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YouTube Premium Subscription - Everything You Need to Know

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 24, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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It was formerly known as YouTube Red three years ago when it first launched. It brings to your screen tones of perks for better viewing. However, the service isn't still widely known, and most people are on the verge of understanding what is entailed in the subscription. Most YouTube premium subscribers attest that the service is of value and are even relieved of the constant ads in the Free version. Dive into the article for more insights.

youtube premium subscriber

In this article

What is YouTube Premium?

This streaming service was initially launched in 2014 and was later rebranded in 2018 as YouTube Premium. It includes YouTube music and other features that Google added to it. You can download content, perform background playback and even get access to YouTube original content. Note that this came at a cost as its price was raised. But what remains is that you get value for your money.

1. What service is included in the Premium subscription?

The Premium subscription is an after-sought service that includes these services.

Background play: It allows one to play your videos in the background, enabling you to use the app as a music player.

Offline playback: Easily view your videos on your phone or tablet. It means you can download a video or music and play them while not on the internet.

Ad-free videos: Say goodbye to popular ads with YouTube Free subscription. You already catered for your freedom in the subscription.

YouTube Music Premium: YouTube music is available for free even though you won't download it for offline playback on this tier.

Flip between apps swiftly: Your videos will continue playing even if you switch to another app. You can flip apps on your device, like check emails, read Twitter, scroll to texts and still play your videos.

2. The price of a YouTube Premium subscription

YouTube Premium isn't different from other services. Like most streaming services, you get family and student plans. YouTube Premium costs your $6.99 monthly subscription for students' plans. You, however, need to verify that you are a student. A family plan comes at $17.99 per month, where you can add up to five members. Single YouTube Premium will cost you $11.99 a month

3. Does YouTube Premium provide an annual plan?

No. YouTube Premium does not provide an annual plan. You can only pay your subscription per month.

4. What is the difference between YouTube TV and YouTube Premium

Even though they sound similar, YouTube TV and YouTube Premium are different in many aspects. While YouTube Premium is a paid subscription, YouTube TV is a live streaming service. Let's explore more differences.

What is included

If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, then you unlock other streaming features. These include watching YouTube without ads on its apps, managing offline viewing, playing your videos in the background, and getting YouTube Music, among others.

You can watch various channels over the internet with YouTube TV, live. It offers you close to 90 channels cutting across lifestyle, news, entertainment, sports, etc. Likewise, you can stream live broadcasts from top networks like NBC, FOX, ABC, etc. It will also splash your screen with news channels from BBC America, CNN, FOX News, etc.


When it comes to pricing, YouTube Premium costs $11.00 per month with a free, one-month trial for new subscribers. It also has different plans for students and families. On the other hand, YouTube TV starts at $64.99 per month. However, first-time subscribers can get a free offer of up to one week at no cost. This rate may seem high, but it is competitive with other live TV streaming services.


YouTube TV is readily available on the web, mobile platforms, and media streaming devices like Fire TV and Chromecast. You can also download the YouTube TV app to enjoy it on players like game consoles and PlayStations. For YouTube Premium, you'll easily access it by subscription.

However, there are areas where both YouTube TV and YouTube Premium overlap. Both will let you watch YouTube Originals.

You will also enjoy your videos without adverts interruption. Additionally, it would be best to have an internet connection to stream your videos before downloading. And after downloading and saving your files, you can stream them offline on YouTube Premium.

So, which is better?

YouTube Premium subscribers think it's the better choice. For one, if you like entertainment from services like Hulu, Netflix, Disney, and much more, then YouTube Premium has you covered than YouTube TV.

Q&A: Is YouTube Premium subscription available in all countries?

● YouTube Premium is not available in some countries. The likely reason is that those countries' laws prevent it from being offered.

● But worry less, you can still access YouTube Premium even if it's not available in your country. You can switch to an alternative county and stream videos.

  • Make a quick switch by first clicking the "Country" button on the bottom of the YouTube homepage. Here, you'll view various available countries where YouTube Premium is accessible.
  • Then click any country of choice to switch to. It will give you that country's YouTube version.
  • You can also change your language if it presents a foreign language video and description. Just click on the "Language" button on the page.
  • Finally, access and play any YouTube premium video virtually from the country you switched to.

Is YouTube Premium worth subscribing to?

Even with the lack of YouTube Premium annual subscription, it still beats all odds to subscribe to this streaming service.

1) Offline playback

Office playback is one reason why YouTube lovers opt for the Premium subscription. Saving your videos for offline listening gives you more advantages than needing to be online to stream your videos. You can do it by simply checking for the "Download" icon below the video you wish to save on your device for later watching. You are then free to stream your files at any time, on the go!

2) Free of ads at last

YouTube streaming is much better without ever interacting with adverts. There are no pop-ups with the Premium version, letting you enjoy every bit of your video streaming. Again, such interruptions aren't healthy for a tutorial session. Without ads, you can fully concentrate on video playing, letting you get quality value for your time.

3) Get original content

By fact, it is clear that this platform lets you interact with high-end artists who dwell on giving original content to their viewers. You'll get a perfect chance to subscribe to artists who offer content, i.e., exclusive to the paid tier.

4) Included Google Play Music for free

It's a double party for YouTube Premium subscribers. You have the advantage of getting Google Play Music when you subscribe to YouTube Music Premium. More so, the Google Play library gives you tones of music from their library. Combined with YouTube Premium offers, you won't have any reason not to feel entertained from any genre of choice.

Some improvements will go a long way

Despite all the reasons to subscribe to YouTube Premium, it still needs a minor improvement to perfection.

  • The YouTube Premium service's availability is limited compared to the initial YouTube version. Therefore, some countries prohibit its usage and are only accessible in about 70 countries. Hopefully, it will be available worldwide so that no user is limited.
  • YouTube Premium subscription does not give any discounts on any of the subscriptions. And being that it has no yearly subscriptions, the amount remains the same whether you opt for one month or pay it times 12 for the year. There should be some considerations for offers, primarily when you cover the one-year payments.
  • Some users feel the price is higher than other streaming services. However, YouTube claims to offer free Google Play music. Perhaps this is the reason for the slight rise.
  • This streaming service lacks some extras like rentals and charged station subscriptions. Other features like "lyrics" to the songs have also not been catered for. Likewise, some extra information like the title or genre of the video you watch is not included. These small extras could go a long way if they were to be added.
  • YouTube Premium also seems to pay attention to celebrities other than YouTubers. Most originals are not exclusive to Premium subscribers, while you can watch them with ads on a free account.


● Amidst the many YouTube subscriptions, YouTube Premium has come a long way. Additionally, it hasn't covered all the countries just yet. However, it has eliminated the presence of annoying ads that are prominent with the free YouTube service. More so, you get free access to Google Play Music, among other added values. Despite those, the app still needs some improvements in its services to incorporate YouTube Premium subscribers in its walk fully.

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