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YouTube Community Guidelines That You Should Know in 2024

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Oct 28, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

YouTube has become more than an entertainment now. Most content creators are using the platform to earn and bring their skills to some use. Good knowledge of YouTube Community Guidelines would work in the long run.

The article introduces the YouTube Community and covers how to make community posts on YouTube. Additionally, stay tuned to find out how to get the community tab on YouTube. So let us begin!

Part 1: What is YouTube Community?

Before getting into YouTube community posts, it is crucial to understand what YouTube Community is and how it affects the content creators. The YouTube community is an extensive range of viewers or followers that one needs to grow their channel. Creating a connection with the viewers helps because you have loyal followers; you have got it all.

what is youtube community

It is because the trusted followers would go above and beyond to share your content to their social media accounts and give you instant feedback. YouTube community tab works like a charm for creators to engage with the audience. They can use YouTube community posts such as polls, ask questions, use GIFs, and interact with the community.

Part 2: How to Make A Community Post on YouTube?

The first question to arise in one’s mind revolves around how to make a community post on YouTube. The community post YouTube helps in interaction with the general public and community. To make community posts YouTube via computer and mobile device, follow the guidelines below in detail.

Community Post YouTube Via Computer

The steps below shall help the reader to make a YouTube community post through the system.

Step 1: Launch YouTube from your browser and log in to your account. Now, click on the “Upload” button located at the top right corner of the screen.

tap on upload icon

Step 2: Tap on “Create Post” and type the message in the textbox. You can insert an image, GIF, or video as required. Now, pick the type of post.

Step 3: Hit “Post” afterward. The “Community” posts can be accessed from the “Community” tab in your account channel.

confirm create post for community

Community Post YouTube Via Mobile Phone

To know How to make community posts on YouTube mobile, follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: Launch the YouTube application from your iPhone or Android. Hit the “Create” icon that looks like a video camera located in the top right corner.

select the create icon

Step 2: Click on “Create Post,” add the post to the textbox and upload any required media. Choose the type of post and tap “Post.”

Part 3: How to Get Community Tab on YouTube?

The vital concern to be addressed in this section spins around how to enable a community tab on YouTube. On October 12, 2021, YouTube updated the policy that stated that a channel must have a minimal 500+ subscribers to get community tab YouTube.

youtube community policy tweet

Before October, the threshold for subscribers used to be 1000+. Now it has been reduced so that most channels can communicate and engage with the audience. The content creators can access the community tab on YouTube faster by following some pointers and tips.

For once, they can interact with the audience more and find ways to keep them in a loop. It creates a strong community of followers and subscribers. To do so, the account owners can reply to every comment, ask different questions, and pin the best comments. Additionally, you can ask for feedback and opinions in the comment tab to enable the community tab on YouTube.

Ask people their take on a certain stereotype, have a tip from viewers that can be shared with the community, and how they want to see the future. It also makes the community ponder upon the cruel realities of the world and express themselves out loud. You can also make more quality content videos to be a part of the community for good.

Part 4: How to Make Good Use of Community Tab on YouTube?

The users know how to get the community tab on your YouTube channel and how to post community posts on YouTube. It is time to know how to make good use of the community tab on YouTube. Having this knowledge shall help the new and old content creators to use their skills and bring good to the world.

So, without wasting any time, let us begin the process.

Showcase Behind the Scenes and Bloopers

Most viewers crave authenticity more than ever. The regular videos and updates on a channel and scripted and well-crafted, so there is no window for error. However, upload your life updates and BTS scenes from video production to engage the audience and use the community tab to its full potential.

Cross Channel Promotion Process

The community tab helps promote your various vlog or podcasts. It means that you can support new creators in the market and establish a cross-channel promotion network. Engaging with other creators helps the audience know about your community tab YouTube.

Use Teasers and Promos

Using different teasers and promos plays a significant role in developing the well-deserved hype for the show or video. It compels the audience to stay tuned to whatever the channel is bringing to the table. Moreover, the time between working on the video and uploading it can be filled by teasers that promote the upcoming project big time.

Exceptional and Planned Giveaways

Giveaways appear to be a devious plan to lure in the audience. However, if your content is worthy enough to stick around, you don’t need to worry much. Therefore, plan a giveaway and set some rules for it. The circle of interest is widely enhanced using this tactic from the platform of community tab on YouTube.

Hosting Q/A Sessions

Another effective way to use the YouTube community tab to its full potential revolves around hosting a Questions and Answer Session. The general public likes to relate to the bloggers and influencers and know about them. A Q/A session sparks the connection between the two where the viewers ask different personal and professional questions.

It is a huge possibility that you gain new followers, and they stick to the way you communicate and give importance to your subscribers.

Ask for Inspiration and Video

The most common practice of renowned content creators is to engage the audience and ask them for inspiration in the following video. You can ask your subscribers what they want to see you act on and what topic should be covered. Do not hesitate to use polls and gauge interest in general and stereotypical subjects.


YouTube has become a one-stop shop for watching impeccable content and earning through the creation of media. It is vital to know YouTube community guidelines to work better and efficiently.

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