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Learn How to Draw Cartoons Step by Step with This Guide

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Learn How to Draw Cartoons Step by Step with This Guide

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Cartoon character drawing is usually a vital aspect of any child's life who loves to watch cartoon series and can sometimes be someone's favorite thing in the world.

how to draw cartoons

A cartoon character is a series of single drawings that tell a joke or story. Although cartoons are mostly drawn, they can sometimes be animated. Kids like comics which makes them an essential part of every child's life. Cartoons are not only used for entertainment purposes but also help kids and young children learn more about the world around them. For example, children learn about love, loss, friendship, and other essential life issues about life by watching cartoons.

However, cartoons are not only limited to children but are also for adults. In addition, cartoons created for an adult audience go deeper into real-life problems and explore darker themes. They aim to create content that matches the maturity and age of the audience. Watching cartoons is fun. But what if you could make them? This article will provide you with a guide on producing cool cartoon drawings that will match different audiences, both older and younger.

Part 1 How to Draw Cartoon Characters Step by Step

Note that in the world we live in, Professionals were once students, and experts were once beginners. This means that everyone has a starting point, and they all have one thing in common: "learning." Whether you are aspiring to become an English teacher, an astrophysicist, an artist, or a physician's assistant, you must first learn the ins and outs of the field.

Those aspiring to become animators and cartoonists must first learn the basics of cartoon character drawing and practice some easy, simple cartoon drawing before cranking out the Mickey-Mouses of the entertainment world. However, we will cover the basic principles of easy cartoon drawing for beginners step by step to get your learning process started. Here is how to draw a Micky-Mouse perfectly:

how to draw cartoons characters

Step 1:

Use a pencil to begin your drawing.

First, create a circle for the head and a curved line on the left side.

Draw a horizontal line at the center.

Step 2: Next, draw an oval shape for the mouth and a "U" shape added to the bottom, and then you can add another parallel "U" shape and connect it with the oval.

Step 3: Draw the eye using two upside-down "U" shapes, and then you add his large ear on the right and a small one at the top of the head.

Step 4: You can draw a bean shape and another smaller one inside for the body.

Step 5: Add oval shapes for his feet to draw his legs and draw his tail on the right side just above the leg.

Step 6: Draw two elongated shapes for his arms, a small oval for the hand and a basic shape of his fingers.

Step 7: Draw the cheese and add a few small circles inside.

Step 8: Also include the facial features by drawing the inside of the nose, eyebrows, eyes, and whiskers.

Step 9:

Draw his fingers and hair between his ears.

Trace your pencil lines with a sharpie.

Erase the pencil afterward.

Step 10: Finally, you can color your drawing and upload it to your website.

Part 1 Cartoon Easy Drawing with Colour Step by Step

Applying color to a drawing is very important to beautify your drawing and make it look stunning and attractive. Here is how to cartoon easy drawing a flower using a colored pencil:

Step 1: Using a color photocopy of a reference photo, crop and rearrange elements of the poppy composition. With light pressure and HB pencil, draw a composition onto a four-ply, 100% cotton museum board frequently found among framing supplies.

how to draw with colour 01

Step 2: With very light pressure, apply the first colored pencil layer and add more emphasis where the values will be deeper. While doing this, note that the pencil application will still appear granular, and the texture of the museum board is still visible.

how to draw with colour 02

Step 3: Create the veins in the leaves and the fuzzy texture of the stem and pod, and also, as the individual strands of stamens, put down a sheet of translucent drafting paper. Use heavy tracing paper with a very sharp 7H graphite pencil and apply heavy pressure in drawing the lines for stamens, fuzz, and veins on the drafting paper and impress them into the surface of the museum board. Then, with a contrasting layer of darker color, these features dramatically show up on the stem, leaves, center of the flower, pod, and center of the flower. Then add deeper values of rose in the shadowed areas of the flower petals.

how to draw with colour 03

Step 4: To make them appear less granular and intensify the colors, start by blending with a clear, alcohol-based blending marker. The solvent, wax, or vegetable oil then dissolves the binder in the colored pencil layer and fluidly releases the pigment. This will also help to "fill in" the dots of the tooth of the paper and make the color appear denser.

how to draw with colour 04

Step 5: Continue to intensify the color by using a non-pigmented blending pencil over a previous layer and repeat a layer or two of color, much like a "color sandwich." Repeat this " burnishing " process for subsequent layerings of color, like a double-decker or triple-decker sandwich.

Also, make sure the rich, dark negative space is carried out the same way, layering colors and burnishing, then repeating the colors for deep, rich saturation.

Render the deep, smeary flecks of pollen by heavily applying "freckles" of burgundy, then slightly smudge them with the tip of a blending marker. Lastly, scratch a few of the tiny wisps of fuzz on the pod and stem carefully into the board via a sharp X-acto knife for a striking contrast of light against the deep background.

how to draw with colour 05

Part 2 Cartoon Easy Sketch Drawing Step by Step

This is the initial stage of the drawing process. It requires you to create an outline of the concept you want to draw before adding color. However, it is also referred to as a technique in shading. For example, if you're going to sketch a cherry fruit, there are a few things to note here.

Try not to look at the cherry as a whole but look at its shapes and name them. This way, you are looking at the parts to the whole and not the entire piece.

how to sketch drawing

Step 1: Draw two overlapping circles and draw two curved lines from each of the circles.

Step 2: Make a small rectangle at the top to join the two stems and draw a second set of curved lines.

Step 3: Draw thick lines inside the rectangle for the bumps and darken the lines and use your finger to smudge them a bit for the shaded effect.

Step 4: Draw a curved line from the stem on the right to the circle's edge to create the bump.

Step 5: Holding your pencil at an angle, make light strokes going across the front of both cherries. Take note of the places where there is no light. This is where the light source is hitting the cherry the most.

Step 6: To darken, a shade over those places again, keep layering the shading technique until you get the effect you see on the cherries.

Step 7: Use the same technique to shade under the cherries, but use your finger to smudge it to smoother the shadow.


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Ending Thoughts

A step-by-step guide on drawing easy cartoons for painting and how to sketch your drawing correctly.

Cartoon character drawings in easy and quick steps.

Easy cartoon drawing for beginners.

Lastly, to add color to your drawing, use Filmora software.

So, use the tips and tricks to make your presentation's best cartoon characters come alive and be a pro with Filmora.

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