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AI Voice Generation With Murf Voice Changer: A Review

Are you looking for an AI voice generator that can fulfill your needs for production? Discover the features of Murf.AI as one of the diverse audio AIs.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 23, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

Similar to humans, every AI successor is more advanced than its ancestor. AI has surely enhanced productivity across all disciplines. Meanwhile, content creators can use them to edit, create, and enhance their video content. One of the modern inventions of AI is a voice generator.

Voice generator AIs harness deep learning and natural human processing techniques to produce lifelike voices. Audio AI's collaboration with ChatGPT and cloud-driven tools enables it to understand and respond naturally. Murf.AI also belongs to a similar category. In this article, we will review Murf Voice and how it utilizes the Murf.AI text-to-speech function to perfection.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Recognizing The Need for AI Voice Generators in the Current Market
  2. Part 2. Murf.AI and Its Explicitness in Voice Generation
  3. Part 3. In The Workplace of Murf.AI: Learning About AI Voice Generation
  4. Part 4. Want To Do AI Video Editing? Try Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. Recognizing The Need for AI Voice Generators in the Current Market

AI is overtaking most of the tasks these days ranging from education to the media industry. With this advancement, a variety of AI voice generator tools have been developed recently. You might be wondering why there is a need for such tools. For that, below are some reasons why the reach for AI voice generators has grown:

1. Balancing Access to All

AI voice generators have made every kind of content and knowledge accessible to everyone. They have created opportunities for those with visual or psychological disabilities. It creates a balance between accessing opportunities, no matter what.

2. Personalize Your Experience

With AI voice generators, you can customize your results as per your audience's preference. AI audio can be personalized based on characters, voices, and content. The specification enables you to generate target-specific content.

3. Diverse Learning Modes

AI audio generators use TTS systems to make the experience simpler for users. Students can convert books into audiobooks which enhances creativity. Users can listen to the altered text and do other tasks like cleaning.

4. Virtual Assistance and Health Care

With the increased demand for virtual assistance, the demand for AI voice generation increased as well. These AIs can generate real-time voices helping the customers and patients be at ease. The addition of emotions in these AIs has leveled up the game for health and customer care.

5. Entertainment and Gaming

Amongst other industries, AI voice generators are ruling the gaming world as well. AI audios also provide voice narration, dialogues, and customized audio experiences. This creates a more interactive environment for gamers.

Part 2. Murf.AI and Its Explicitness in Voice Generation

Content can be of many genres ranging from social media videos to corporate needs, customer care, and much more. Who has the time to surf for separate tools for different genres? Murf.AI brings an all-in-one solution for your queries. You can create specific AI voices through Murf.AI suitable for specific industries.

Murf.AI is an AI voice generator that operates on text-to-speech functions. In this particular technology, users put their texts as inputs. TTS will analyze and understand the data and transform it into audio outputs. It is a simple process that requires no expertise. With the addition of deep learning and human language processing, Murf.AI can generate voices closer to real ones.

AI Features That Marks Importance

Murf offers exceptional functionality in creating voice using AI. Following are some of the features of Murf.AI text-to-speech that can assist you:

Features of Murf AI:

1. Text-to-Speech

Text-to-speech Murf has been discussed in detail. You can auto-generate 100% real-life human voices through it. You can transcribe these voices into 20 languages. This will not only broaden your or your brand's identity but also make your content international. You can listen to the audio recordings of these languages before selecting.

text to speech murf ai

2. Voice Cloning

People sometimes prefer their voices over AI-generated ones. Familiar voices play an important role in customer services and the health sector. People are more open and relaxed when they hear a familiar voice. You cannot always record your voice for presentations. Murf audio can help you in voice cloning, where you need to do it once, and it will serve you forever.

voice cloning murf ai

3. Voiceover Video

Lost audios or videos without audio are not that engaging. The viewer may lose interest in the middle of the video. If you have a script, you can efficiently transform it into a voiceover with Murf.AI voice for your video. The AI tool will fit the audio to match the video accurately. You can even add background music to your creations for innovations.

voiceover video murf ai

4. Voice Changer

With Murf Studio, you can transform your recorded voice into someone else's to sound more professional. You don't even need a script to do this since you can start recording your voice. Later, you can choose from 120+ voices. Murf.AI will auto-remove any background noises to increase the clarity of voice.

voice changer murf ai

5. Voiceover Google Slides Add-on

This is basically like choosing a narrator to tell your story. You can add a suitable voiceover to your slides with Murf voice changer. You need to enable the voiceover, and AI will auto-assign the voice according to the slides. This feature also helps you create group presentations as well from Murf.AI.

voiceover google slides add-on murf ai
Pricing Plans Offered By Murf.AI

Although Murf AI does allows its users to have a free trial, the editing versions connected to AI are paid. Find the Murf.AI pricing plans below:

Murf.AI Versions Pricing Plans (Per Month)
Basic $29
Pro $39
Enterprise $99

Part 3. In The Workplace of Murf.AI: Learning About AI Voice Generation

Let's see how you can create simple text-to-speech audio in Murf.AI with the provided steps. You will be able to generate the perfect voice for utilizing it in appropriate applications:

Step 1: Log in to Murf.AI

Murf.AI tool doesn't function unless you have signed up or logged in. Go to any web browser and search for "Murf.AI." You can sign in with an existing Gmail account or create a new one.

log in to murf

Step 2: Add Textual Instructions

Once you've signed into Murf Studio, a new window will appear. You will have to select the "Create Project" button to initiate a new project. On opening a new project, you will find a description box saying, "Enter your text here." You can copy-paste your text or upload a document from the "Import Script" icon on the left side panel.

add text or import script

Step 3: Select the Format and Download

Once you're done, click the "Export" button at the window's top right corner. After clicking export, a new window will appear. You'll be asked to select the format of your output. Choose and press "Download," which will start downloading the AI-generated audio from Murf.AI to your selected folder.

define parameters and download

Part 4. Want To Do AI Video Editing? Try Wondershare Filmora

Although Murf.AI does offer the best AI audio editing features, it still lacks modern video editing techniques, filters, and effects. One of the finest Murf.AI alternatives is Wondershare Filmora. It operates on similar functionalities and technologies. But it is effortless and more efficient for video editing.

Edit Video with AI
Edit Video with AI
Prominent AI Features of Wondershare Filmora

Here Filmora's video editing features are more advanced than Murf Studio's. The following are the features to assist you in video editing:

1. AI Copywriting

Filmora's collaboration with ChatGPT has given rise to AI copywriting. With this feature, you can generate automated scripts for your videos. You can also add titles, descriptions, and hashtags for your social media content. The content it creates is SEO-boosted in all dynamics.

ai copywriting filmora

2. Remove Video Background

With its AI, you can remove any video background with just one click. You don't have to go through the struggle of green screens to remove a background. After removing a background, Filmora offers you four alternatives. You can replace your BG with solid or gradient colors, images, or videos. By removing complete video BGs, you can create GIFs as well.

remove video background filmora

3. AI Image

Another product that was launched as a result of this integration is the AI image. It is a text-to-image functionality. You can create images with written instructions and add them to your video presentations. Filmora supports three image resolutions depending on the preferences along with various styles.

ai image filmora

4. Instant Mode

In Filmora's Instant Mode, you can auto-edit an entire video without effort. Just a matter of some clicks, and your video will be on its way. It offers 115+ video templates and themes depending on the niche of content.

instant mode filmora


You're now familiar with what AI audio generators do and how they serve almost all industries. These tools have made us save time and be more productive. Where they are experts in transforming audio, they lack video editing. As an alternative to Murf.AI, we suggest Wondershare Filmora, where you can edit videos with the same efficiency but with more features.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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