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Bumble Shadowban: How to Get Around it Without Hassle

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 10, 22, updated May 20, 24
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We all are aware of the fact that nowadays many dating applications are getting popular. Here people can create an account and find a perfect ideal match for themselves. Bumble is one of the best online dating applications getting popular among people nowadays. Also, it comes with some set of policies and rules which all users are mandatory to follow and not to break any. Still, many times users violate some of the rules of the application and in return get a punishment which is called a Bumble Shadowban. In general, shadowban is the common thing introduced by many online applications such as Tiktok, tinder, Bumble, etc. to stop users to violate the rules.

Let’s further talk about bumble shadowban in detail and learn how to get out from this bumble shadowban easily.

Part 1: What is Bumble Shadowban?

Bumble shadow ban is sort of a punishment from a Bumble application to users who are violating the set of rules. Have you doubted whether bumble shadowban allow you to log in? If the answer is yes - you are allowed to log in to your profile, check out and swipe to others' profiles as well, check texts as well but the only thing would be that you will not get any new bumble matches.

Here if we discuss the difference between bumble shadowban and the permanent ban is that in bumble showdown you are allowed to use all the features of the application except selecting new bumble matches while permanent ban will lead you where you are permanently blocked from bumble and cannot use any features at all.

Bumble Shadowban

Part 2: Does Bumble Shadowban [Is It Real]?

Yes, you heard it right that Bumble shadowban is real where you get a punishment of getting banned from the application for breaking the rules of the bumble community.

Part 3: What Happens When You Get Banned from Bumble?

If you are wondering how to know when you have got a ban, then let me tell you that they have a strict policy for the betterment of their community. So whenever anybody is trying to break that set of rules which are made to protect people they get banned.

So once they get banned they no longer would be able to make use of features like a regular user. Here they would be able to see profiles, descriptions, matches, etc. only thing which you can’t do is to select new matches on your bumble profile. So everything except getting new matches would get stopped once you get banned from Google.

Part 4: How to Get Around Bumble Shadowban?

As per the bumble officials, once you are being bumbled shadowban, there is no direct way through which you can come out of this ban from your original account.

Part 5: FAQs about Bumble Shadowban

1. How Long Does a Shadowban Last?

Once you got a banner from the application then Bumble shadowban lasts forever. Here if you want to recover back your account then you could try to reset back your account.

2. How do I Get Bumble to Start Over?

Firstly, you need to delete your current bumble account, then you can try to create a new one with all details.


Thus we could say that in the era of finding online dating matches we are aware that bumble is one of the popular names among all. Bumble comes with exciting features for users and with a set of rules and guidelines for users to follow. Whenever users break any of them bumble comes with a few weeks of the ban which is called Bumble shadowban. This article would help you know more about Bumble shadowban and the best ways to come out of it.