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Learn How to Make Architecture Animation

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 24, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
Learn How to Make Architecture Animation

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Architecture Animation is the practice of creating a 3D Animation of a structure. A lot of animation studios offer it as part of their packages, creating 3D Architectural Animation that you can explore to the fullest and make use of as clips for projects for your partners or share with your audience for marketing purposes.

Part 1 What is Architectural 3D Animation?

01How is animation used in architecture?

3D Animation Architecture is the same as a live walkthrough of a home or building, except it's all done digitally In the literal sense, you can experience a real estate project in full (both interior and exterior design, although some animation studios do offer those services separately.) These animations are usually done with the help of CAD architecture-friendly software. Like Maya, Autodesk, Giza, and so on.

Then they're either shared as is — fully explorable in all sorts of angles. Or, as finished videos run through on a professional video editor, like Filmora, which can be used to create stunning ‘walk-throughs' that you can share with clients and partners alike

Explore Real Estate Projects with Architecture Animation

02Why is 3D Animation Important for the Architecture Industry?

3D Animation Architecture is quite difficult to make, usually involving hours of work rendering everything in proper form. However, these days, Architecture Animation software is not only more accessible but much easier to use as well Because of this, the demand for Architectural Animations grew, with architects and construction engineers preferring only to work with those who could provide them with the kind of detailed project that is usually afforded by 3D Architectural Animation.

Improved Architectural Animation Software = Higher Demand

Part 2 Top 7 Benefits of 3D Animation in Architecture Design

We answered this just now in a very broad kind of sense. However, to be truly able to explain why the demand for 3D Architectural Animation has only continued to grow over the years, we've also included this section on the many benefits of Architecture Animation and how it can improve your business offerings and help you compete on more even grounds with your competitors

01Detailed Construction Requirements

As mentioned previously, a lot of architects and construction engineers would prefer to work with designers who can show them their vision through 3D Architectural Animation. This gives them an idea of exactly what you want in terms of construction requirements.

Man Drawing Traditional Architectural Designs

02Complete Visual Touring

Of course, outside of construction parameters, there's also the major benefit of just being able to see the finished project in its fully rendered form. In the case of designers and construction engineers, it erases any risk of misunderstandings. And, when it comes to clients, they can more easily visualize your plans and the work that is required to make it a reality.

Traditional Architectural Plan

03Scope and Scale of Project

Continuing from the same vein we left off in the previous listing. A 3D Architectural Animation shows off the specific scope and scale of the project. Not just in terms of sizing (although that's important too), but also the kind of budget that would be required in order to get it done, and what changes could be made in regards to the current real estate property (if there's any.)

Understanding the Scope and Scale of the Architectural Project

04Architectural Animations Easily Shareable

We mentioned this in passing previously, but architectural animations are great because they are so much easier to share. Now, no longer will you have to come to a project discussion with piles and piles of blueprints that your client is unlikely to truly understand in full

Instead, you can invest in creating stunning walk-throughs or flythroughs of the ‘finished' property with the use of video editors like Filmora and ensure that they are able to share in your vision from the onset.

Share Architectural Animations Easily

05Customer Reassurance Boost

Of course, one great thing about having to show something to your client is that you can give them peace and mind by proving to them that you know what you are doing, that you have a plan, and that this plan is right here. It's quite relieving, as we're certain you can understand, to have something solid to ground you when faced with such big, life-changing projects.

Shake on It Close Deals with Reassurance Boost

06Make Corrections Early and Efficiently

Another benefit of having a fully rendered end-product in front of you is that you can very easily make changes as needed. If the client thinks that this part is a little too small or if they think that this door is unfashionable. You can make the change easily with the right CAD software and then ask their opinion again to ensure that you've got the look right this time around

No more illegible notes on paper blueprints. You can get right to editing on the 3D model itself, and see your corrections come to life not long after.

Making Changes to Architectural Plans

07Architectural Animations Are Promotable Content

So long as you are given permission by your clients, you can use finished projects as promotable content — either by publishing it on YouTube or your website, where it can be discovered by future clients that may be interested in your work In this way, you can show them your previous work without having to go through the trouble of recording an extra live walk-through of the property after the fact It's already there after all, why not use it?

Promote Your Services with Architectural Animation

Part 3 5 Famous 3D Animation Services and Studio

If your goal is to eventually make a name for yourself in the world of 3D Animation Architecture, then it's a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with some of the more popular 3D Animation Services and Studios (who provide the kind of service required to create architectural animations like that you see in Studio Ghibli Architecture)


The first on this list of 3D Architecture Studio is "VisEngine." They offer pop-up 3D Animation, Pop-Up Design, Origami Architecture, Kirigami Animation, and more Their main tools, as you would say, are Corona Renderer, Autodesk 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro If you're curious as to the look of their finished architectural animations, they have some great samples available on YouTube that you can check out

02Exodo Animation Studios

"Exodo Animation Studios" is another animation service provider that provides high-quality 3D Animation work for architecture — although their service, much like other 3D Animation Studios, is not limited to that They've had their hand in creating plenty of 3D characters and are a well-known name-brand in the realm of CGI


Promoshin is perhaps better known for its 3D Character Animation, but that doesn't mean their architectural work is anything to scoff at They cater, specifically, to brands who want to create 3D Animation promotional content. And, to this end, they've worked with quite a lot of name-brands (including NASA, Uber, Cisco, and so on)

04ZOA Studio

ZOA Studio brings us back to Architecture Animation services providers that are well-known in the architectural industry They provide both exterior and interior work for many architects around the world — with a portfolio of great examples of old work available for you to look through on YouTube (it's a great resource for those looking for inspiration)

05Studio Aiko

Again, this next studio, called "Studio Aiko" is usually better known for its regular 3D Animation work. However, that doesn't mean that their architectural animations are any lesser in quality They produce very high-quality work fit for any kind of media platform. Making it a fitting solution for many professional architects

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Architectural Animations are now a staple for real estate projects. What with architects and construction engineers alike preferring to work with designers who can hand over a detailed look of their vision from the onset.

There are many other benefits to 3D Architectural Animation, of course, amongst which is better communication between you, as the designer, and your partners and clients Architecture Animation breathes life into a vision that may have previously existed only in your mind, and it smooths misunderstandings and eases progress

If you're looking to start a career in 3D Animation Architecture, we recommend that you look into some of the more popular service providers and studios in your area YouTube is a good platform to start looking if you're unsure. There, you can find many finished architectural animations that can serve as inspiration for future projects

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