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80+ Creative Cooking Channel Names to Attract More Audience

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

YouTube is one of the most effective tools of entertainment which never fails to impress us with the variety of content offerings. When it comes to cooking YouTube does have the largest collection of videos. If you are thinking to start your own YouTube cooking channel then the first thing you have to do is to find catchy cooking channel names. Food channel names only would fetch more and more audience to your channel and make it grow.

So are you tired of thinking of the best names for the cooking channel?

Part 1: What are the Best Cooking Channels?

There are many popular cooking channel names available on YouTube serving amazing, entertaining, and very informative home cook-related content with great viewership. Based on their talent alone and such YouTube cooking channel names are gaining popularity on their terms.

Here following are the best YouTube cooking channels list you can look at forever:

1. Binging with Babish

This channel undoubtedly wins the first spot among all hosted by Andrew Rea. He has content originality, fun elements, and high production value for everyone. If you talk about one specific dish or basic cooking tips Andrew shares everything. He is surely growing so fast having 3.7 million subscribers

2. Epic Meal Time

He has more than 7 million subscribers it Is among the most followed YouTube cooking channels. His most popular one is "Fast Food Lasagna," where he visits some of the popular fast-food chains and orders the popular food items, and mixes them to make one giant Lasagna. Most of the videos are such where he combines food items and creates the huge possible dishes.

3. Brothers Green Eats

This channel belongs to two brothers Josh and Mike Greenfield focusing more on easy-to-cook and easy-to-follow recipes for viewers. Their main idea of content is "good vibes, cheap eats, and delicious times. They are having nearly 1.3 million subscribers till now and along with the fun personalities, cheap yet simple recipes in a very less time, they are gaining a lot of popularity already.

Part 2: How to Pick a Cooking Channel Name?

Naming a YouTube channel is not an easy task if you are not familiar with a few of the principles of naming. Your YouTube channel name is the official name of your presence and it is a big part of how people will understand what your channel is all about. If you are stuck at finding the food channel names ideas find below principals to help you with that:

1. Name should define your topic

People coming across your YouTube channel would like to get familiar with the type of videos you are delivering by reading the channel name only. So make sure that your name contains your niche and make it easy for viewers to understand your offerings.

2. Name should be unique enough

You don’t want to bore viewers with your channel name only. Make sure that your YouTube channel name is popping out from the others YouTube channels. Also while naming makes sure to check is that any similar to what you have a planner or not. If you don’t find any similar channels you are really good to go.

3. Make it Catchy

Your channel name should be such extra making people remember easily. So if the channel name is unique, more it will be in people’s minds too.

4. Avoid numbers

Adding numbers to your YouTube channel would make it difficult for viewers to remember it. Numbers also don’t go easy for searching for a name too and it gets harder.

If you are still not clear and confused you can take the help of a few of the best name generators available online. You just need to write one word or phrase and get a range of naming ideas in front of you

Part 3: 80+ Food Channel Name Ideas

If you search there are so many cooking channels already existing on YouTube. Get yourself an amazing YouTube cooking channel name ideas to start as a pro.

Here below are some of the best catchy, cool and attractive food channel names idea you have ever come across:

  1. Your Cooks
  2. Yellow Carrot
  3. Friend Cook!
  4. Inner City
  5. Food hands
  6. Every day Special
  7. Your Green Chef
  8. Grand Feast
  9. Tasty Experience
  10. Food lovers
  11. Homies Cooking
  12. Prime food
  13. Secret Chef
  14. Home Grill
  15. Passion food
  16. Fresh dine
  17. D’s kitchen
  18. Yum tum
  19. Chopping noise
  20. Hunger Cave
  21. Fine dine
  22. Food coma
  23. off the plate
  24. The Fresh Recipe
  25. Supper taste
  26. Food Miller
  27. Foodella
  28. Me Cooking
  29. Fun Elements
  30. Cook Masters
  31. Catering chefs
  32. Food Corner
  33. Fun Restaurant
  34. Delish us
  35. Cooke we
  36. Cooking night
  37. The food Table
  38. Food place Restaurant
  39. The Garden
  40. Mad Cooks
  41. The Green Kitchen
  42. The Whistle Stop Cafe
  43. Food Company
  44. Confident foody
  45. Fresh test
  46. Yum Treats
  47. The Cutting plate
  48. Grate eaters
  49. Soup Group
  50. The tasty spoon
  51. Perfectly yummy
  52. Grand Menu
  53. Food Plates
  54. Fine dine
  55. Dinner us
  56. Home-based Cook
  57. Yummy creations
  58. We Cook
  59. Food disaster
  60. Drama Cook
  61. Food Pixel
  62. Boom Food
  63. The eaters
  64. Yum Vision
  65. Your Kitchen
  66. Food Partners
  67. Feast Dreams
  68. Food funda
  69. Think to eat!
  70. Common food
  71. King food
  72. The grand plate
  73. Young eaters
  74. Food gang
  75. Hunger us
  76. Best meals
  77. Your food deal
  78. Food talk
  79. Yum taste
  80. Chat food
  81. Code cook
  82. Food on the way
  83. Oh! Food

Part 4: Bonus Tip - Make Cooking Videos with Smart Video Editor

Video editing plays an essential role in the lives of content creators and it may sound very easy but trust me it is not. It requires way lot of effort to make your content look perfect and appealing to your viewers. However good your content is but if you are not able to serve it properly to the audience it won’t work at all.

Starting as a food blogger asks for many things and one of them is a good video editor. Once you create the content you need to polish it in a way to make it look catchy. The end game is only on how you present your videos and that would decide the worth of your efforts. So being a Food blogger you need to have the finest video editor which can set you differently from the existing ones and make you win the race!

Wondershare Filmora is such a powerful video editor to help you with your all editing needs. The range of effects, features, filters is so many to make the outcome look so appealing. It is a very easy-to-use video editor that doesn’t ask for any prior experience of editing. You need to have some basic editing ideas and you are good to go! Here the video editing experience is very smooth and creates videos efficiently.

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  • Motion Tracking
  • Audio Ducking
  • Green Screen
  • Splitting, rotating, cropping, trimming, brightness controls
  • Color Matching
  • Keyframing
  • Zooming and Panning
  • Stabilization

Thus Wondershare Filmora could be the most effective video editor option for any food blogger. It serves amazing effects and features to create an appealing outcome. It offers a wide range of powerful video editing tools to create videos efficiently. So there is no doubt in picking Wondershare Filmora at all!


A food blogging career can be really exciting but it has a huge competition too. Introducing a food channel would surely require some prior efforts and naming is one of the key factors. We hope that the above-mentioned names for the cooking channel and food channel name ideas would help you to create a base.

Along with the cooking channel name ideas, Wondershare Filmora is an effective video editor in attracting more and more audiences towards your content and make you grow better!

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