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Learn Disney Cartoon Drawing to See More Disney Magic Moments

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Learn Disney Cartoon Drawing to See More Disney Magic Moments

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

How to Draw a Disney Caricature

Olaf the Snowman

Disney-Inspired Ipad Drawing Class for Beginners

Part 1 How to Draw a Disney Caricature

Below is the step-by-step guide to making a Disney cartoon drawing with colors from the comfort of your home:

01How to Draw Mickey

Mickey Mouse

Unarguably, Mickey Mouse is one of the most famous anime characters globally. This character was created in 1928 and is a famous Disney cartoon drawing by animators. Here are straightforward steps to help you draw a Mickey Mouse:

Step 1: Sketch the general but carefully observed features of Mickey Mouse, including the position of ears, body shape (reverse C shape), body proportions including eyes, limbs, and arms, length of arms, button on his pants, and angle on the hands.

Step 2: Take your pencil and paper, and using gentle and weak strokes, make a simple sketch of the head, neck, belly, and limbs.

make a general sketch

Step 3: Draw contours of the mouth, ears, and nose.

draw the mouth, ears, and nose

Step 4: Specify the face features like a smiling opened mouth, tip of the nose, and eyes.

draw the face features

Step 5: Draw the hands carefully, observing the length of both arms and their proportion to the size of the character's head.

draw the hands

Step 6: Sketch the outline contours of the shoes, the legs, and the pants.

draw the shoes, legs, and pants

Step 7: Sketch the final outline contour of the body, then erase excess lines where necessary. Add the two buttons on Mickey mouse pants.

sketch the final contour

Step 8: Draw his nose's tail, tongue, and ellipse. 

draw the tail

Step 9: First, use a 2B or 4B or any soft black color pencil to color the black parts.

colour with a black pencil

Step 10: Depending on your preference, you can color with water, acrylic paints, or pastels.

colour with acrylic colours or water

02How to Draw Captain America

Follow these simple steps to make a Disney cartoon drawing of Captain America:

Step 1: Draw the head and chest

Draw the outlines of his masked face using smooth lines. Draw a curved line across his face to divide his face from his mask. Draw a large letter A and add tiny wings beside it on his forehead. Draw his mouth, eyes, and nose. Use curved lines to indicate his shoulder and chest, then draw a star on his chest.

draw the head and chest

Step 2: Draw his arm and waist

Draw a curved line on the shoulder to represent the bicep, then draw his gloved arm curled to form a fist. Draw curved lines beneath the chest to represent his muscular weight, then draw the pouches on his belt and use more curved lines to draw his waist.

sketch his waist and arm

Step 3: Draw his legs

Here, we shall portray Captain America in action. Use curved lines to show his extended right leg with boots. The left leg should appear more petite.

draw his legs in boots

Step 4: Draw his shield

Against his right arm, carefully draw a flattened circular shape. You can achieve this by drawing concentric circles with a large star in the middle. Draw his arm poking out from behind his shield.

draw his shield on his arm

Step 5: Include the final details

Add some vertical lines across his waist and some details on his boots.

add the final details

Step 6: Colour Captain America

Using colors of the American flag, color your drawing with red, white, and blue colors.

colour your drawing

03How to Draw Stitch

Stitch is a bulletproof and fireproof alien from the Lilo and Stitch animations. Here's how you can draw Stitch:

Step 1: Draw a circle that would form Stitch's head

draw a circle for its head

Step 2: Using a long curved line, draw an irregular peanut shape beneath the head to represent its body.

draw the body pattern

Step 3: To form its light underbelly, enclose a small shape parallel to the outline of Stitch's body using a long curved line. On the chest region, draw a series of small "V" shapes to indicate the presence of fur.

draw its underbelly and chest

Step 4: Draw Stitch's arm using curved lines for the upper arm and another pair for the lower arm. Draw his bent hands and fingers using short lines. At the tip of its fingers, draw small pointed triangles to represent its claws.

draw its arm, fingers, and claws

Step 5: Erase the guidelines from Stitch's arm

remove the guidelines

Step 6: Draw Stitch's outstretched arm using a pair of curved lines and small "C" shaped lines to represent the fingers. Use short lines to connect the fingers. Draw small "V" shapes at the tip of the fingers for the triangular claws.

draw its outstretched arm

Step 7: Use a pair of curved lines to sketch each leg, then enclose the toes using C-shaped lines

draw Stitch's legs

Step 8: Sketch the ears using long curved lines to indicate the base and folds. Sketch the fur on top of Stitch's head using a series of curved lines.

sketch the ears and fur

Step 9: Draw a big circle for the nose and use curved lines to indicate the nostrils. For the eyes, draw irregular rounded shapes, one within the other. Sketch too long curved lines to show the mouth and small blonde triangles for the teeth. Above the eyes and nose, draw curved lines.

draw the face features

Step 10: Use different shades of blue to colour Stitch.

colour Stitch

Part 2 Disney-Inspired Ipad Drawing Class for Beginner

Here is a list of classes for beginners interested in drawing Disney characters.

01Dive into the world of Animation with a Disney-Inspired Ipad Drawing Course

dive into the world of animation

This Disney-inspired lesson focuses on real-life scenarios that are beautiful and adorable. Create your everyday settings by sketching backgrounds and outfitting figures.

It will assist you in developing a straightforward approach to drawing cartoon characters through experimentation and time. Follow along and sketch characters, then make your new character.

02Drawing Faces: A Beginner‘s Guide

drawing faces

Ira Marcks, a graphic novelist, will teach you everything you need to know about drawing faces. Are you completely new when it comes to drawing? No worries; follow along with Ira's bite-sized lectures, and you'll be ready to delve into a class project by the end of the course.

Do you prefer to set your speed and work at it? If yes, then extend your learning beyond the classroom, download Ira's Drawing Faces Book.

03Disney Inspired Drawings: Faces and Expressions

faces and expressions

Learners will look at sketching a cartoon image of themselves or people they know while exploring the specific traits of Disney-style characters in this one-time live drawing lesson.

Learners will collaborate with the teacher while working on their art projects. This is a technique class, so the focus will be on the process and working towards a finished goal. Nevertheless, a piece may get completed outside of class.

This program is for students who have a basic understanding of drawing and proportion, are open to artistic growth, and are comfortable appearing on camera and sharing their work in a small group setting. All to help each other, and the classroom environment will support all students.

04Free Art Lessons By The Parks' Imagineers

This lesson will teach how to create your theme park, design virtual landscapes, and even sketch unique costumes!

You'll also learn how to draw characters from Frozen 2 like Anna and Elsa and classics like Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, Pluto, and others.

Your class experience can be enjoyable when using an easy-to-use tool like Wondershare Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a robust and easy-to-use video editor for users of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Its advanced tools, adjustable keyframing, smoothing effects, and motion blur will considerably assist you in creating a high-quality animation video. Furthermore, the auto color correction and audio mixing will elevate your 2D animation film to new heights. Filmora is the best solution if you want more productivity, control, and customization options for your Disney cartoon drawings and animation.

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Ending Thoughts

How to make a Disney cartoon drawing

A step-by-step guide to drawing your favorite Disney cartoon drawing with colors

How to use Filmora to create animations

Different Disney-inspired beginner classes for iPad users.

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