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5 Popular Linux Audio Recorder and Linux Audio Recording Tips

Linux operating system has become a popular platform. The article covers the top Linux audio recorders with their key features explained in detail.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

The Linux operating system has its foundation everywhere. From cars to smartphones and home desktops to enterprise servers, Linux has got you covered. Android is powered by Linux and is considered the most reliable and secure system.

The article takes Linux audio recorders under consideration and covers their workability as well. Are you ready for it? The top five audio recorder Linux would be the crux of the article. So, let us initiate this!

Part 1: 5 Best Linux Audio Recorder in 2021

Are you a Linux user? Or are you a vocalist in the field? The sub-section is designed for you!

If you are not much of a technical person, finding the right Linux voice recorder would be a challenging task. A voiceover artist, musician, vocalist, and journalist all need a powerful audio recorder to be at the top of their game. Are you also one of them?

For this very reason, we have outlined five voice recorder Linux. There are key features alongside them to help make a fair decision. So, allow us to walk you through them! Let’s begin!


Want to know how Audacity operates? Let us find out!

Audacity is an impeccable Linux sound recorder that is versatile and offers its services free of cost. Due to its flawless functionality, Audacity can be put to use for audio editing and production possibilities. It has a highly intuitive interface which is preferred by both amateurs and professionals in the field. You can easily connect the audio from an integrated or connected microphone.

audacity linux recorder

Follow the features below that are provided by this cross-platform:

  • You can perform subtle sound manipulations via advanced editing skills.

  • The audio quality it supports comes in 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit.

  • Audacity offers plugin support of VST, LADSPA, and Nyquist.

  • You can find its application in digitizing records, cassettes, and recording podcasts.


The next sound recorder Linux on the list is Ardour that can be relied upon for audio recording and processing. Ardour handles all your work operations successfully. For instance, you can record audio from a bunch of different sources, cut and merge audio clips, and apply multiple effects to it. Ardour comes up with a non-destructive editing style which makes navigation effortless.

ardour audio recorder

Impressed by it, right? The additional features presented by Ardour include:

  • There are infinite audio track channels to make the process productive.

  • The handy plugins enhance access to more features, such as a VST plugin.

  • The import and export of videos are easy and require no background knowledge.

  • It is a robust audio workstation in the field and is equally workable as Adobe Audition.


What are some traits of Ocenaudio? Time to have a peek!

Ocenaudio is yet another exceptional Linux audio recorder that understands all your professional needs. The user is free to fine-tune the audio files to tailor them according to the industry demands. The VST plugin allows you to insert various effects into the audio. The real-time preview of sounds helps decide regarding the changes done.

ocenaudio audio recorder linux

To know more about Ocenaudio and what it brings to the table, follow our lead.

  • The multi-selection features allow you to choose the segments of the audio and process them in batches.

  • The advanced memory management keeps the audio files ready to use without wasting the RAM.

  • You can perform audio equalization and gain through Ocenaudio.

  • It is perfect for beginners trying to make a career for themselves.

Audio Recorder

Are you willing to know the attributes of an Audio Recorder? Let us have a glance!

Audio Recorder is a phenomenal audio recorder Linux that comes up with all sorts of options to act as the audio source. For instance, you can use a microphone, webcam, and even Skype. The timing can be set for your audio recording so that you control the work environment. It supports MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, and SPX formats.

linux audio recorder

Want to know more about the tool? Audio Recorder brings more characteristics for its users. Let us have a look.

  • Audio Recorder is one of the most stable audio recorder Linuxto date.

  • It is free to use and presents an intuitive user interface.

  • There is an advanced setup to record audio, even from a web browser.

  • The recordings can be scheduled to record as per the user’s convenience.


LMMS is a digital audio workstation that takes complete responsibility for your audio recording and editing requirements. Music composition has become possible and entirely workable with LMMS. Additionally, the Linux sound recordercomes up with customizable presets, effects, VSTs, and samples to begin the process.

lmms voice recorder linux

LMMS is a perfect choice. Don't you agree? It has the following traits:

  • There are powerful editing features to accelerate the work speed.

  • You can perform the note playback using the keyboard or MIDI input.

  • The built-in audio manipulation is offered by LMMS.

  • There are graphic and parametric analyzers for built-in visualization.

Part 2: How Can I Record Audio on Linux?

Linux is a powerful and reliable operating system. It is important to know how to install Audacity and PulseAudio to record the audio on Linux. Therefore, the sub-section of this write-up reflects upon the detailed step-by-step guide to do so. Let us not wait any longer and jump right in!

Installation of Audacity

Audacity comes in a wide variety of distros. Let us have a look at primary repositories.

Debian/Ubuntu/Ubuntu-based distro

sudo apt install audacity

Fedora sudo dnf install Audacity

OpenSuse sudo zypper install audacity

Arch Linux sudo pacman -S install Audacity

Snaps or Flatpaks flatpak install flathub org.audacityteam.Audacity

or sudo snap install audacity

install audacity

Installation of PulseAudio Volume Control

PulseAudio Volume Control is a workable way to snag audio from songs, videos, and other media so that it can be used for a later date. You can access this application to record audio from the system in high quality. PulseAudio Volume Control is available in major repositories. To install them, use the following commands.

Debian/Ubuntu/Ubuntu-based distro

sudo apt install pavucontrol

For Fedora sudo dnf install pavucontrol

OpenSuse sudo zypper install pavucontrol

Arch Linux sudo pacman -S install pavucontrol

Flatpack flatpak install org.pulseaudio.pavucontrol

install pulseaudio volume control

Recording Process Via Microphone

To record the sound using a microphone, connect it to the system. The hardware is automatically found, and recording can be initiated easily. The process is as simple as it can get. Following are the guidelines to get done with the process.

  • For starters, launch Audacity from your Linux system.

  • Tap on the "Red" record button and start recording immediately. There are no complications involved.

initiate recording on audacity

Moving on, let us recommend you an ultimate audio editor! Continue reading the article!

Closing Words

The article presented five renowned Linux audio recorders that work like a charm when it comes to audio recording and processing. The user can assess their key features with each other to make the right call. Moreover, the article covered the step-by-step guide to recording audio on Linux. It solves most of the problems, right?

Are you a Windows or a Mac user looking for an audio editor for your day-to-day operations? Stay put as Wondershare Filmora is here to make your life easy and bearable. The visual editing ability of Filmora has made its usability popular around the globe. Looking good, right?

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You can also fade in or fade out the audio while adjusting the audio speed. The users are expected to test these features to decide more confidently. Make the best out of your tasks with Wondershare Filmora.

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