea of content. Developing a video intro may be as time-consuming as creating fresh material. No worries! The finest video intro producers help you generate engaging content without spending hours. This article will help you select and use the finest free video intro maker. We offer 5 alternatives for YouTube, gaming, vlog, and 3D intros. This post will break down all the specifics of the Top 5 Video Intro Makers to obtain professional outcomes.

Let's get started on creating intros that will wow your audience!

In this article
  1. What is an intro video?
    1. Adobe After Effects
    2. Canva
    3. Promo
    4. Filmora

1. What is an intro video?

A video intro is a brief introduction, typically lasting between 5 and 15 seconds, that introduces your video, YouTube channel, or brand. Video intros are becoming increasingly popular. It is often the first occasion on which a viewer will have the chance to interact with the content you produce.

Because of this, it has the power to attract attention from the very beginning and to develop trust in the company or product that you are promoting. It goes without saying that this is one of the most critical factors to consider when trying to attract and connect with your desired audience.

2. What are some good intro makers?

Here you will a list of many great intro makers you can use for free and paid.

Adobe After Effects

One of the most well-known pieces of software for creating video effects is called Adobe After Effects. It is capable of producing great motion graphics, and as a result, it should have no trouble animating and producing dynamic video intros or 3D intros for your company, brand, or YouTube channel.

adobe after effects intro maker

After Effects is utilized by professionals working in the film business to create aesthetically spectacular work for cinema, television, video, and the online. The most significant drawback to After Effects is the fact that it requires an average beginner around eight weeks to learn the program by watching training videos and going through tutorials. In addition, the fee to join Adobe's Creative Cloud Suite membership service is quite high.


When you use Canva, you will have instant access to a video introduction creator that is hosted on the web. You get access to a number of different themes, as well as royalty-free photographs and videos, as well as a drag-and-drop editor that you can use to create content that you can then share and post everywhere. In addition to providing, you with intro templates, it also gives you the ability to design your own logo. With a freshly designed logo in hand, now would be the ideal time to produce an introduction film using it.

Canva's mission is to demystify graphic design and make it available to users who are not designers. They also provide a premium edition of Canva, which is ideally suited for teams to collaborate on the creation of designs with the same objective in mind. In addition, Canva Pro is equipped with additional premium features, such as a brand kit and a backdrop remover.

canva intro maker

Canva is an easy-to-use website that provides free access to some of its features, which may be used to create great movies. However, some limitations to using Canva include the fact that it only supports a limited number of output formats and there is a possibility that you will experience connectivity troubles while attempting to save and export your video introductions.

When it came to design, I previously relied on a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and PicMonkey until I discovered Canva. After some time, we were able to navigate both with ease, but we found that Canva was more difficult to use than PicMonkey. Canva had a steep learning curve and lacked some of the features I was looking for in a design program.

We choose to disregard it. But I decided to give it another shot about two or three years ago, and this time I was impressed enough to switch PicMonkey out for it in my collection of editing tools. Canva had added a large number of features that made the program simpler to use and gave users the ability to accomplish more.


Promo has a wonderful look that pops. You may build quick video intros for your social media or YouTube channel by using their intro maker, and then post and share them on your social networks afterwards. provides filmmakers and video editors with high-quality professional video clips, royalty-free music, adjustable video templates, bespoke text, and logos, and more through their monthly membership programs. You may utilize Promo to create videos in a variety of orientations and forms, including horizontal, vertical, square, and even banner films.

To summarize, Promo is a video maker that has an impressive design and allows for direct uploads to various social media platforms. The only problem is that their website occasionally becomes unresponsive and sluggish. Because of this, the process of creation can become rather laborious and drawn out.

promo intro maker is my one-stop-shop for all of my business promotional videos because it offers a variety of video ad templates that I can easily edit on my browser without the need for any program, and they also offer a great selection of stock footage and text overlay options to make the videos look more professional. has a lot of awesome templates for a bunch of different categories.


If you're worried about how challenging and time-consuming it will be to create the ideal video introduction, Filmora will put those worries to rest. You can finish your introduction in record time thanks to iStock and Shutterstock's vast libraries of high-quality stock films, photos, and music, as well as their ability to create fully adjustable titles and more than 5000 intro themes.

filmora intro maker

Filmora is capable of much more than simply creating video introductions. It is capable of handling anything connected to video and even more. The program is compatible with all of your Ultra HD 4K Video files and provides support for the finest quality hi-fidelity Dolby Surround Sound.

When working on other video projects, you can use masking and blending to add layers to your videos and give them the shape you want, thereby producing the most artistic scenes possible. Make use of keyframing to modify the dynamism and smoothness of your edits with the help of animated effects. The chroma key tool allows you to get rid of green screens and create amazing effects that will blow people away. And AI Motion Tracking is just what you need to make it possible for text or graphics to automatically track specific objects throughout your films.

The Bottom Line

The readers of this post have been provided with a list of many free online 3D intro creator tools, which can be used to create the ideal film for both personal and commercial usage. The availability of multiple tools accompanied by clear descriptions of the capabilities supplied by each helps to simplify the decision process. In addition to this, users have been supplied with an in-depth introduction to Wondershare UniConverter, a program that provides tools that are universally applicable.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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