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A Comprehensive Guide: Creating Dynamic AI-Generated Content With ChatGPT

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 24, 23, updated Jul 12, 24
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As a YouTube producer, you are constantly searching for innovative ways to connect with your viewers and produce a video that stands out. Artificial intelligence, sometimes known as AI, is one of the hottest trends sweeping the IT industry. It can help produce screenplays that you can later change and adapt if the script it creates is consistent with the tone of the firm you represent. Additionally, it aids in your editing efforts. Using Chat GPT might greatly speed up telling tales and producing movies. One of the main advantages of using ChatGPT in marketing films is its ability to recognize the specifics of a situation and generate pertinent text, a talent that requires specialized knowledge or years of experience.

Part 1. Why Use ChatGPT to Generate YouTube Content?

ChatGPT can dramatically enhance the process of creating videos, from increased productivity and accuracy to the ability to follow specific instructions.

  • The capacity of ChatGPT to examine and comprehend incoming data fast, presenting pertinent content in half of the amount of time it may require an individual to do so, is one of the primary advantages of utilizing ChatGPT generate content for YouTube.
  • As a result of extensive data development for its machine-learning algorithm, ChatGPT can deliver consistent and dependable content.
  • Since ChatGPT can follow detailed directions and generate content naturally, so it is the ideal tool for creating videos.

There are several benefits to integrating ChatGPT into video editing, including increased accuracy and efficiency and the ability to create content organically.

ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
Wondershare Filmora 12

Part 2.How to Use ChatGPT to Generate Content for YouTube?

Without investing extra effort, you may quickly make a powerful YouTube video with ground-breaking AI video editing capabilities. Filmora uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create and edit high-quality videos. Today, people use ChatGPT and Filmora AI to create content rapidly. The collaboration between ChatGPT and Filmora is positive news for creators.

how to use chatgpt

When making films in Filmora, you may use the ChatGPT text generator to incorporate an AI-generated screenplay. You can write scripts in Filmora AI Copywriting without utilizing AI websites. Filmora AI will give you a precise synopsis of the film after you have described the circumstances in the chat box. Try Filmora to compose text, scripts, and video’s description quickly.

ChatGPT is now available in Filmora !

Now, let’s learn below how to use ChatGPT to generate content for YouTube.

Step 1 Write the video script of your content
how to use chatgpt

To develop ChatGPT prompts, you must initially get an in-depth understanding of the requirements for your video script. This will provide a set of guidelines that ChatGPT may use to produce the necessary scripts. Make sure to be as precise as you can with your inquiries or prompts.

Step 2 Generate a Realistic AI voice
how to use chatgpt

ChatGPT can write scripts for promotional videos and give voiceover scripts for your clips. This is helpful if you do not have the time or money to hire a voice actor but continue to want to create a professional-sounding voiceover for the promotional video.

Step 3 Generate Visuals Using Video Templates
how to use chatgpt

Go to the writing and use the prompt there to take pictures. Remember to mention the distinctive name you gave your protagonist in the ChatGPT description. You must aim at a 16:9 ratio for every picture you create for the story. Continue to the following step once you have gathered all the necessary photographs.

Step 4 Generate Title
how to use chatgpt

Create intriguing and enticing titles for the videos you upload to YouTube with the help of ChatGPT. ChatGPT will produce a list that includes possible titles for your video after you provide a few keywords linked to it.

Step 5 Make Necessary Changes
how to use chatgpt

Your script may be too lengthy and intricate for anyone who wants to read it, given that you have finished it. You can request that ChatGPT make the script more enticing by asking it to do so. Can you add something to the text above to make it more interesting? Then ChatGPT will present you with a cleaner, more engaging version of the first script.

Step 7 Preview the video
how to use chatgpt

You may take a break and return to the movie later to preview if any adjustments, like tailoring the text animations, are necessary. Include a B-roll as a picture-in-picture feature in the movie, trendy adjustments, amusing GIPHY GIFs, and additional video effects. All of these you can find in Filmora’s in-built resource stock.

Step 8 Upload it

Once you have finished editing using ChatGPT, you can upload the 1080P video to your computer or share it immediately on YouTube, One Drive, Google Drive, a cloud storage service or even TikTok. A shareable link and an embedding code are additionally accessible for your blogs, newsletters, or other repurposings.


For creating top-notch scripts for videos for marketing your content, ChatGPT is a potent tool. Producing human-like language with minimal input or suggestion helps content producers save effort and time and provide films with extra flair. The prospects for ChatGPT in the YouTube video marketing space are good. Additionally, ChatGPT, along with additional models of languages in content marketing, is projected to increase as more companies and associations use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.


  • 1. Is ChatGPT compatible with YouTube videos?
    ChatGPT integration allows you to create various videos, including videos from YouTube, lectures in video format, and training videos. An AI character and AI voiceover will both be included in the created video.
  • 2. How can You use ChatGPT to write a YouTube script?
    Specify Your Topic and Request that ChatGPT Write a Script About It. Go to the Conversation bar and enter your request or subject. Make sure your film idea is crystal clear. After that, let ChatGPT AI handle everything. You will receive a ready-made video screenplay in a short while.
  • 3. Can you request ChatGPT rewrite text?
    If you are not satisfied with ChatGPT's initial draft, you may request a revision, and you will receive a new draft in only a few seconds. You may repeat this as often as you like. Utilizing the program could inspire you and help you get beyond writer's block.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 12, 24
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