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Software Demo Videos: How to Make a Product Demo Video

Dec 03,2019• Proven solutions

The demo videos are amazing tools for sales. They are memorable, educational as well as informative medium that helps in closing deals. The great product demo video shows how to resolve issues and convince the viewer’s why a product is important for them.

With such importance of the demo videos, have you ever tried creating and using this strong tool for your business? A product demo video can let customers know your product and brand very well. Do you know how to make a software demo video easily?

Here are the steps to let you know how to make demo videos.

Part 1: Do You Really Know Product Demo Video

Have you considered a product demo video for your business and ready to make one? In this article, we will share some of the important tips to make a perfect video for your business. But, you need to be very careful while learning because product videos and product demo videos are two separate things.

The former one tells the audience how your service or product works, for instance, a video explaining the particular feature of the camera whereas, the latter one explains your product or brand in just a few seconds and help in enticing and drawing your audience’s attention.

What is a product demo video? Here is a product demo video list for your reference. It is SaaS companies’ logical content that helps immensely to onboard clients. The product demo video becomes a quality material that shows your customer success team. It can be shared with the new clients to give them a 5-minute overview of your brand’s features. Product demo videos are powerful and valuable material for marketing. So, how to make a product demo video?

Part 2: How to Make a Product Demo Video Easily

1. Write Your Script

Creating a script is the most vital area in order to create a product demo video. For explainer videos, the script is the backbone. It creates the structure for the rest of the video piece. A short and crisp script works the best for the demo videos. Obviously, when you make a video, you want your audiences to view it till the end. But, they have a very small attention span. If your video cannot make the impact instantly, your viewers are bound to leave.

Secondly, it is important to focus on the solution that your product can offer instead of the features of your service or product. You may want to go ahead and describe each and every feature of your product but your viewers would be more drawn to your video if they see how the product can benefit them.

When you focus on the problems that your product can solve, the audiences are engaged which in turn help the people to understand your product better. A simple narration with a beginning, middle, and end is the best thing that works for the demo video scripts. Use the power of what, how, and why to narrate your story.

  • What your product/service can offer or the problems it can solve?
  • How it can solve the problems efficiently?
  • Why should your audience choose your brand, product/service over other similar products?

Finally, end it with a clear call to action. Multiple CTAs shouldn’t be included in one video until and unless it is highly required. At the end of the video, your viewers must be sure of the next step they have to take.

how to make a product demo video with script

2. Shoot Your Product

To shoot your product, lighting is one of the most important aspects. But, you don’t need anything high-end in order to shoot the product. A cheap softbox or old shop light and household items like a shower curtain or t-shirt to diffuse the light can work wonders in creating the right lighting. In order to create that dynamic elegance, mount the light on the C-stand or the rig and shoot your product.

Next is the movement of the camera that makes your product appear clearly visible from all the angles. In order to up the production value of the product demo video, the movement of the camera plays an important role. Any jerk or shock while moving the camera can spoil your video.

You may use a slider or a heavy and soft blanket to move the camera while shooting the product. It will absorb any kind of shock that may be caused while moving the camera. If you shoot at high frame rates like 60 fps or 120 fps, the video looks epic.

The background is also an important factor for shooting videos. Any black or white backdrop is usually right for the product demo video shoots. When you use a black background, the camera needs to be closer to the light source and keep the product far from the background. When you keep it far, the light doesn’t spill on the black background.

shoot software demo videos

3. Edit Video

When you are done with shooting your product demo video and the material is ready with you, editing is a vital part to bring perfection to it. A video editor can help in making the raw material ready for publishing.

One of the finest video editors to edit product software demo videos is Filmora Business. It is one of the most amazing tools to communicate your brand clearly. A fast, affordable, and intuitive solution, Filmora Business makes your editing experience easy, fast, and time-saving. You can edit a product demo video by the steps listed below-

  • Import video to edit
  • Make the basic editing like cut/rotate/split
  • Add music to product demo videos
  • Apply the filters/overlays or text to the video
  • Finally, export the product demo video

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

4. Publish it On Social Media

Once you are happy and satisfied with the edits made to your product demo video, export it and directly publish it on your social media handles. This allows your audiences to go through your video and you get instant feedback.


Now that you know how to make product demo videos, include it in your marketing plans and strategies and create something that your audience’s cannot ignore. Give them every reason to remain hooked on to your software demo videos until the end and also take a call to action after watching it.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.