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Looking for Love Animated GIFs? Here are 5 Free Sources For You

Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango
Originally published Dec 09, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

An easy yet powerful editor

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You might already know how often people share all kinds of images and GIFs on social media and IM apps. For instance, you might want to send some love animated GIFs to others to express your feelings. After all, if a photo is worth a thousand words, then a GIF would value a million instead. That's why to help you find some of the best anime love GIFs, I have listed the top 5 websites here. Besides that, I will also let you know how to come up with some heart-animated GIFs on your own.

love animated gif

Part 1 Tip 5 Places to Explore Love Animated GIFs

If you search on the web, you can find a wide range of heart-animated GIFs on different websites and apps. Out of them, I would recommend exploring the following places to share or download I Love You funny GIFs.

1. Tenor

Tenor features one of the best sources to find heart-animated GIFs of all kinds. You can access its website on any browser of your choice and enter keywords like love, romantic, I love you, and so much more.

Apart from love cartoon GIFs, you can also find stickers and other animated content on Tenor. While there are options to download any I Love You anime GIF from Tenor, you can also generate its unique link and instantly share it with others on IM apps like WhatsApp or Telegram.

tenor love animated gif

2. GyfCat

Explore some of the best I Love You funny GIFs, and that too for free at GyfCat. This online resource can be accessed on almost any platform and has a sleek interface. You can enter any keyword of your choice on GyfCat to find all sorts of anime love GIFs.

Most of the GIFs available on GyfCat are based on popular shows, series, and anime. You can readily download any animated heart GIF from here and later upload it on a preferred platform.

gyfcat love animated gif

3. Giphy

Giphy is one of the biggest platforms to host GIFs and images of all freely available sorts. Since GIFs have limited inbuilt filters, you can enter keywords or look for anything via hashtags.

One of the best things about Giphy is that you can find tons of love animated GIFs in high quality. You can directly download them to your device or share them with others via their unique links.

giphy love animated gif

4. Imgur

Imgur is known to host millions of images and GIFs in different categories. While most of these anime love GIFs are freely available on Imgur, some have restricted guidelines for commercial use.

You can also upload any GIF to Imgur and get its unique link to share it with others quickly. They can tap on the link to view your heart animated GIF without downloading anything.

imgur love animated gif

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular microblogging website that hosts millions of blogs in one place. Therefore, you can easily search for interesting blogs that upload the I Love You animated GIF.

Apart from following these blogs, you can also do a global search on Tumblr to find love cartoon GIFs in different categories. You can download them on your device or directly share them with others via Tumblr.

tumblr love animated gif

Part 2 Make your Own Animated Love GIFs with Music

Since the above-listed websites for I Love You anime GIFs can be a bit generic, you can consider coming up with some unique media of your own. To do that, I would recommend using Wondershare Filmora, which is a user-friendly and feature-equipped media editing tool.

If you want, you can readily import images, GIFs, videos, music, and other media files on Filmora. Besides that, the application also features a wide range of assets related to sound effects, images, and more that you can readily use. To come up with some interesting, I Love You animated GIFs using Filmora, follow this drill:

Step 1: Load your Media Files from your System

Once Wondershare Filmora is installed, you can launch it on your system and go to its Menu > File > Import to load your photos, videos, and so on. You can also drag and drop them to the interface of Filmora.

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filmora import media

Step 2: Use Filmora to Create Amazing Romantic GIFs

After loading these media files, you can drag and drop them to the timeline at the bottom to start editing. To get rid of anything, you can hover the mouse pointer on the sides to get its trimming tool and use it to clip any unwanted part of the clip.

filmora trim gifs

Once you select any media, you can get tons of editing options for it on the side. For instance, you can go to its properties to rotate, flip, reposition, scale, and perform several other edits on your media files.

filmora rotate gifs

If you want to add any text or caption effect to your I Love You anime GIF, then you can go to the “Titles” section on Filmora. Here, you can find tons of caption effects that you can add to your projects and customize them further as per your needs.

filmora add titles

Besides that, to make your heart-animated GIFs look more interesting, you can add numerous filters, overlays, stickers, and other effects from the available features on Filmora.

filmora filters for videos

One of the best things about Filmora is exploring the inbuilt sound effects and adding background music to your love cartoon GIFs. For instance, you can add soundtracks, effects and even edit the inserted audio in Filmora. There is also an advanced option to record voiceovers using the native feature in Filmora.

filmora sound effects

Step 3: Save your Love Animated GIFs from Filmora

In the end, you can check a preview of your heart animated GIF on Filmora and can click on the “Export” button at the top. You can now export your media as a GIF file on your system. However, if it has background music, you can consider saving it as an MP4 file instead.

filmora export media files

Tip Make More Funny Love Animated GIFs with Filmora Meme Maker

If you want to customize your GIFs, you can also take the assistance of Filmora Meme Maker. Let's say you have created a love animated GIF or have found it online. Now, you can head to the official website of the Filmora Meme Maker and upload it here. Later, you can add captions to the GIF and customize it using readily available templates. That's it! You can now download the I Love You funny GIF in a preferred format on your device.

filmora meme maker


There you go! I'm sure that after reading this post, you can find tons of love animated GIFs. From Tenor to Tumblr and Giphy to GyfCat, there are so many websites from where you can download unlimited anime love GIFs. Though, if you want to come up with some interesting heart-animated GIFs with music, then you can simply try Wondershare Filmora. It is one of the best media editing tools that offer a wide range of assets and other advanced features that would let you create and edit all kinds of GIFs on the go.

Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

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