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5 Awesome Voice Changer for Google Meet in 2024

You must have heard about voice changers but have you ever heard about Google Meet Voice Changers? Don't worry, because we are here to talk about amazing voice changers for Google Meet.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jun 12, 24

Voice Changers are devices or software that are programmed in such a way that they change the tone, pitch, and format of your voice. You can sound different with voice changers. Do you know that you can use voice changers for Google meet?

Google Meet is widely used for online group calls. How exciting will it be if you speak with an unrecognizable voice on Google Meet? Let us talk a little about Google Meet Voice Changers so that you can have fun.

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Part 1. 5 Top Recommend Voice Changer for Google Meet

Are you ready to learn about voice changers for Google Meet? We are going to share 5 top voice changers. Some of these are desktop programs. You can access their features by downloading them. Along with that, we will also introduce a chrome extension so that you don’t have to install anything.

1. AV Voice Changer

Altering and changing your voice on Google Meet is fun with AV Voice Changer. With this software, you can sound younger, older, deeper, and more. AV Voice Changer can be easily accessed, and you can easily modify your voice. An amazing thing about this voice changer is converting files in batches. With this software, you can have more fun in less time and with less action.

av voice changer software

Key Features

  • The software allows you to cut and mix, morph and record. Not only this, but you can also modify your voice or other audio files.

  • AV Voice Changer is compatible with different messaging services. For instance, Google, Yahoo, Zoom, Skype, and others.

  • The voice changer has a variety of sound effects to offer you. Moreover, it is very efficient as it can process all the selected files at once.

2. Voxal Voice Changer

When it comes to changing your voice, Voxal Voice Changer is famous software. This voice changer is the best for Google Meet. This program is ideal for changing and altering your voice in music, games, and other platforms. The voice changer has a simple interface that even beginners can understand everything.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac, 32-bit and 64-bit. You can use Voxal Voice changer for free, but for professional settings, its commercial license can be purchased.

voxal voice changer

Key Features

  • The software is compatible with all existing games and applications such as CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, and Skype. Moreover, the software works well with Google Meet.

  • The fascinating thing about Voxal Voice Changer is that it uses less CPU space. Interestingly, no specific hardware is required.

  • It allows you to create custom voice effects and evens voice for any characters in audiobooks.

3. MorphVOX Pro

MorphVOX Pro is a voice modifier that works perfectly with Google Meet and online calls. With this software, you can improve your communication experience. It has various sound effects that modify and alter your voice.

The voice changer has amazing audio features with which you can customize your voice and the way it sounds. This Google meet voice changer can transform your voice to sound like male or female.

morphvox voice changer

Key Features

  • The voice changer is amazing as it has high-quality voice-changing features. It also has sound effects and built-in voices.

  • With MorphVOX Pro, you can customize features of the joystick, hotkey shortcuts as well as mouse buttons.

  • The voice-changing software can easily be integrated with different online games and chat programs. Moreover, it is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

4. Clownfish Voice Changer for Chrome 

The best voice changer for Google Meet is Clownfish for Chrome. This is a Chrome Extension to alter and modify your voice. The voice changer was created for any call session that takes place on chrome tabs. This is why Clownfish for Chrome is perfect for Google Meet.

Any web application that uses a microphone or audio can use Clownfish for Chrome. The web versions of Teams, Skype, Discord, etc., can work with this voice changer.

clownfish voice changer for chrome

Key Features

  • The voice changer offers a variety of different effects. For instance, Male pitch, female pitch, helium, custom pitch, baby, alien, Atari, etc.

  • Clownfish for Chrome is compatible with different devices. Also, it is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit.

  • You can access the voice changer easily from the Chrome browser. It is very reliable for Google Meet. Moreover, you can convert text to speech with Clownfish Voice Changer.

5. VoiceMod 

Do you know any voice changer that is free and widely used? We are talking about VoiceMod. You can use this voice changer for Google Meet and change your voice to a wide range of effects catalog. With VoiceMod, you can sound funny, professional, or else sound like a girl and many more. It is easy to use and set up the voice changer.

voicemod voice changer

Key Features

  • With this voice changer, you can get a real-time demo of different voice effects. The tool is efficient enough to modify your voice within seconds.

  • VoiceMod is compatible with many platforms such as WhatsApp Desktop, TeamSpeak, Discord, League of Legends, and Fortnite. Moreover, it supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. The voice changer will soon be available for Linux and Mac.

  • It easily integrates with Stream Deck and Streamlabs OBS. The integration takes less than a minute.

Part 2. Tips and Tricks to Help You Better Use Google Meet

Google Meet is a widely used platform for online group calls. With Google Meet voice changers, you can have fun during the long exhaustive group calls. Are you interested in learning more about Google Meet? The following section of this article will share various tips with which you can use Google Meet in a better way. Let’s start without any further delay.

· Change your Background

Do you know that you can change your background on Google Meet? For the sake of privacy or maybe just for fun, you can change the background on Google Meet call. This is also known as Virtual Background, where you add your desired background or choose a background from the library of the app. With Google meet, you can also blur the background.

change background in google meet

· Change the Layout

By default, the layout of Google Meet is set to Auto-switch. With this layout, the participants that speak are displayed as active participants. Who doesn't like to change things a bit? There are 3 different layouts for Google Meet other than the default layout. You can select and switch between the different options and change the layout.

layout options

· Schedule a Meeting

Have you ever forgotten any of your meetings? Things like this will never happen again if you use Google Calendar. Google Meet has an integrated Google Calendar. You can mark the calendar whenever you schedule a meeting. Moreover, with Google Meet, you can also add members and notify them about the scheduled meeting so that no one forgets anything.

schedule google meet meeting

· Pin the Speaker

Have you ever faced difficulty in finding the person who is speaking in a meeting? You can now pin the important person on Google Meet. With this, your struggle of always finding the speaker comes to an end. For this, click on the person who is speaking and pin them to the main screen, making them visible for you all the time. You can un-pin them by re-clicking.

pin person in meeting

Last Words

To have a healthy and happy life, you should enjoy the little moments. In the same way, you can enjoy boring meetings if you take help from voice changers. This article has talked about the 5 best Voice Changers for Google Meet. We also shared a few tips so that you can use Google Meet in a better way.

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