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The Art of Comics - Learn How to Do Funny Cartoon Drawings

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Jul 22, 24
The Art of Comics - Learn How to Do Funny Cartoon Drawings

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Whether you want to use a simple short video or an accessible online lesson, you will find everything that you need to learn how to create comic cartoon drawing on this website. This website article contains all the tutorials you need, ranging from your favorite wild animals, places, objects, farm animals, characters, vehicles, and food.

how to draw cartoons

Do not forget that practicing is the key to success, so don't hesitate to try several drawing lessons to help you improve your abilities. Start today to learn how to draw funny cartoons online at your own pace and comfort with this step-by-step tutorial.

Part 1 How to Draw Funny Cartoon Faces

Drawing funny faces in cartoons is very easy compared to other drawing styles or drawing complete parts of the comic. All that is need is practice and experiment with different combinations of shapes. This article will guide on how to draw funny cartoon faces of various types using six other steps:

Step 1: To begin, you need to first draw the face outline by drawing the following;

Any Perfect type of round shape like a circle.

Any pear shapes

An upside-down triangle

A quadrilateral like a trapezium, a square, or any of your choice

how to draw funny cartoon faces 01

Step 2: To draw the nose in the middle of the face, draw somewhere any of the following;

A round shape that is bulgy

A U-shape

A V-shape

A small dash.

how to draw funny cartoon faces 02

Step 3: Next is that you draw two round shapes for the eyes, and each of them should have a smaller round or dot (for the pupil), which is above the nose. This eye can be in the shape of any of the following;

Two large circles

An ovals

A curvy "M," like the one you can see in the "McDonalds" logo.

how to draw funny cartoon faces 03

Step 4: You can draw the mouth just below the nose and draw any of the shapes from the list given below. In addition, to make the mouth funnier, you should then add teeth by either drawing a small square sticking out inside the mouth from the upper side, at the roof of the mouth, or a straight horizontal line which is across the mouth and several vertical lines used to form a grid having two rows and many columns.

A U-shaped curve that is large

A triangle like a right-angled one which is most preferred

A circle or an oval shape

A rectangle shapes

A straight line shapes

how to draw funny cartoon faces 04

Step 5: You can add any other "extra fittings" such as the ears (in cartoons, ears generally considered to be 'extra'), wrinkles, collar, hat, hair, etc.

how to draw funny cartoon faces 05

Step 6: Finally, your cartoon face drawing is ready! You can also add different colors to the picture with different funky shades to make it attractive.

how to draw funny cartoon faces 06

Part 2 How to Draw Your Own Cartoon Character

Are you bored? Why not take up a pencil and draw your cartoon comic drawing character? Note that drawing will be a relief from boredom, and it also helps your creativity fly very high. 

However, you can easily add some colors and designs or even animate your cartoon character using this free software known as Filmora. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is the best software to make you cartoon your picture or animate your cartoon characters with tons of filters and effects and its keyframing feature, which allows this with ease. 

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Read this article on how to draw the perfect cartoon character yourself:

Step 1: The first is to have an idea of what you want to draw, i.e., the picture you want to draw. You can pick any character to draw from your favorite website or

First, you draw the face but make sure you don't add a nose but do a black outline.

Next, you can draw the other features but make sure you don't use colored pencils. Only use your main writing utensil.

Then, remember to use your imagination to add the clothes and hairstyle. 

Finally, you can delete any unwanted lines and color with artist utensils, such as crayons, paintbrushes, colored pencils, etc. Also, remember that you can add some detail to your character to make it pop out and be beautiful.

how to draw your own cartoon character 01

Step 2: Now you have officially made your cartoon, how does it feel?

how to draw your own cartoon character 02

Step 3: Next, you want to go back and draw again, but this time, not an imitation.

how to draw your own cartoon character 03

Step 4: Pick up a new piece of paper to be used to draw another character. But this time, you need to change the features. You can decide to make the eyes bigger, neon skin, and maybe crazy hair. You can try clothes that you would love to wear, or ones you wish you could get. Also, try to change the size around to make the features look different and add a nose, and then you can finally color your creation.

how to draw your own cartoon character 04

Step 5: Now, you can compare the two drawings to notice the difference. You will realize that one is an imitation while the other is all you! Now, you can grab a new piece of notebook paper.

how to draw your own cartoon character 05

Step 6: Next is that you begin to jot down different ideas. For example, you may want to draw a cute little puppy or a cute baby. Sometimes you can decide that your cartoon could be about a talking apple or something different.

how to draw your own cartoon character 06

Step 7: Grab another piece of paper and draw any other character you can imagine. You can try using a Sharpie marker for the outline by carefully tracing the pencil. Then you can erase any stray marks on the piece of paper. Next, you can also use any writing utensils like markers, crayons, colored pencils, pastels, or even paint, as it also works well.

how to draw your own cartoon character 07

Step 8: You can grab your notebook sheet again and then jot down any idea of a comic series. Also, make a plot or funny lines that you could use or any other characters.

how to draw your own cartoon character 08

Step 9: Next, you fold the blank sheet of paper and make it into about four lines. And then you can draw your main character by just using a pencil first.

how to draw your own cartoon character 09

Step 10: You can then draw the other characters and all the basic outlines in the drawing.

how to draw your own cartoon character 10

Step 11: Next is that you can draw the furniture and background, such as trees or anything else, to beautify your drawing.

how to draw your own cartoon character 11

Step 12: You can go back and add details and outline with Sharpie or black marker and delete any stray marks. You can also color if wanted.

how to draw your own cartoon character 12

Step 13: Next is for you to add dialogue and actively work with your character drawing.

how to draw your own cartoon character 13

Step 14: Finally, and there you have it. Congratulation! You now have your perfect, awesome, beautiful, and YOUR cartoon.

how to draw your own cartoon character 14

Ending Thoughts

This article explained all you need to know about learning how to do funny cartoon drawings very quickly. You can also use these methods to create funny cat cartoon drawings or any other drawing you want for cat lovers.

However, you can decide to animate your graphic using the best software to carry it out quickly, i.e., Filmora. 

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