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How to Create an Impressive Demo Video for Your Product?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

“Show, don’t tell and sell!”

Concerning audiences' sophisticated expectations and tastes, your products' demo videos have become the most crucial part. The main concern is to show than to sell. It's essential to show what values, principles, and benefits your product will offer via the so-called product demos. These demonstration videos are the ultimate proof that your product is doing what it says. It tells the problem-solving aspect for the consumer either in step-by-step or by showing the process in detail. On the other hand, these sorts of product demo videos are cost-effective. They save a lot of time and cost for the sales representatives as you have to share the video link, and you are good to go to inspire customers.

Create Product Demo Video

The article will talk about all the angles regarding demo videos, including the definition, examples, and step-by-step guide. So, let's start our topic with its purpose!

Part 1: What is a Demo Video and What are the Goals of a Product Demonstration?

A demo video is a video demonstration to show a company's product or service, including critical features, benefits, process, and problem-solving aspects, to a broader audience range. They are mostly to inject creativity into this online crowded space to make your product stand out among others, ultimately. And, that's an excellent presentation idea to show off your company's product or service. It is an illustration to show the working process of your product or service in action.

Goals of a Product Demonstration

Let's study the primary purpose of a video demonstration!

Shows the working process

The very first aim of a video demonstration is to showcase how a particular product or service works in action. Well, you have to keep it pretty brief without including too much detail. A company may make multiple demo videos in case of complex products or services.

Offer a solution

The problem-solving aspect is another important consideration of making a demo video. While demonstrating your product in action, discuss the ultimate solution with the consumer's pain points.

Brand Awareness

The underlying concept of a product demo is brand awareness. Creating awareness for your brand in consumers' minds is more than necessary in this dynamic and fast-changing world. It is always advisable to represent your brand after gaining its firm grasp.

So, these are some common goals of a demo video that you need to incorporate every time for a strong CTA (Call-To-Action).

Part 2: Get Inspired from Successful Product Demo Videos

Certain factors play a crucial role while showing your product concept. Given below are examples of such demo videos that gained millions of views as well as customers online. So, let's discuss our top three recommendations from which you have to take some key points and include them in your video in a creative manner.


Is anything more complicated to sell online than meditation? Yes, the meditation course is one of the difficult things to sell globally, primarily online. Interestingly, Headspace has made it more comfortable with its informative yet straightforward demo video. The video needs to be in such a way as not to overwhelm the viewers with fake promises.


Slack makes their product demo video that you would love to watch again and again. Its video consists of funny visual experiences and effective workspace communications to tell the viewers how they can coordinate better. They have made a pretty user-friendly tutorial video with keyboard sounds, subtle mouse clicks, friendly voice-over, etc.


The Cambridge Sound by Nightingale presents the challenge to either make or break a product. It also reflects the ultimate brand awareness using text animations and unique features. It shows how atmospheric music can be a great gift and fit into your life. One of the primary considerations is the presentation of video without any narrative.

Part 4: How to Create an Impressive Demo Video?

Given below is a step-by-step guide on how you can create an attractive demo video. It will start with the preparation of video content and end with great editing.

Step 1: Content Preparation

You are required to begin with the preparation of content by first identifying the goal of making such a demo video. Create content keeping in mind the customer base. You can collect data regarding critical features, working processes, and benefits of a particular product or service. Remember to highlight the pain points the customer is facing. All in all, you have to structure the video content according to the primary purpose.

Prepare Demo Video Content

Step 2: Video Shooting

The next step is to make your video look highly professional using excellent shooting skills. Try to shoot a 4K demo video. Lighting can create magic if you use it right. So, place the light appropriately so that the video won't look amateurish. It's better to avoid overhead lighting and instead use a transparent background. A bed sheet, wall, or large backdrop sheet are some of the right options worth considering. Here, you can prepare a script or look for various video shooting methods such as animation.

Use Right Light For Demo Video


Step 3: Video Editing

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

The editing process varies depending upon what type of video you have shot. You have to note filters, narratives, audio, and any overlay effects within the video to make it look stunning. The very purpose of video editing is to use dedicated software, for which we'd like to recommend Wondershare Filmora Video Editor highly. Not for a beginner, but the advanced professional also admire its video editing features to a great extent. You can use its integrated music library to add various kinds of sound background within the video. Furthermore, you can export and import videos in different supported formats.

Besides the content preparation, you have to put a proper emphasis on video editing. Wondershare Filmora consists of numerous and worth considerable editing features such as Advanced Text Editing, Green Screen, Audio Mixer, Color Tuning, Audio Equalizer, Video Stabilization, etc.

Keeping in mind the ease of use, almost every video editor, whether beginner or professional, tend to go for Wondershare Filmora Video Editor.


So, this was all about demo video creation from zero to a hundred. Every aspect of video demonstration is being discussed, including demo video, its importance, top three recommendations, and the ultimate step by step tutorial to make product demo videos. It’s better not to overlook the importance of creating a demo video when the online world is super tech-savvy.

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