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Best 14 YouTube Gaming Video Ideas to Boost Gaming Channels

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Looking for gaming video ideas for YouTube? Platforms like Twitch and YouTube enable gamers from every corner of the world to connect and share their ideas and insights about the games they love to play. If you already have a YouTube channel, or if you are thinking about starting a YouTube gaming channel, then you should know that your gaming videos will be facing a lot of competition (it’s the biggest genre on YouTube). You’ve got to put your own unique spin on things to stand out!

Here are 14 types of gaming videos you can create for your channel:

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14 Gaming YouTube Video Ideas

Here are a few of the types of videos you could make your your gaming channel:

1. Game Reviews

When creating a video game review you need to decide whether or not there will be spoilers, and to warn people about them if there will be. Make a decision: Is your review meant to help people who haven’t played or is it for others who have already played? Either way, you will need to have engaged with the game enough to provide useful, interesting insights.

If you manage to gain the trust of gamers on YouTube and build a reputation as someone who makes good review videos, the number of subscribers to your channel will start to increase.

2. Let's Play Videos

Let's Play videos make up a large portion of the gaming videos on YouTube and producing them can require a lot of editing. Finding ways to be unique and offer something other gamers don't in their Let’s Plays will enable you to stand out and attract a bigger audience. 

3. Live Stream Video Games

There is a huge demand for live streams of all kinds of games, from popular new releases to classics from decades past, on YouTube. Streaming the games you play will allow your potential followers to create a personal bond with you because they’ll be watching and interacting with you in real time. Remember to be yourself and have fun.

4. Gaming News

The video game world is very dynamic. Whether it’s a new game or news about a highly anticipated game, there’s always something new to talk about. Beyond reporting information people can find elsewhere, make sure to include your reaction to the news. People who subscribe to you are interested in your opinions.

Gaming news videos are a great way to get more views by covering a topic that is currently trending. 

5. Gaming Tutorials

Gaming tutorials should focus on providing assistance. Generally, a tutorial should solve a problem somebody else might have whether it’s getting past a tricky level or understanding a weapons system. The topics of your gaming tutorials can be anything from building a deck in Hearthstone to how to perform a certain move in NBA 2K18.

Try to keep the duration of gaming tutorials in the five-minute range. People generally want to learn quickly.

6. Top 10 Games

Top 10 videos attract a lot of attention because people want to know if the games you put on your list are the same as the ones they would have chosen. That's the reason why topics such as Top Ten Car Chase Games, or even 10 Worst Games Ever Created, are likely to attract views.

7. Game Analysis

Some people think gaming doesn't require a lot of thinking, but you know those people are wrong. A lot of games demand superb problem-solving skills, others have thought-provoking stories, and games that are fast-paced require the player to stay mentally active. If you’ve got something intelligent to say about the larger meaning or impact of a game, or if you want to share a different perspective on it, then you might want to make an analytical video.

8. Explain Game Series

Are you a Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty expert? If so, then producing a video that explains an entire series – its premise, stories, world, and major themes – might be a great idea. It will appeal to people who already know what you’re talking about (people will want to fact check you) and as well as people trying to figure out why it’s called Final Fantasy if there are a million of them.

9. Gaming Highlights

If you’ve got footage of yourself pulling off tricky moves, using special attacks, or achieving anything difficult then you can put all of that together to make a highlight reel. Alternatively, you could do this with all your funniest bits of commentary.

10. Preview an Upcoming Game

Nearly 400 video games were released last year. Making a video that capitalizes on the anticipation for a game that’s coming out soon, in which you talk about your hopes and expectations, is a great way to get some search traffic.

11. Gaming Walkthrough

A gaming walk-through video (or series of videos) can help less experienced gamers overcome problems, and it can also be a nice way for fans of a game to revisit it with you. The series potential of walkthroughs could mean you won’t need to come up with new ideas for a while.

12. Secrets of the Game

Gamers are often curious about every little detail they can find out about a game they like. If you know about a lot of secrets or Easter eggs in a game (anything from secret boss fights to a funny note on a wall somewhere), share them in a video.

13. Speed Run

The idea of a speed run video is to finish a game, a mission, or a level as fast as you can. Good speed runs are fun to watch and leave your viewers impressed. You can even challenge your gamer friends to beat your time.

14. How-to Videos

A how-to video is not exactly a walkthrough or a Lets Play; it is more focused than that. Rather than covering a huge section of a game you are laser focused on one aspect. You can generate ideas for How To videos by asking your viewers for input once you have a bit of a following, by browsing through gaming forums to see what people are having trouble with, or by thinking about what you had trouble with in a game. Or, you could make a tutorial about something you are really good at. Maybe there’s a confusing weapons upgrading system in a game that you have mastered. Explaining it could make a great video.

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