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Revolutionizing Image Generation Using Fotor AI

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Who doesn't like art? You are at least an admirer, even if you can't be a creator. Sometimes an imagination or an idea is running through our mind. But either we need the talent or the time to bring it to canvas. With the advancements in AI technology, you don’t have to put effort into such things. At first, AI had its limit on textual creation.

The tools proved suitable for both academic and marketing purposes. Once the trend of AI has settled, there are unlimited variations. AI tools and software can now self-compose images, paintings, and creative portraits. Fotor AI is also one of the image-generative AI tools. You can see your ideas brought to reality with Fotor AI image commands and a click. This article will also bring Fotor pricing into account.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How Has AI Photo Generation Influenced the Current Industry?
  2. Part 2: Fotor AI: An Online Excellence in AI Photo Editing and Generation
  3. Part 3: How To Generate a Free AI Image With Fotor AI?
  4. Part 4: Creating an AI Video on Your Desktop Using Wondershare Filmora
  5. Conclusion
AI Image Generator
The best image and video editor enhances the creativity of your content effortlessly.
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Part 1. How Has AI Photo Generation Influenced the Current Industry?

AI software has an undeniable influence on the world. It is worth the hype as it has made hours of editing effortless. Here are some ways in which AI photo generation has made an impact:

1. Enhanced Image Editing

AI algorithms have progressed the software's ability to auto-edit images. AI-based tools can automate enhancing pictures by adjusting colors, improving sharpness, reducing noise, and other details. It spares photographers and editors hours of constant editing. You can even personalize your home’s art collection with this.

2. Object Removal

Software running on AI-driven tools can remove unwanted objects from images. This tool has eliminated the need for manual object removal and saves time and effort. Automated object removal is handy when unwanted elements disrupt the composition or distract from the main subject.

3. Aesthetic Filters

AI tools can analyze and add artistic filters to pictures. This tool has led to the invention of creative filters and effects that can transform the outlook and vibe of images. You can apply multiple styles like artistic filters, anime, avatars, and 3D can be used.

4. Content Creation & Moderation

AI Algorithms can enhance and create images of people that do not exist in the real world. The techniques used in the process are Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), which can add real-life photography effects to pictures. You can use AI algorithms in online platforms to detect any content that has copyright issues.

Part 2. Fotor AI: An Online Excellence in AI Photo Editing and Generation

Any photo editor or creator that doesn't use AI tools is now behind the times. Such software can only last for a while, and its users will eventually face obstacles. Fotor AI is one of the software that is hosted by cloud technologies. Cloud technology refers to software running online, collecting data from web resources, and having online storage.

You do not have to download or install Fotor AI on your desktop; you can create pictures online. Fotor Online can enhance the creativity of your content effortlessly. It was developed after many tests to ensure safe and secure search results. However, the entire concept of AI tools revolves around personalization. With Fotor AI, you can customize your video's resolution and enhancement effects.

Key Features of Fotor AI

Let’s see what the AI features of Fotor Online Editor are and how they can assist you in the process. It offers a range of AI tools naming:

1. AI Image Generator

Fotor AI Image encodes limited characters into images through a text-to-image tool. This tool is universal in all AI creation software. It requires you to add a concise demand in the text box. In return, it will give you a precise image of the context you said. Some abundant styles of image creation it offers are 3D, Realistic, Illustration, Cartoon, Cyberpunk, and Oil Painting.

fotor ai image generator

2. AI Face Generator

An emerging trend in the world of Artificial Intelligence is face development tools. Fotor AI also facilitates its users to auto-generate new faces. You need to be specific about gender, race, age, and some physical characteristics in the description. This tool lets you choose angles, face shapes, and expressions. In contrast to real faces, it can generate 3D and Anime versions.

fotor ai face generator

3. AI Art Generator

AI art is now everywhere to be seen. You can create artistic portraits through its text-to-AI art generator tool. The formats of art include Science Fiction and cartoons, along with many others. You can also make creative versions of your pictures through this tool.

fotor ai art generator

4. AI Photo Effect

Creating an entirely new picture from the Fotor AI image is optional. You can edit and enhance an already present picture through it as well. Fotor AI has 50 authentic and aesthetic filters and styles. These effects include Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Pop-Art, sketches, cartoons, and filters inspired by famous artists.

fotor ai photo effect

5. Photo Enhancer

Plenty of misfortunate events happen where the picture quality drops. Worry no more because Fotor AI has a solution to this as well. The AI photo enhancement tools can fix any diminished pictures. It can auto-clear the blurred ones, sharpen them, and add colors. The tool can also change the resolution of images as per your preferences.

fotor ai photo enhancer

6. Background Remover

A messed-up background can disqualify an image. Fotor online can assist you in solving this problem. It will auto-remove the image background and even give options to replace them. You can add Portraits, Products, Cars, Animals, and Graphics in the background as per your personality.

fotor ai background remover

7. Photo Eraser

Removing a whole background and removing a specific object are two different concepts. Fotor AI online can auto-remove unnecessary objects from your pictures. It will not just remove the thing with the assistance of image inpainting; it can recreate the area from which the item was extracted.

fotor photo eraser

8. AI Avatar Generator

Avatars are required everywhere nowadays as they are used in corporate sectors and digital gaming. You can create any style and format of avatar through Fotor AI. These avatars aid in presentations, games, and social media communication. You can even customize your avatar from a picture of yours.

fotor ai avatar generator

Pricing Plans of Fotor AI

Although the basic version of Fotor AI is available for free, however, for some performances, you have to pay. Take a look at the pricing plans of the Fotor AI generative tool:


Pricing Plans/month

Fotor Pro


Fotor Pro+


Part 3. How To Generate a Free AI Image With Fotor AI

You're already familiar with what Fotor AI is. Following are some steps that you can follow to start image creation on your device:

Step 1Sign Up or Sign In

After opening Fotor AI on your web browser, go to the "Sign In" option at the top right corner of your window. The program will ask for your email, enter a new or existing email address, or you can sign in from a Google/Facebook account as well.

fotor sign up and sign in
Step 2Enter Your Prompt

After signing in, hover towards the description box and add your concept. Below the description box is a text saying, "Prompts Sample." It is to assist you if you need ideas for pictures. When you click "Prompts Sample," it'll show textual ideas in the description box. You can keep clicking until you find what you need.

dd prompt on fotor
Step 3Edit and Download

Once you have found your prompt, click the "Generate" button. A new window will open where you can see the "Download All" option with some others. Before downloading your video, you can add and edit it as well. Once satisfied with your results, click "Download All," and your picture will be downloaded to your PC.

edit ai image and download

Part 4. Creating an AI Video on Your Desktop Using Wondershare Filmora

After learning about AI image generators, you must be wondering if there is a way AI tools can generate videos as well. Like Fotor AI, Wondershare Filmora is also an AI software. However, being an online platform, there are some limitations you might face while creating innovation. This is where Wondershare Filmora features as a great option for generating video content from AI.

It operates on the same procedure as an image creator does and also provides text-to-create features. Filmora offers automated templates and themes for these videos based on the platform's demand. It can auto-adjust the video to the required resolutions, and you can share videos directly.

Free Download
Free Download

Key Features of Wondershare Filmora AI Toolkit

Let’s explore some AI features of Filmora that will automate video making. Knowing more about these features will help you know how to edit the perfect video using AI editing tools:

1. AI Image

Starting with the features, the AI image featured in Wondershare Filmora provides an accessible option to users for creating AI-generated art. With defined styles and aspect ratios, you can easily create the AI image of your choice in Filmora.

ai image filmora

2. Remove Video Background

Instead of facing the difficulty of adjusting green backgrounds before video recordings, you can use Filmora's assistance. It will help you to auto-remove the video background. Filmora also gives you options to add locations to make your videos creative.

remove video background filmora

3. AI Copywriting

Being a content writer means being creative all the time. But you can run out of ideas after a specific time. Filmora’s AI copywriting tool can assist you if you want to create original content. Its connection to Chat GPT enables it to self-create ideas for social media scripts, titles, and hashtags.

ai copywriting filmora

4. Text-to-Speech

Ever get exhausted from school or work presentations? Filmora has got a hustle-free solution for you. Its text-to-speech feature can add any PDF, book, or text to audio. These audios can then be added to your videos. You can customize the voice you want to add, i.e., male or female.

text to speech filmora

5. Motion Tracking

You can add motion tracking to make your video outlook more creative and engaging. By using motion tracking, the added effects and emojis will look livelier. Motion Tracking will add movements to your effects that will align with the actions of the person selected.

motion tracking filmora


You are now familiar with how AI has evolved the creation and editing of games. You can easily generate pictures from Fotor AI in multiple resolutions and enhance your creativity. Even with all advanced AI tools, Fotor AI can only assist in image generation.

If you want to use a reliable video creation tool, we recommend Wondershare Filmora. You'll only need a little guidance, as the AI tools will do the most work. You can download it on your PC and start right away.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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