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How to Make Double Exposure Effect in Filmora

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 09, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Are you an aspiring video creator, or do you enjoy editing videos that captivate your viewers' attention? In this digital era, it is essential to edit your videos by using tools that can help you produce a masterpiece and will impress your audience. With Filmora Video Editor, it is easier to create polished and professional-looking videos that stand out from the rest.

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To start your creative journey, you can hone your skills by focusing on at least one technique and progressively learning new skills. One of the various video editing techniques you can employ is double exposure. This method is based on an old technique in photography in which a film is exposed twice to create a single image. This article shows you how to use the same method to combine two or more video clips and create a double exposure effect.

You can create artistic videos that tell various stories and captivate viewers by using Filmora. The following steps describe how to create a double exposure effect in Filmora.

Step1 Download the Filmora application

filmora download page

Before you start editing, click to download the Filmora app. On the page that appears, click the Free Download option. Then, the Filmora installer is automatically downloaded. To start installing Filmora, double-click the installer and click Agree to agree with the terms and conditions. Then, wait for approximately 2 minutes for the installation to complete.

Step2 Start a new project in Filmora

set up a new project

After a successful installation, the app automatically runs, and you can start editing videos. Click New Project to start a project on a clean canvas.

Before starting a new project, we recommend you plan a theme for your videos. You can incorporate different elements into your videos to convey a dramatic, light, or fun theme. This step will help you communicate the mood and message you want to convey to the audience.

Step3 Select a foreground video

add a base video

To create a trendy double exposure effect, record a video clip with a white or neutral background. Then, import the specified video to Filmora. In the second layer of the video editing pane, drag the video.

The first video is called the foreground video, which serves as the base video to achieve the desired double exposure effect. It is important to choose neutral or calm colors to make it easier for you to remove the background and highlight the main subject of your video.

Step4 Edit the foreground video

adjust the color settings of the foreground video

Edit the foreground video by adjusting the color settings. Click the Color Correction icon to open the color settings. In the Advanced Color Tuning box that appears, click Adjust. In this article, the value of Exposure is set to 18, and Contrast is set to 28. Then, Vibrance and Saturation are set to -100. In the Light settings, the values of Highlights and Shadows are set to -100, Whites is set to 0, and Blacks is set to -30. You can experiment and play with the settings based on the theme that you want to achieve.

Step5 Select a background video

import a video clip as a background video

For the background video, select a video clip and import the video to Filmora. Then, drag the video in a layer below the foreground video.

When you select a background video, make sure that the video is vibrant, colorful, and has lots of texture. For example, you can select landscapes, flowers, leaves, textured patterns, city lights, sunsets, or other graphic components. The colors and lighting in the background video significantly impact the final output's overall appearance.

Step6 Blend the foreground and background videos

produce double exposure effect

If you want to produce a perfect double-exposed video, blending layers is properly essential. To do this, double click the foreground video. Go to the Compositing option and set Blending Mode to Lighten. You can also configure Blending Mode based on your preference.

The steps that are outlined in this article can help you apply double exposure effects to your videos. You can modify your videos to your preferences by using all the resources that Filmora provides.

A simple video clip with a double-exposure effect adds a dramatic and dreamy effect to it. The creator can work with colors, exposures, and brightness to achieve a double-exposure effect. This technique provides creative results and allows the video creator to tell a story to the audience in a manner that a plain video clip cannot convey. It is useful, especially when editing personal or professional videos, such as documentaries, wedding videos, travel vlogs, and other artistic works.

Before, the double-exposure effect could only be achieved by using cameras and specialized photographic skills. These days, creators can use Filmora Video Editor to replicate the double-exposure effect in just a few simple steps. Filmora Video Editor is an easy-to-use tool that has helped over 85 million video creators from 150 countries around the world. Videos are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Amazon, HTC, PSP, and many more. You can also watch quality videos in AVI, VOB, MP4, WMV, 3GP, MKV, AVI, and more.

To help you save time, Filmora simplifies complex features and frequently improves its services by adding new features such as speed ramping, masking, auto beat sync, and auto synchronization. The video editor also allows creators to have more creative freedom over their videos and share their outputs on different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

For more information, you can visit or visit the social media accounts of Filmora to get the most recent launches and updates.

Download Filmora Video Editor now and tell the world your creative stories.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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