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How to Get Paid to Review Products on YouTube

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

You can get paid to review products on YouTube, and that's just one of the benefits. Here are a few more:

  • You get to help your viewers by providing them with both factual information, and the opinion of someone they trust (you!).
  • Your reviews can help people save money! By watching your videos, viewers will be able to make informed buying decisions.
  • Your reviews can help YOU save money! Once you build up a following of loyal subscribers, brands will start sending you free products to review.

How to Make Money on YouTube Doing Product Reviews

First, you need to find a product that you want to review. The product should be related to a topic you know a lot about. This will make your review more credible. It is easier to grow your channel if you focus on a niche (i.e. camera equipment or makeup) you are particularly knowledgeable about.

Part 1: Get Paid by Reviewing Product with Affiliate Links

One of the main ways you can make money doing reviews is through affiliate links. When you join the affiliate program of an online store they will allow you to create special links, called affiliate links, to products listed there. You post these affiliate links in the descriptions of your video reviews and, if viewers choose to click on those links and buy the products, you will earn a sales commission. Here are some stores with great affiliate programs:

1. JVZoo

You can find high end products for about $5 to $10. Budgeting will be important if you plan on purchasing products to review instead of only reviewing products you already own (you should try to review items you already have as much as possible).

2. Click Bank

You can find a wide range of interesting products here, and you can earn as much as 75% on sales commissions if you provide your viewers with an affiliate link.

3. Warrior Plus

This is a highly renowned affiliate program. It very similar to JVZoo.

4. Amazon

It doesn’t get any better than Amazon. You can find just about anything.

Part 2: Getting Products for Free

Once you’ve built up authority as a reviewer, brands will start giving you free stuff to review. Until then, you can buy the products yourself or review products which you already own. It will be a lot cheaper to review things you already have, or which you were already planning to buy, than to buy products for the purpose of reviewing them. Your reviews will also be more detailed and useful when they are on products you are especially familiar with.

Once you start building a following, brands will come to you and it will be your choice whether you want to review the things they send you. Until then, try to promote/review products you already have opinions on.

Part 3: Filming the Video

Be completely honest. People are going to know when you are trying to sell something. Fake reviewers are all over the place, and they are easily spotted.

That does not mean you shouldn’t make money through affiliate links, or accept free products to review. So long as you are honest in your opinions, and open with your viewers about any relationships you have with brands, you are not ‘selling out’.

Bottom Line

It takes time to earn any money reviewing products on YouTube. However, once you are an established authority in your niche, brands might start coming to you on their own. 

If you were going to be paid to review products on YouTube, what kinds of products would they be? And if you want to make the reviewing video better, you should use a video editing software like Filmora .

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